Your First Pin Ultimate Challenge In Killer Instinct Is Here! C-C-COMBO BREAKER!


It’s time for your first Pin challenge in Killer Instinct! The January pin is very special – it (almost literally) screams KI in shiny-silvery glory… It’s the C-C-COMBO BREAKER pin!

Before starting the challenge, you’ll want to make sure you’ve registered your Pin Ultimate Edition, so check out the “Register” link HERE to get started!

Once you’ve registered your Pin Ultimate Edition, it’s time to start the challenge! Earn the COMBO BREAKER pin by completing the “On a Roll” challenge starting on December 20th and ending on January 17th, 2014. To complete this challenge, you need to win 4 consecutive Ranked Matches!

And remember, you have to complete the challenge and earn the achievement in the same LIVE account that you registered for the promotion and activated your KI Pin Ultimate Edition (using the provided 5×5).

After the challenge period is over, keep an eye out for an email with directions on how to claim your new pin!

If you don’t have the Pin Ultimate Edition and still love the COMBO BREAKER pin, don’t worry, we’ll make them available for sale shortly.

  • Joseph Chagan

    So I accidentally threw away my game code before I “registered” my pin-ultimate edition. MS support was unable to help me with this so now I have a game, 2 pins and a fancy display box I have no hope of ever filling. I have no idea why I need to register with ms a code I already gave to MS to download a game from MS.

    • Kzero

      Well, at least you can buy the pin lol.

    • Jeek500

      I threw mine away to. :(

    • Erickk Dueñas™

      I also did this :(
      If you guys find any solution please let me know. I really do not understand why I needed to keep this code if I already redeem this. This is the dumbest idea ever.
      And yea you can buy them but By looking at what they sell now on that website I feel like they will sell them at a ridiculous price (30$) for just one pin. When we got the pin edition to simply avoid this.

      • Joseph Chagan

        Nothing so far. You’d think since it’s a digital only game they could maybe void the old one and just issue me a new code to use or something. zero cost + happy customer = win no? I tried pinging gabe on twitter as well but no luck there ;_;

        • Erickk Dueñas™

          Right! I mean not once did they tell is we were going to need the code again. They should have warned us. Now we have to spend 15$ a pin plus shipping every time. Which really sucks

  • yamayamayaamaa

    I usually LOSE 4 in a row before I win one… This is going to be tough but at least I’ll be able to buy the pin. Don’t make them so tough next time hahaha.

  • Redfield85

    Are there any punishments for ranked quitters? This is going to be impossible if I get 2 wins and people keep quitting like they do. That, or I get ranked with someone level 9 when I am a level 2-3 and go for my third win.

    And what does 4 consecutive mean? Match after match, without backing out to the main menu when it fails to find a match?

    Sorry for the rant. Just really frustrated with this game right now. I play good matches and people quit. I play people well above my level and I take my loss like a man.

    • Redfield85

      So, I just won 2, had someone quit before I beat them, and then won another 2. Will that count? At one point I went to the main menu in between the matches. I don’t feel confident with the emails being sent AFTER the challenge period. Why not when the achievement is reached?

      • GT-AR

        It seems to be tied to the completion of the in game challenge “On a Roll”. So, presumably you’d receive a notification once you finish the challenge. At the very least I know there is a way to look up challenges on the XBone so you can check to see if it unlocked.

        • Redfield85

          Thanks to both of you. I did in fact get the achievement. Carry on. :-X

      • http://twitter.com/pistonhjr Axel Geisler

        You’ll be able to tell if you got it or not because the achievement/challenge will popup at the bottom of your screen after the 4th win in a row. They don’t have to be done all in one session either – as long as they’re all in a row. You can also confirm this by going into the achievements app to see if it unlocked. The challenge is called “On a Roll”

  • http://twitter.com/pistonhjr Axel Geisler

    Wow. This might be insanely difficult to achieve for a majority of average players. Considering the types and number of players in ranked now you’ll most likely get matched up with someone who is more skilled and really hard to beat, or someone who disconnects right in the middle of your streak. At least thankfully this challenge is retroactive so early adopters should’ve been able to complete it easily because a 4 win streak was much more attainable during the launch time. Are future challenges going to be like this to incentivize the purchase of pins rather than earning them?

  • Mad Hatter

    I actually unlocked this last night 12/19/13. Wonder if it will still count?

  • yamayamayaamaa

    YES! I got my 4 wins in a row! My Pin Ultimate Edition should be registered, now just waiting for the email!

    Wooooooo so happy!

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