Xbox 360 Spring Showcase!

The 2012 Xbox 360 Spring Showcase event last week in San Francisco featured the best and the brightest games launching this year from Microsoft Studios! Xbox Live Arcade’s line-up included both first time title announcements as well as details on some of the years most anticipated games! Click Read More to check complete details including screenshots,trailers and more!!!






The player begins their adventure as  young squire new within the ranks of the Wreckateers, the finest medieval demolition service in all the land. By the King’s orders, you will be charged with demolishing unwanted castles across the kingdom. Wielding the Ballista, a giant medieval crossbow, you will use your body to steady your aim, fire and guide magical shots mid-air.  Using a vast array of ammunition including the Flying Shot, the Explosive Shot, the Speed Shot and many more, Wreckateers will be tasked with bringing massive castles occupied by grubby goblins crumbling to the ground. Featuring a robust single player campaign, local multiplayer mode, and Xbox Live leader board support ensures your entire family will have an endlessly royal good time.


Game Features:

• Kinect for Xbox 360 – Responsive and Intuitive Kinect controls ensure every Wreckateer in your family will have a fun filled destructive experience.
• 60 Levels – Visit far off regions across the kingdom in 60 levels with increasingly intricate and larger fortresses that will challenge even the most skillful Wreckateer.
• Endless Replayability – Physics based gameplay ensures each time you replay the same level the results of your shots will end in a different outcome and score.
• 6 Magical Shots – Fire 6 magical shots like the chain shot, flying shot, bomb shot and much more. Having their own uniquely, magical destructive abilities, control shots in mid air to explode, pummel, and crumble castles into splendid smithereens.
• Single & Multiplayer Modes – Single and 2P Multiplayer modes will ensure the entire family becomes royal members of the Wreckateer team.




Bloodforge is a 3rd person action-fighting game set in a fantasy world loosely based on Celtic mythology. The player takes the role of Crom, a fierce Celtic warrior, making his way in search of revenge across a world filled with a multitude of combat encounters with minions of the gods and boss battles against the gods themselves. The quest for revenge also turns into a journey of discovery and revelations, as the engaging and skillfully told narrative unfolds towards the finale. The visceral and deeply satisfying combat is the core of the game. Crom has at his disposal a variety of combo moves and special attacks, with different weapons as well as splattering of god-like powers for good measure. All of which level up over the course of the game using the currency of blood. The Challenge survival mode adds to the mix by providing specifically designed and customizable combat encounters – on success a player can raise the game and issue the ‘Challenge’ to friends, for them to beat the challenger’s score.

Key features:

• Brutal Combat: Combine devastating melee, ranged and rune attacks to deliver a fast-paced, bloodthirsty combat experience.

• Compelling Story: A rich narrative weaving dark and violent Celtic mythology into a world and story of epic proportions.

• Visual Punch: An extreme, stark, hi-contrast, graphic novel style, only matched by the ferocity of the combat itself.

• Single Player Campaign: Battle your way across stunning environments leading to colossal confrontations with the gods themselves.

• Blood Duels: Compare your score with either Friends or Leaderboards top ranked players constantly while playing to best them all.

• Friend List Challenges: Compete in and Challenge your friends to escalating battles to which there can only be one winner!




Deadlight is a puzzle platformer, where the player must take advantage of the main character’s agility to solve obstacles, and dodge zombies, manipulating the many interactive elements of the scenery. Mindless shooting is not a good idea, there are much more walking corpses than bullets and every shot attract a new wave of them. The feeling of danger is constant. set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a zombie epidemic. Randall Wayne, our main character tries to survive above all. The world is gone to hell and you cannot do anything about it. Randall is introverted and slightly paranoid. His abilities and lots of luck allowed him to survive long enough to become one of the last living persons in the Pacific Northwest.



Game Features:

Deadlight is a narrative driven puzzle platformer set in the postapocalyptic
80s devastated by a zombie epidemic.
• A unique graphical approach with 3D backlit silhouettes increasing
immersion with a continuous notion of danger.
• Survive above all and face your fears.
• Solve obstacles, dodge zombies, set traps and manipulate the
environment. Escape any way you can!
• Combat is always an option, albeit a poor one



Diabolical Pitch

An unusual, unique and wacky pitching action game is coming to Kinect and the name of the game is Diabolical Pitch. A former pitcher now outfitted with an incredibly powerful bionic arm finds himself in a run-down, dark, and twisted amusement park. The night gets strange and intense quickly as you must use your pitching skills to survive the game of your life. Charge up your diabolical pitch to wipe out all the enemies crowding towards you. Power-ups give your throwing arm insane abilities that will give you the edge against huge mobs of enemies or even the most
fearsome boss. Kinect turns your room into a playing field and your Diabolical Pitch is the main attraction.


Game Features:

• Your pitches won’t be heading across any plates. Instead, they’ll be
directed towards the evil creatures heading in your direction.
• Gameplay is completely intuitive. Throw the ball in the direction of
the crazed enemies to take them out. Mow down the mob of enemies
with all kinds of impossible diabolical pitches and kick them away
when they get too close.
• The excitement builds through multiplayer as you merge your super
pitches together to devastate the oncoming waves. But be warned:
Players can decide whether to help each other survive or betray one
another to come out on top.



 Joe Danger: The Movie

Joe Danger: The Movie that casts the player as the world’s most determined Hollywood stuntman – Joe Danger. On the set of the greatest blockbuster “Movie” ever made, players create their own action film scene by scene, performing every stunt themselves. Using dozens of stunt vehicles and spanning every action film genre imaginable, players can perfect every stunt to thrill the audience, or crack them up with their failed attempts.





Game Features:

Become a Hollywood Stuntman Strap on the helmet of Joe Danger, and defy death to impress the Director. See the highlights of your replays brought together as a cinematic Film Trailer.

Unique Vehicles and Sets Play as a suave skiing spy, a futuristic jetpacking rebel, or even a water-skiing, sky-diving, quad-biking jungle adventurer. Defeat laser firing robots, escape chomping Jurassic Dinosaurs, or just wink to the camera as you crash spectacularly.

Create a Film Take the lovable Joe Danger on a dramatic, cinematic journey from stunt double zero to movie star hero. Every level is a movie scene – race rivals, chase crooks, escape boulders, destroy robots, punch dinosuars and divert the nuclear missiles!

Stunt, Create, Share Build your own film sets with an extensive physics toy-box playground – then share your levels with the whole world! Create your own complex movie scripts.

Competitive Gameplay New multiplayer modes, race jetpacks against hoverboards and skis against skidoos. It’s intense, silly competition. Joe Danger is all about highscoring combos too! Pull a Superman or land a Rodeo Air as the director yells “CUT”, to maximise your score and rule the leaderboards.



Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Imagine it, build it! Minecraft on Xbox 360 let’s you create worlds from the comfort of your sofa. The infinite possibilities in Minecraft just got bigger. The gaming phenomenon is coming to the console for the first time exclusively to Xbox 360. Play alone or play with your friends. Explore, build and conquer! At night monsters come out, so make sure to build a shelter before that happens. After that, your world is your imagination. Turn your hours into minutes with Minecraft!





Game Features:

• The new crafting interface in Minecraft on Xbox 360 delivers a
completely new way to build Minecraft worlds where your
imagination is the only limit.
• Minecraft will be available to download from Xbox LIVE Arcade in
Spring 2012 and will be supported by Kinect.
• Minecraft on Xbox 360 will take full advantage of Xbox LIVE, with
support for multiplayer gameplay through the LIVE network. More
details on specifics will be forthcoming.


South Park-Tenorman’s Revenge

Scott Tenorman is back and he wants revenge! Play as as Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny to take on Tenorman and his army of Ginger robots before they destroy South Park! Face off against multi-assed minions, time bombs, and Manbearpig in this action-packed platforming adventure. Even suit up as the boys’ superhero alter-egos to kick ass in the ultimate battle to save South Park.





Game Features:

• The game features more than 20 levels of South Park locations,
spanning the show’s history. Travel to Hell, Future South Park, the South
Park sewers, PiPi’s Water Park, Tynacorp, Peru and many more. You
can even ride the Poo Choo Express!
• Play as Cartman, Kyle, Stan or Kenny or any one of their super hero
alter-egos. Fly as the Human Kite, jump up walls as the Coon, drill
through anything with Toolshed or become invincible with Mysterion.
• Battle ManBearPig, Scott Tenorman, the Christmas Critters and a
multitude of multi-ass creatures, while you help Mr. Hankey, Satan,
Towelie and St. Peter.
• 4 player local or online cooperative multiplayer allows you to enjoy
the game and humor with friends, but you can also use your abilities
against your fellow players.
• In the spirit of classic platforming games with expert feel and fun
puzzle elements.



Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution is the next generation of the Trials family, but it a leap beyond a sequel to Trials HD. For the first time, race with friends in your living room or on Xbox LIVE. Bust out of the warehouse and leave the straight and narrow, into a new outdoor world of night and day, curving drive lines, spectacular scenery, and a living world. Build your own tracks with the included editor or download those of others from the new Track Central. In Trials Evolution, it’s survival of the fastest.





Game Features:

• 2-4 Player Multiplayer: Strut your stuff locally and on Xbox LIVE
• Global Track Sharing: Unlimited downloads and sharing
• Outdoor Environments: Bust out of the warehouse!
• Curved Driving Lines: Twist and turn through the great outdoors
• Many Play Styles: Trials, Supercross and Skill Games


If this doesn’t get you excited you may want to check your pulse!!! Stay Tuned for more updates on all these amazing Xbox Live Arcade titles from Microsoft Studios coming soon!!!!






  • Anonymous

    Too much goodness!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Diabolical Pitch might be the most WTF idea I’ve ever heard for a game in my life.

    • Anonymous

      It’s pretty fun lol.

  • http://twitter.com/sansglu10 sans gluten

    Lots of great titles!

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Bennijin Turbo

    Tons of new and unique exclusives here.

    Which is more than can be said for the retail lineup.

  • Frank Meijer

    Too. Many. Awesome. Games! That’s why I love XBLA over retail games these days. Looking forward to Trials Evolution, Bloodforge, DeadLight and Joe Danger: The Movie

  • http://twitter.com/harlemS Travis Pope

    Wow. I’ve never played an XBLA title but some of these look really really good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Subtil/100003595150223 Geoffrey Subtil

    microsoft make believe :-))

  • Anonymous

    OMG i guess microsoft listened when people were complaining that the xbox was getting less games.

  • http://twitter.com/baboy1337 Győző Baki

    And that answers to those who say there are not enough exclusives. These 10-15 dollars games look better than most triple AAA games around. Well played Microsoft, well played.

  • Anonymous

    That Minecraft 1 was funny but not very good lol

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