XBLA Community Gaming Mixer

The Playxbla.com website has finally launched!!!!!    (—->Captain Obvious was here)

There’s a ton of exciting features yet to come and  the XBLA team could not be more excited if it was raining gold covered donuts outside, which it is not… but you get my point.  The XBLA community is an amazing group of people and the ability to have tons of new ways to interact with you kids is downright rad…. Keep reading to find out more!

What better way to chill with your friends than to play some video games! Thanks to neato technology, we have the power of Xbox Live for doing just such a thing even on opposite sides of the country.

The first ever PlayXBLA.com Community Game Together night will be on Saturday, October 15th at TBD time, a PlayXBLA host Gamer Tag will also be listed later.  Every time we hold a PlayXBLA gaming night, we will list the time, date, and featured title; the details will be posted at least two weeks ahead of time as well.  The featured title part is an XBLA game we pick ahead of time so everyone participating is all on the same game as well as the same time. This is just one of many exciting community events  you will see featured on the site, but we always love to hear about your ideas too so feel free to speak up!

Check back often for all the latest XBLA news and complete about Community Game Together event details!







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