Windows Phone Wednesday! Now With Moar Writing Tips!

Alright PlayXBLA kids! Time for another new feature to be added into the mix! Every Wednesday PlayXBLA.com will highlight a Windows Phone game we love! The game chosen each week will either be an already launched title or one that’s coming very soon. That way if the feature strikes your fancy you won’t have to wait to dig in! This week we’re highlighting the amazing and addictive Windows Phone game: Harbor Master. Click Read More to check out all details plus a gallery of screen shots, game play trailer, and limited edition blogging tips!


*Limited Edition Pro Bloggers Tip: DO NOT spam the “post” button before saving a draft of your final edit.

*Extra Limited Edition Pro Blogger Tip: DO NOT post a blog without checking that the correct version is live when heading to a meeting for 2 hours with no way to SAVE YOURSELF.


      Whatever you do, don’t crash the boats!

Relax and let the sounds of the sea transport you far away. You are the Harbor Master in a busy harbor. Direct boats into the docks, watch them unload their cargo, and direct them off the screen.Your only concern is to be careful not to let the boats crash, oh and also to watch out for all the pirates, monsters, and cyclones! With seven maps to explore, each with its own twist and challenge, and Xbox LIVE leaderboards and achievements to compete on, you won’t be able to put it down! The list below shows you the name of every location and the unique challenges you’ll face when visiting them!

- Fishing Bay – A peaceful harbor to get you started.

- Cyclone Island – Careful, cyclones spin your ships around!

- Sturgeon Creek – Make sure the right cargo goes to the right port.

- Cannon Beach – Can you fight off the pirates with your trusty cannon?

- Smugglers’ Reef – Help the smugglers unload their loot in the right port. How well can you multitask?

- Monster Cove – There’s word that monsters haunt this harbor…

- Cargo City – Three cargo colors! Can you handle it?!


Still need convincing? No problem! Check out the gallery of screen shots below and seeing will have you believing!


That’s gonna wrap up this edition of Windows Phone Wednesday, hope you enjoyed this new feature and want to see more! Check back every Wednesday to see which games we love or post your favorites in the comments below for a chance to be featured!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=704365392 Adam Wade

    Way to go with associating “Windows Phone” with the dead ‘n buried “Windows Mobile”.

  • Anonymous

    Only on windows mobile i guess i got excited for nothing oh well my WINDOWS PHONE isn’t going to be put to use then.

  • Anonymous

    Nice Edit, good on you guys for doing it as well, guess now we know why the Xbox and Windows is popular in general, VERY passionate fans.

  • Anonymous

    Pro Tip #3: Don’t plug in your wife’s iPhone while typing up AWESOME reply to post or iTunes might crash your computer :( :(.

    But seriously, love this game, bought it when it first came out on Windows Phone and have played it on and off since then. It’s a great “in between” game game. I usually play a game start to finish when I get it(ie Battlewagon) and then before I play another game, I’ll go back to a game like harbor master and get another achievement or something, its a great game that way, no story, no hard controls to get re-aquinated with again, so its a nice game to recharge with before starting another one. Not much going on with the game, but I still recomend it to anyone.

    • XBLA_Alex

      You’re awesome! Thanks for the additional tips LOL! Maybe I’ll do a post about random life tips from the pros ;)

  • Anonymous

    now thats more like it :)

    • XBLA_Alex

      yeah! :)

      • Anonymous

        you almost killed me with that topic :D

  • david

    Anyone else find this page doesn’t render correctly on a mango windows phone?

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