TU12 For Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Is Now Live! Go, Go, Go!


That’s right! The newest title update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition  is now live! Make sure you check out the list of changes, additions, and fixes by clicking Read More!


Changes, Additions & Fixes

New Mobs


Iron Golem

Baby Villager

New Items

> Redstone Lamp

> Jungle Wood Stairs

> Jungle Wood Half Slab

> Jungle Wood Block

> Jungle Wood Planks

> Jungle Tree Sapling

> Ocelot Spawn Egg

> (Creative Mode only) Chiselled Stone Brick

> (Creative Mode only) Mob Heads (Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Human and Creeper)



-          New Tutorial World.

-          New map height limit (256 instead of 128).

-          Jungle Biome

-          Jungle trees

-          Cocoa beans grow on Jungle trees

-          Slabs and Stairs can be placed upside-down by placing them below a block.

-          Added Corner Stairs and upside down Corner Stairs.

-          Added 3D dropped items.

-          Added dispensing Boats and Minecarts to Dispenser.

-          New ambient cave sounds.

-          New AI for Mobs.

-          Added rare drops for Mobs.

-          Villagers will have children if there is room in their village.

-          Zombie sieges will occur occasionally at night.

-          Zombies break down doors on Hard Mode.

-          Crafting recipe for ladder now yields 3 ladders instead of 2.

-          Placing blocks on grass will replace it.

-          Lava now has a faint rumbling sound effect, and large particles that hop out of the lava produce a popping sound.

-          Very rare Desert Wells can be found in Desert biomes.

-          Increased max boats in a world to 40.

-          When in the Nether, Snow Golems will melt and die same as when they are in Desert biomes.

-          Abandoned Mineshafts can generate with wooden bridges now when generated over a cave or over top another tunnel.

-          Doors have been updated so that double doors work better with Redstone.

-          Added a Favourites tab to the Skin Selector menu, storing most recently used skins.

-          Added support for Texture Packs and Mash-up Packs, and display of these in the Minecraft Store.



-          Fixed local player shadows not being displayed.

-          Fixed a few issues with the Privileges settings.

-          Fixed visible seams in clouds.

-          Fixed 3rd person camera issues with water, where the underwater filter would be randomly removed.

-          Fix for structures generating at the edge of a world.

-          Fix for putting enchanted items in a Minecart With Chest and destroying it removes the enchantments.

-          Fix for breaking a bow having improper animation.

-          Fix to make Minecarts run at the correct speed.

-          Fixed a few memory leaks.

-          Fixed issue with “Can Open Containers” option.

-          Fixed issues with “Can Build and Mine” option.

-          Fixed Issue with TNT blocks being triggered by explosions even with “TNT explodes” option off.

-          Fixed Wolves not tilting their heads when the player has a bone in their hand.

-          Fixed the colour of Potion particles status effect to match the Potion colour.

-          Fix for doors spitting in half and glitching in open/closed motion when mined.

-          Fixed artefacts on edge of flames when in first person.

-          Fixed a lot of game lighting issues.

  • adrjos6445


  • Goey

    i wanna be in mojang

  • Joehoe


  • http://www.pathofdestruction.us/forums Xtowers


  • Hutch

    Bullshit……this update is not available yet

    • Hutch Hater

      Bullshit…..yes it is

    • Wez

      the update is available, I got it today.

  • Eric Griffin

    the update does not work for parts of the United States

  • Eric Griffin

    TU11 must be deleted for TU12 to download

  • Nate

    This update is cool but i dont see any texture packs/ mash-up packs yet

  • Ben

    guys just search minecraft on your xbox and literally redownload minecraft, thats how i got the update (it yours doesn’t auto download)

  • ben

    Why no texture packs yet?

    • Wez

      they’re looking for the most popular and best packs for the game :)

      • MeltedCow

        like default painterly
        We should be able to edit textures on the pc and like,send them to the xbox.
        I would make the pigs green after angry birds.
        Then I would retexture the swords and other tools,and then take out some pixels.
        That way,it would be simpler and easy to run.

  • JC42

    It is out so nobody say ” bullshit “

  • Dork

    The update screwed up my bioms. Now i have snow in areas that did not snow before, has screwed up my map layout

  • http://www.facebook.com/trekx trekx

    Dose anyone know how big this download is??

    • Thenikebro98

      4 MB

      • Hustin

        Actually, its 46mb

  • minecraftisforpussys

    U guys r nerds! Play a real game or do u guys suck that bad?

    • MeltedCow

      I hope you die in a hole.
      I suppose Terraria isn’t for nerds?
      Or Cube World?
      Or CoD?
      Or Skyrim?
      Or Battlefield?
      Or LoL?

    • Wez

      every game is basicly for nerds you mong.

    • http://twitter.com/Hestar69 Rob Hestar(★♋)

      I agree with this guy, let’s all play a real game like COD! If your a true gamer you play only fps’ remember that!

      • MeltedCow

        I decect trolling,sarcasm,and mockery..

        • http://twitter.com/Hestar69 Rob Hestar(★♋)

          Correct! I don’t get how minecraft isn’t a real game or why people can’t enjoy a game if it’s not a shooter

          • MeltedCow

            Not sure if serious…

          • http://twitter.com/Hestar69 Rob Hestar(★♋)

            I’m Serious.Like the guy (troll) who says play a real game nerds…lol,what constitutes as a real game? I love shooters,rpgs and games like minecraft.Why limit yourself to one genre

          • MeltedCow


      • DaMiner

        I shoot a bow and arrow in minecraft.. thus making it an fps

    • retro36005

      no i only suck your mums dick bitch

    • Nikenot

      look who talking

      • MeltedCow


  • Laosboyboof

    How do you update like the physical copy?

  • Real_Livet_Ut

    Fix the lag!!! Take a week to open inventory !

  • IT VP

    The minecart speed blows now! You can get around just as fast by running! wtf?

  • Jomann

    I’m excited for the Vita version of minecraft!

  • Pauline Cassidy

    How do I download new version. Can anyone help.

    • Jelle Kamphuis

      If you have XBOX Live, this update will go automatic.

  • Sonic

    -_- Now that i think about it MINECRAFT IS A First Person game IDIOT so it could be anything and who ever says minecraft sucks SHALL BURN IN THE NETHER

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