Treat Yourself Tomorrow With This Free Halloween Themed Texture Pack Only In Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition!


No trick: this is definitely a treat. A brand new Halloween-themed texture pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 only? And it’s free!? Sounds tasty!

Coming out tomorrow and only available until November the 3rd, this will be one to keep!


  • BurntMayonnaise

    Awesome job 4J!

  • jman2255


  • doky978

    HOLY MOLY! THIS IS AWESOME! Goes well with last years skin pack as well :D THANKS 4J <3

  • Swordking090

    This is a great surprise. Wonder if there will be a Christmas Texture Pack now. =o

    • MineBug1120

      AWESOME Swordking090!!!!!! the operation bedrock guy!

  • ABAdinghy675

    Can’t wait to get it!!!!!

  • alvinchimp

    looks freaking sweet!

  • thot

    Free and awesome

  • Manny Jackson

    Awesome 4J Studios & PlayXBLA, just awesome – thanks for showing us love once again!

  • MinecraftIsAwesome

    Thank you so much 4J Studios and PlayXBLA! Will download asap!

  • Ecliptic_Deimos

    Free? Sign me up! Hats off to 4J Studios, this is a nice surprise.

  • Jim Ayers

    I love how the Endermen are now Slendermen.

  • Crafter

    I got school:/

    • blackwolf700

      Sorry about that. I am going to wake up early. LOL

  • legokiller500

    oh yes FREE TEXTURE PACK!!!!! plus looks AWESOME!!!

  • neyrot

    im guessing its awesome

  • imaporchmonkey

    “Free Halloween Themed Texture Pack Only In Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition!” like nobody will be able to recreate this on pc.

  • Yoyo

    Looks great!!!!

  • blackwolf700

    Yay free stuff!! woooo!

  • Christopher Bash II

    Hopefully we will have the TU14 by december.

  • PikachuJT630

    i wonder wat time it will come out (not date)

  • PikachuJT630

    this texture pack will be converted to pc anyways

    • Emiya Shirou

      If you have a link please send I would love to use it on my PC :D

  • Mikathebest323

    make this on pc 4j studios pleaaaasee?

  • MWsmith

    How do I download it?
    It’s not at the texture pack spot

  • MWsmith

    Someone please tell me how to get it

  • http://twitter.com/lightsup55 Timothy Leucht

    Link for anyone who needs it:

    If you can’t download it from Xbox.com, you should be able to download it from your console.

  • chaty


  • Knight_Vamp

    Well, PC Mincrafters, you know what to do.

  • CrazyCrafthkl


  • vaishnav santhosh

    How do I download this?

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