Three New Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Gamer Pics Now Available!

I must have missed the memo that it was a Gamer Tag holiday! First the launch of all the Dragon’s Lair avatar items announced earlier today, now new Minecraft Gamer pics! The latest additions to the Minecraft Gamer pic goodness satisfy your hunger pains, are man’s best friend, your worst nightmare and the tools for making dreams come true all rolled into one! How can that be? Find out by clicking Read More!







The latest addition to the Minecraft Gamer Pics library helps you build your dream world! Check out the essential Minecraft tool Gamer pics; Bow & Arrow, Fishing-rod, Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Sword and TNT! Boom!





Satisfy those hunger pains with some tasty Minecraft food Gamer pics! As part of a healthy lifestyle everyone needs Raw Pork Chops, Cake, a Cookie, Raw Fish and a Golden Apple!

Gamer Pic





Find all the companionship you could ever need with Gamer pics of all your favourite Minecraft animals; Pig, Sheep, Wolf, Cow and Chicken…or is it a Duck?

Gamer Pic





Your worst Minecraft nightmares come to life when you see what’s waiting for you in the scary Minecraft enemy Gamer pics! There’s a Ghast, a Skeleton, a Spider, a Zombie and the legendary Herobrine, although that one might have been removed…

Gamer Pic

  • http://twitter.com/GodzLOL Ryan C.

    I thought animals waz already out…

    • Anonymous

      Looks like Animals came out on April 24th, so you’re right. But somehow I never knew until now, so I’m buying it. Haha


    :D Images

  • http://uniltiranyu.tumblr.com Brendan Crawford

    Would expect a site like this to say how much they cost

  • Jmario

    Haha this game a like a CHAMP

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