The Very First Community Spotlight!

The beginning of another new feature on PlayXBLA  has arrived! Every Tuesday you can expect either a blog post from one of the rad PlayXBLA followers or a spotlight on who they are! Today is a spotlight on Mr Matthew McLean! Click Read More to find out what his favorite XBLA titles are, what keeps him coming back for more, and his thoughts on Emus! 

PlayXBLA: How would you like to be referred to? Your IRL name or Your Gamer Tag?

Matthew McLean: Just call me by my real name: Matthew McLean

PlayXBLA: Speaking of your GT, what is it?

Matthew McLean: My gamertag is Azazel Hellion3. 10 points to whoever correctly guess where I picked my name from.

PlayXBLA: How many XBLA games would you say you owned?

Matthew McLean: According to Raptr, I own 191 XBLA games, so I am going to guess that I really have about 130 purchased games. I have some games I never even played.

PlayXBLA: What’s your top 3 favorite XBLA titles?

Matthew McLean: My favorite games are Comic Jumper, Limbo and Pinball FX2. I play far too much Pinball.

PlayXBLA: How did you first find out about PlayXBLA?

Matthew McLean: When it first game out. On the first Xbox. I just had to play Galaga.  And that was the first game I bought on my Xbox 360 too.

PlayXBLA: What keeps you coming back to visit our site?

Matthew McLean: All the funny comments on the pictures of the day for one thing. Plus the growing community and exclusive information from Microsoft.

PlayXBLA: Alight now to dig deep… ready for some personal questions???

Matthew McLean: Wait… Deep breath… Okay, I’m ready.

PlayXBLA: If you had a snail that could magically grant wishes, what would you name it?

Matthew McLean: Dinner. Because how do you communicate with a snail?










PlayXBLA: Are you proud of me?

Matthew McLean: I suppose I should be proud of you, but I have to ask: What did you do for me today?

PlayXBLA: Made this Rad face? ——————————>





PlayXBLA: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Matthew McLean: My real favorite is Citizen Kane, that still amazes me even though it came out in 1941. Who films like that? Let alone build a set with a ceiling? Otherwise it is Blade Runner.

PlayXBLA: Favorite Word?

Matthew McLean: Superficial. Seriously, that would just sounds like a great compliment, but really it’s not.

PlayXBLA: What’s A Emu?.

Matthew McLean: I don’t know. What’s a duck.








PlayXBLA: Best Quality?

Matthew McLean: The ability to strange non-relevant trivia out of my head. Because knowing is half the battle. Of course, no one ever told me what the other half was, so there you go.

PlayXBLA: Weirdest Habit?

Matthew McLean: Answering weird questionnaires.Either that or eating cookies off the floor. It’s toss up.

PlayXBLA: What question should I have asked?

Matthew McLean: How do I become a better person?

PlayXBLA: hmmmmm what is the answer to that? Looking for answers in the comments kids!


Hope you all enjoyed this amazing -make Barbara Walters cry- I should be nominated for an ESPY – Community Spotlight Interview! Feel free to leave your feedback, questions, and overall praise of Mr. McLean’s patience for my dumb questions in the comments below!