The New Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Avatar Items Are Now Available! Also, We’re Sharing A New Screenshot…

We’ve got the details on all the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Avatar collection available now on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace! Be sure to click Read More to check out screenshots of  all of the items!

Happiness is being a sheep in Minecraft! (male/female) – 160 MSP















Zombie Pigman Head?! A handsome Minecraft choice! (male/female) – 160 MSP















Can you tame him…it…erm, her…this is one mixed up Minecraft Monster! Zombie Pigman – 240 MSP















A Minecraft pig face on a t-shirt! Now that’s gotta make you smile! (female/male) – 80 MSP















Love cats?! Here’s some Minecraft feline company for you! – 240 MSP















Try and keep this Magma Cube under control! – 240 MSP
















Craft your Minecraft Iron Golem and get a nice surprise! – 240 MSP















A cute and thankfully tame, Minecraft Wolf t-shirt! (male/female) – 80 MSP















A Minecraft squid on a t-shirt! Doesn’t cost five… (male/female) – 80 MSP















A snowman with attitude, we present, the Minecraft Snow Golem! – 240 MSP















Minecon 2012 Cape – 80MSP
















And…to make your day a little brighter….here’s a screenshot that 4J and Mojang have shared with us and we thought it would be nice to share it with you too!


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