The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For…. Is Almost Here

You’ve been patient, sad, happy, frustrated and more. The last week has been one crazy journey leaving you all hanging on to just find out what all the mysterious images are adding up to. Later today we will add relieved, happy, and elated to the list of emotions, but for now lets take a look back at all the clues we’ve seen. Click Read More to see the gallery of screen hints we’ve posted in the last week or so and see if you can take one final guess at the what it could be. Just to sweeten the deal, anyone who can guess correctly at what all these hints mean will get FIVE FREE XBLA codes!



Here they are!! Post your guesses in the comments section below!












  • http://playxbla.com/ Uhmmm….

    Looks like no one will get free Xbox Codes :P

  • tonyskate

    Maybe it will take a place on Easter island :-))

  • http://twitter.com/Terrificy Jake

    Okay: It’s a new A World of Keflings expansion pack. That much has been settled. There are 3 sets of items: the Tiki and the torch, the cake-thing and the candybear, and the moon over the gravestone.

    The full moon over the gravestone implies some sort of supernatural mythological monster, such as werewolfes or zombies (the latter, more likely). These monsters are connected to the Tiki, who has somehow created these monsters, be it by sheer accident or as part of a cunning plan – most likely the first mentioned.

    The Pink bear and the fish-donut or whatever it is are also results of an accidental happening during one of the Tiki’s rituals.

    There, I linked it all together, at least!

  • Jbcricket

    The Third Kefling game from ninjabee being a mix of pre-historic and space themed.

  • http://twitter.com/Rinninja Rinninja

    ah i fell on impression that there’s not new dlc.. secret reveled

  • Cjelly

    A Universe of Keflings


    A Galaxy of Keflings.

  • http://twitter.com/GilucZ Lukas Pedersen

    “A gay bear must overcome his fear of The Mask by climbing in fiery places, travel to the moon and eat a blue frosted sprinkled donut, before his unavoidable death catches up with him.”

  • http://twitter.com/Rinninja Rinninja

    hehe tiki i am sure will make zombies .. :) the sword is for killing zombies.. most likely pink bear represent love, and blue fish/cloud or whatever it is is evil like i see it.. maybe tiki must chose how u ll kill this zombies …

  • Anonymous

    Kefling Dreams
    A Dreamland of Kefling
    Keflings once upon a dream
    Kefling Fairy Tales

  • Anonymous

    Werewolves… Or Werebears… Keflingbears?

    Keflings that turn into wolves or bears when the moon is out. Lets go with that. :)

  • Matt Bockholt

    The bears of Keflingdom, sick of their existence being denied by the king, got new snazzy hairdos and painted their skin wacky colors and danced through the town, throwing candy to all of the little Keflings to catch their attention. In their good humor ways the Keflings joined in and created a parade, with large floats and giant tiki mascots. Amid the celebrations the local mountain erupted in a fierce explosion of fire and ash! With the help of their new Alien friends, the Keflings safely evacuated to the Moon. After the crisis was over they returned to their home and constructed a monolith of despair to commemorate that horrifying day. Then they threw another parade, just for fun.

  • Anonymous

    A Mayan 2012 themed Kefling game, Obviously the moon and smoke stack represent the changing of the tides and the erupting of Volcanoes according to the end of the world. Tombstone signifying end as well. Tiki totem guy = Mayan something or other, and then I got nothing on the other two.

    I tried.

  • Jennpowell7

    Mayan theme?

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