The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Retail Disc Version Releases Today!

minecraftretaildiscReleasing today, “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” to retail as a disc-based version that will let gamers who are not currently connected to Xbox LIVE experience the thrill of Minecraft! This version of “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” will contain all the same features and content included in the current version and will be exactly the same as the digital version in every way, including support for multiplayer connectivity between the retail game and the digital download, and the retail disc version will receive all the same content and feature updates as the digital version ongoing.




The retail disc will arrive in stores in the US on June 4th 2013 and will be available in other locations as follows!

June 4: US, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India

June 6: Japan, Australia, New Zealand

June 25: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Argentina

June 28: UK, France, Spain, Ireland

Don’t see your country on the list? Hold tight! We’ll have more information soon!

  • Sam


  • Blazekel

    Sam, June 28th. Look at the bottom.

  • zyther666

    cant wait for it

  • Lizard

    I thought that UK would have first realease as they are based in scotland

    • iTidez

      They are actually based in Sweden, not Scotland ;) Still it is a bit strange…

      • Hero

        4J studios are based in scotland

        • Fenyyx


        • Stephenrad

          he’s talking about Mojang which is located in Sweden

      • paul


    • Peace1498

      Um Scotland… you Know it was made in Sweden not Scotland…

  • Kenneth

    How much will it be in ireland ?

  • sinano

    I am pretty sure I saw a stack of these at Sam’s club last Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    Hey will it be better to get the disc or will it be exactly the same

    • Minecraft Player Since Day 1

      exactly the same!

  • mairazl

    Brazil too! I thought we’d be left out! Nice! :-D

  • Fan

    Columbia or Colombia?

  • Random Person

    Today, Already!?

    • ??????

      Yes, Today

  • Crono

    So for people like me who are not currently connected to Xbox LIVE and want to experience the thrill of Minecraft, will the retail disc version have the skin packs? There were some nice free skin packs like the birthday and summer of arcade skin packs that I had to miss out on, I can only hope those are on disc to be up-to-date. I look forward to finally buying Minecraft for the 360.

  • Dev_Braderz

    It states that the disc version will contain all the same features and content included in the current version however 4jstudios have already confirmed that the disc version will only be TU10 but will include a trial version of live to be able to download updates ( not sure of the live trial period But PlayXBLA should get there source info correct before announcing stuff like this) also, why the hell does korea get a copy before the UK even tho 4j is based in the UK? I smell a politically motivated reason as to releasing to the US first……

    • Benzel

      A politically motivated reason?? Maybe its because Xbox is American???

    • Russell

      everyone who has an xbox with no XBL is able to download any updated through the free silver version. there are 2 versions of XBL silver and gold. silver allowss for updates for the games and gold allows you to download DLC’s and have online multiplayer along with the usual benefits (netflix,hulu, comcast, ect.) no need to have a trial version anyone that is able to get online can have a free silver account.

    • GermanScientist

      The reason that the game is being released on disc is so that people without an internet connection can get the game aswell. They’re simply stating that if you get the disc version you will be able to update the game if you do connect your Xbox to the internet and play online all you want if you’ve got gold.

    • zatos21ashtree

      Because America and Korea bought a shippment before UK. And microsoft is an American company.

      • Caiden Hugunin


  • Bob

    So happy

  • Ben

    If I bought it in the Xbox live arcade, I need Buy it again? D:

    • charlie

      if u have downloaded it no :)

  • Daniel Cassell

    Do We get it free if we have the digital version of the game ?

  • Ross patrick mcnally

    this sucks it doesn’t even have any new updates:(

    • Dominic

      The xbox 360 edition had lots of updates ( is now at the point the ender dragon and the end came in minecraft) but it keep updating the game to make it nearly the same as the pc version.

      But i have to admit it does take a while before they release an update =I

  • mikey

    i only bought one because i thought it would be like the pc version

  • NaUgHtYbEaR149

    Woop Woop i already have it :D

  • NaUgHtYbEaR149

    4j is in scotland and mojang is in sweden btw

  • Ernest L.Richard

    Please be on Malaysia,W.P Labuan game store place at HobbyMix please! i really want it!

  • poop

    what dose it mean by the us is it the usa or some other place

    • poo

      yes. us is usa

  • jayden

    hey we are new Zealand is getting it tomorrow ya ah why is the UK getting so late i thought it was the 4th of june not 28th sorry uk about this

  • hello

    why don’t you bring the update out instead

  • hi

    Really the 28th for the Uk? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

  • UltraZboy

    And the netherlands???

  • tomos gwyn bohanna

    what about the uk

  • PS4 Owner

    Thanks Mircrosoft for not think about the UK oh I forgot Korea loves Minecraft

  • gfdkxlbjdf


  • Shadowblood

    Finally, i can play Minecraft without live

  • Nadare

    What about Sweden? :(

  • computerhelp5287@hotmail.com

    PC version survival creative, and adventure maps @

  • tomergt45

    plz add israel plz

  • bububu

    I want this for the PS3 !!!

    • soulblade

      Kill yourself

      • Ripsnarl

        What constructive criticism you have. Take your own advice.

      • Coco

        Kill yourself.

      • John Conrad

        Whats wrong with having it on the ps3?

        • Ernie Mink

          The only gaming machine worth having is Microsoft PERIOD, END OF STORY. GET OVER IT. Just like the ONLY cell phone, operating system and browser worth having to be current and to cover all bases is Microsoft, PERIOD. END OF STORY.

          • Thor-Morten


          • Charlie

            Wait what, did you just say IE is a good browser, go have a christmas

          • Connor Gordon

            So can you still say that after the PS4 press confernce about using games?
            the xbone can suck it

          • TruthDefender

            And the Minecraft PI for Raspberry PI?

      • Emma Hunt

        Kill yourself…..what does this have to do with anything? They were saying they want it for PS3 and I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Want it for playstation 3 SOOOOOO bad!

        • dude991

          get xbox they not putting it on ps3 into next year

          • soulblade

            Everybody settle down.I would’ve preffered you ignored that,because I was simply having a bad day.I appolagize if I came off rude or angry.

          • TehNynja

            We forgive you. See how much influence you have on the world? Now use that to change lives. :)

    • Dylan Taylor

      It might make an appearance on the PS4. It is very difficult to convert the code from pc to ps3 compared to pc to xbox.

      • George

        The only reason it’s on Xbox and not PS3 is because Mojang signed and exclusivity contract with Microsft, not because there’s a supposed higher difficulty in porting to PS3.

        • Coco

          ^ Wrong, what he stated above is why it’s not for ps3. Lrn2code

          • EIREXE

            I have a ps3 developer kit, and all I can say is that it’s FAR EASY to port from c++ to ps3, you only have to redo low level language stuff.

            Also minecraft uses java, minecraft for xbox is on c++, it had to be done FROM SCRATCH.

            Another thing that ps3 development is better than xbox is because it’s just a linux sistem, just compile, in xbox you have to redo everything using xbox API, wich is a f*** pain in the ass.

          • http://suomiwp.com/ Jesse Leskinen

            I don’t think you know much about developing for Xbox… If you have a game for Windows that uses the Windows APIs (like DirectX, XInput) it can be as simple as recompiling the game to xenon ppc cpu. For PS3 you would need a lot of code changes. Think about porting a windows game to linux.

          • heimer

            Um, no, if you follow Notch on twitter, you can see way back when, he made the decision that it wouldn’t be on PS3 not because it was harder to code, but because when he signed with Microsoft, they agreed that they wouldn’t allow it to come to PS3. It has nothing to do with coding.

          • meep

            are you retarded? mojang signed a contract with microsoft. Lrn2google

      • ReK Grin

        ha no it will not come because microsoft has a contract with mojang thats why its on the 360 and not ps3 and sony didnt didnt do anything with mojang

    • chin


      • chin

        you can want

    • Rach’Elle

      Me too !!!

    • Yousef Abdalwahab

      ME 2 BRO

    • Julio Mario Baute Sepulveda

      sorry XD

    • sam_walker

      the minecraft console version is xbox only mainly because sony and microsoft studios fefuse to work with each other

      • Matt Collins

        Ummmm no, I think it has more to do with PS3s RAM structure. Xbox allows the 256 mb of system RAM to combine with the 256 MB of dedicated gaming RAM for a total of 512MB. PS3 has 256mb only. Minecraft maps are small enough on 360.

    • Bob_Is_Jo_Mum

      Minecraft will never come out on ps3

      • Sean Carr


        • Emma Hunt

          Why good? It will make PS3 players (like myself) happy and will make Minecraft a ton more money and get them a ton more users. :)

          • romar

            That is very true that it would get minecraft more money and I can’t wait OMFG.

      • TehNynja

        You don’t know that. ;) You’re only assuming. And assuming makes an… you get it.

    • Joseph Richard

      Won’t happen, unfortunately.

  • pedro henrique

    Infelizmente nao tem ainda no brazil mas espero que tenha logo pois nao ocupa tanto espaço no disco de memoria

  • pedro henrique

    Unfortunately not yet have in Brazil but hopefully as soon not have much space in disk memory

  • Austin Norman

    Sweet! I’ve always wanted to play Minecraft, but my PC is not compatible with it. I also can’t afford live, so with the disc version I can finally play Minecraft!

    • Bogdan Seria

      XBOX Live is free, Gold membership is not. You can get Live for free so you can experience it without paying.

  • Chrisx

    no disc for pc in canada yet? My mom wants to try it but doesnt have a credit card or paypal.

  • Mrlol


  • Mrlol

    l want this for the xbox live ????

  • Yousef Abdalwahab

    I play Minecraft in any where in psp,pc,ipad,iphone and galaxy another thing REALLY I went this 4 the PS3 :( PLEASE

  • Eugenio Bashirov

    italy !!!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((

  • Mohammed Suad


  • Mohammed Suad


  • Justin Mialkovsky


  • poop

    when is tu 12 really comeing out

  • poop

    i whant to know it for real not from youtubers like BR3THR3N

  • poop


  • Mark Soria

    free 12 moth gold pls

  • gugly wugs

    Ive been trying to download minecraft on to my computer but it didnt work soooooo
    i think it would be a good idea to get minecraft on disc

  • gugly wugs

    on computer! :D

  • gugly wugs


  • Stefan Geiß

    first problem… pc version of minecraft is much better than the xbox one. (i have both of them) because xbox version has a limited area to play. it´s like u compare the globus with a soccer field. plz do urself a favour and buy the pc version.

  • m

    I hope that will be soon in Poland

  • Antonio Corsini

    Please in italy

  • Antonio Corsini


  • lol


  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Nice for EU….

  • changoleon

    There is a dalay !! gamers mx said , that is was going to be available on 4th of june

  • robert


  • Caiden Hugunin

    is thare way you can pute it on the wii??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  • Red

    Bought the disc version which is perfect because I’m not connected to live. It works great but can’t seem to get it to work with two players. Supposed to have split screen and play with up to four players but it’s not working! Any help or ideas?

  • Sean Carr

    ps3s are shit get a xbox mate

  • sophie

    don’t do it for ps3… only xbox people should have it!

  • calum witt

    why didn’t this come out when it came out for download cause I prefer disc instead of download as with a disc more easy to take round a mates or let someone brow my game

  • Thor-Morten


  • Adrian Leal

    I use to play on xbox but know i play on pc

  • joseph

    getting it

  • brayden

    do you need online

  • coolstyle

    i want this for PS3 beacuse PS3 is ten times better than xbox360 or it is better tthan xbox


    How much is it?

  • App

    Dear PS3 players:
    To be on PS3 Mojang should be a bigger well-known company, thats why they can’t add a PS version.

  • caesertrigames

    Hey when does it releases in holland

  • imran

    why not sell them in dubai ?

  • dhj

    make it for the wii

  • gem

    or youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • infernoENG

    I’m waiting for Poland :<

  • Manuel Leon Rodrigo

    me lo plesta bububu

  • hedsr1


  • maciel

    eu sou maciel

  • Elias


  • Stefan Jesse Junior


  • derelineam

    Didn’t hear us Xbox players bragging while our console was better for 8 years

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