The Explosions are Implode!

Actually a more accurate title would have been “The humor is implied” — oh well too late!

The newest Microsoft Studios title to hit the marketplace on Windows Phone is Implode and it’s much more fun than my lame jokes.

Implode takes everything you know about exploding stuff in games and adds a dash of science. It’s kind of like directly placing your Angry Birds inside the building! The first time I loaded up the screen I thought I knew exactly what I was in for. NOPE. My know-it-all, master-of-any-game attitude was quickly altered. Two hours later, de-void of any civilized manners, I found myself hunched over the phone mumbling angry jibberish, tapping spastically and still too hooked to stop playing.

The mechanics and presentation are simple and easy to grasp right away; the end goal, not so much. I don’t want to give away everything, so I’m going to keep the details to a minimum, also the longer I spend writing, the more I want to play…..

Like a master demolition expert, you strategically place bombs within a “blue print” of a building, ideally triggering the perfect implosion. Your score is determined by the quality of the destruction and the size of the debris field. The tricky part of course, is learning just where to place the bombs to achieve maximum destruction, and maximum debris dispersal. It sounds easier than it is, but that’s the fun part too! Even when you fail, you’re still smashing buildings.

Unfortunately, I am going to add at this point, that I am certain I hold the record for the most buildings left standing. Yeah you heard right STANDING. Somehow, I have mastered the ability to do minimal damage, like barely blow the roof off minimal. Even when I use every bomb available in my inventory in the most basic structures, I rarely get graded higher than a D+. I wish I was joking to make this post funnier, but sadly I’m just whining.

Before you begin weeping at my unfortunate circumstance there is one option left to people with my rare affliction, Build Mode.

Build Mode presents a unique destruction-based-creation way to play that is beyond fun. I’m not going to describe it anymore, but I’ll just say many hours went into testing it, by me! The combination of simple yet complex found when playing Implode is pure genius making this a staple in my games library for what’s certain to be years to come.


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