Texture Packs for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition? Get The Details Here!

minecraftWe know you’ve heard rumors, so we  asked Minecraft producer Rog to share some information about texture packs for Xbox 360. Click Read More to check out what Rog has to say!

There’s been lots of chatter about Texture Packs for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and what we might bring to Xbox. Since the ability to do textures appeared in TU12, 4J Studios have been working their medium-sized tartan socks off, creating an exciting range of new textures and it won’t be long before we can reveal the first non-Mash-up one to you. Texture packs won’t be free, they will cost, but they won’t be expensive, we promise.

We get this kind of question a lot!…

“What about PC textures? they’re easy to do, why don’t you give us those, we want them…now…come on???”

We too love the texture sets that you can get on PC, but it’s not so simple as loving-them-and-it-happens, just because they appear to be ready on PC doesn’t mean we can just bring them to Xbox. There would be a good chunk of work to be done by 4J Studios to make them shine on Xbox and we’d have to make sure we get the proper permissions to be able to actually do it (which also isn’t simple).

What we are saying to you guys is that we are going to talk to the teams behind our favourite PC texture sets and see if we can sort something out. We can’t promise that anything will come from this but we’ll keep the community informed as and when we have some news.

  • Dylan

    When are they making them?

    • Peter Aspinall

      as it says it wont be long before they can show us the first one seems pretty safe to assume they are in the process of making them now :P

    • danny

      Their gona make them soon!

  • Bob guy

    What are they and when are they coming?

    • tom

      They change the game’s look and see for yourself by looking up minecraft texture packs on youtube

  • danny

    What is the top five that you guys think?

  • Tom

    Skyrim or dokucraft

  • Chaos

    I’m mostly hoping they add the Industrial Texture Pack.

  • citricsquid

    defscape is my favourite pc texture pack, it would be awesome to see that on the xbox: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/657949-

  • GREY
  • QuCraft.

    They already have the Mass Effect edition out.

  • ben

    Can’t wait for sphax if they get it!

  • Angel

    Spax please

    • News Flash

      spax is almost as bad as onate

  • Benny

    Use OCD!!!!

  • lol


  • jam1garner

    Faithful venom or ocd texture pack

    • K3vo08

      Completely agree.

  • Ajspurlin

    OCD pack by FVDisco please :)

  • Alex Robinson

    OCD pack please!

    • Alex Robinson

      Like this would really make my day!

      • EverydayToaster

        They are making a “plastic” texture pack which looks alot like OCD!

  • Keevs

    Get OCD! Disco wants it on the 360!

  • Joker D Frei

    OCD pack! Please!

  • Musician101

    FVDisco’s OCD pack :D

  • Nate


  • DERp

    make a modern texture pack PLZZZZZ lots of house builders!

  • K3vo08

    OCD texture pack is the only one (besides a 62 bit faithful texture pack) that I would pay for. Hopefully they introduce a user database that requires a fee, but anyone can upload and download a texture pack.

  • Fudgiedillol

    OCD Pack please!!!!

  • jjfinn11

    Also 32×32 or 64×64 PLEASE and yes OCD

  • dead

    OCD pack PLS

  • WhySoSerious?

    The only texture I want is Flow HD, when I first heard the phrase texture packs, I instantly thought of that pack, i’d love flow hd and I think all of the Keralis fans will agree with me :)

  • StewieBossGamingPro

    What is the plastic texture pack?

    • Sphax is AWESOME!!!

      Its just like ocd but some things are different

  • CoolGuyHero 223

    My favourite texture pack is misa’s realistic texture pack. If they brought that one out my hotel would be complete! :D

  • koning jenava 2

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz jonh smith

  • Jack


  • OCD Sucks

    OCD sucks don’t waste time on it…

  • Pink

    Sphax please.

  • Austin


  • Linus Närkling


  • Lostbytes

    Where is our TX Pack Editor? I would happily pay 5-10 bucks for an editor. Will pay nothing for a individual pack.

  • Joey Puckett

    John Smith Texture pack please!!! Love a good medieval pack.

  • Sketch

    I’d love the OcD Pack! (Now if they were able to have the painterly pack editor…)

  • 4j studios

    spax pure bd craft

  • Cubicpug

    4J has tweeted about texture packs, mentioning that the first will be a “plastic pack”.
    If we don’t get FVDisco’s pack, I hope the plastic pack is similar to it.

  • gaingkid68

    so what are the next texture packs for minecraft the xbox 360 edition then?

  • KickYourFaceIn5


  • adrian neal bates

    dokucraft please!

  • Batman


  • Jpalmerz

    OCD or John Smith Texture pack pls

  • rel00p

    R3DCraft 512x Default and Smooth Realism! *100% complete*

  • rel00p

    Aww…No SEUS (Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders)? I’d rather have amazing shadows, water, sky, and digging than a simple texture pack…unless so called texture pack happens to be in a 512x format.

  • C4xGAMEZ


  • benic

    I think that

    -Misa 64 pack

    -Johnsmith 32 legacy pack

    -dokucraft 64 (light,high,dark)

    -Gerudoku 32 Faithful

  • lucas

    i want a medieval texture pack i am most interested in that type of stuff.(renaissance stuff)

  • Andy


  • OCDisco

    OCD Texture!!

  • random man

    no lifes

  • random man


  • Bob Jones

    OCD texture pack, and Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack.

  • Jake Froese

    OCD pack come on please!!!!!!

  • Max Greenall


  • necroXephon

    I personally would love to fall in love with Soartex Fanver all over again.

  • Beast


  • UptownAgate789


  • xVikstar123

    Put doku craft high and dry on 360

  • EpicSmiley18

    OCD pack, Sphax, and Dokucraft!!

    • EpicSmiley18

      Also what is the highest resolution you can use?

  • benjacanada

    hd texture pack please

  • dico


  • Austin


  • isaias

    saints row 4 or gta5 pack

  • BagOfCookiez

    John smith texture pack
    Something medieval

  • Meddi

    OCD disco pack definitley

  • Matthew Parkes

    My little pony FiM, one!

  • I didnt know what name to have

    Dokucraft light and dark

  • Fleetrunner

    Do sphax

  • Kyle

    A Good Fallout Texture Pack, Thats What Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Needs

    • Sphax is AWESOME!!!

      Your nt supposed to capitalize every word bro

  • xxTiredNOOBxx

    They should be free because all people on the pc are capable of making one and sharing it with others for FREE, and not asking for them to pay for it. However companies like this think they can give us something we already have and charge you again for it.

  • Joshua Wright

    OCD Pack or Sphax bdCraft…. or preferably both!!

  • Matt Damon

    Sphax please!

  • The Legit Guy

    Guys. . They already said that they are MAKING the texture packs they have themselves(the current 4 in process at least). -.- really read the damn tweets. Stop with the bullshit rumors and making crap up. When info is out they will tell you via a tweet. They already said that there is a load of legal work that has to be done, and that’s not even close to done. So the texture packs being released WILL be made my them and won’t be from the PC.(maybe look the same or similar but not any actual ones)

  • Jackson

    Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack please

  • Jackson

    Misa’s Realistic texture pack please

  • ciarandoesminecraft


  • Devin

    fathful venom

  • Melina Everts

    OCD texture pack or Sphax PureBDCraft please :)

  • Alex Gutiérrez

    Flow’s HD pack!!!!!

  • Roma


  • limona

    Skyrim pack plZz

  • Twyamon

    OCD OCD please!!!……hold on……I dont even know what that is……..(cricket sounds)

  • Bluesap13

    Sphax!!!!! Please, whens TU13 or the new texture packs made by 4J Studios coming out?

  • Fraser

    The communality skin pack

  • Friend132


  • Ryker61

    I’d like to see The End Is Extremely Nigh: Revolution.

  • harris

    dukocraft or the texture pack the yogscast used when they were playing tekkit 4j go and watch a couple of their videos and then put that texture pack in both really good but I prefer the so go and yogscasts tekkit one its really popular so go and check it out

    • Sphax is AWESOME!!!

      Its called sphax purebd craft

  • XxfirediamondxX

    OCD pack plz:-)

  • Zeke munoz

    John smith

  • That One Guy’s Name

    If they do get proper permissions I hope they get the HD pack, or Medieval pack.

  • matt

    Marvel, dc comics, doctor who, midevil, sports, and ocd.

  • Cobalt

    I’d like to see Faithful 32×32 or Dokucraft.

  • Alex Gutiérrez

    Flow’s HD!!!

  • Alex Gutiérrez

    Flow’s HD!!! :)

  • Tj

    Misa realistic

  • Tj

    Purebdcraft plzzzzzz ?????!?!!??

  • Tj

    Soartex fanver

  • Tim

    Faithful please! It would be amazing to see it on Xbox.



  • Frank Herner

    Sphax Pure BdCraft 64x

    R3D Craft 64x (HD Remake of Default)

    OCD Disco

    Soartex Fanver 64x

    Vattic’s Faithful 32x http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/72747-faithful-32×32-pack-updatemods-162/

  • Mason Griffith


  • SilverStarlight


  • anthony valentin

    when will the plastic texture pack come out

  • Matt

    sphax 128 iff possible



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