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Happy Wars Gets a HUGE Update! Castle Crashers, Minecraft, Memberships and more!


There’s so many new and exciting details for this week’s Happy Wars update! Everything from items, game modes, Minecraft, Castle Crashers, Memberships, and Ticket giveaways are included this week, so be sure to get all of the details, see the screenshots, and leave us a comment about what you’re most excited about by clicking Read More!

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April 9th 2014, 12:14 pm pt | by:
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Don’t miss out on this week’s massive Item Shop Clearance Sale in Happy Wars!


Everything available in the Item Shop is being offered at a 50% discount.

The Item Shop will be receiving a total overhaul in the next major update, planned for early April. All items other than character parts will be taken off the shelves.

Don’t miss this final opportunity to grab these items before they are gone!

The “Item Shop Clearance Sale” will run until the next major update, planned for early April.

The major update in early April will not only add new game elements, but will also feature presents for everyone playing Happy Wars as well as collaboration events with other popular titles.

Enjoy Happy Wars and its continuous evolution!


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March 27th 2014, 7:21 am pt | by:
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Super Premium Mega Campaign in Happy Wars!


Normally, when you open a pack of Happy Cards or Happy Cards Limited Edition, there is a certain chance that you will get a Super Premium item. During this campaign, this chance is doubled!
Now is the chance to get that piece of awesome gear to impress your team and strike fear in your opposition.
Of course, as usual, you are guaranteed to get a Super Premium item during Happy Time.
This campaign is available until March 26th (Wednesday).
Also, a new Happy Cards Limited Edition event is running as well.
This time around, these Limited packs will contain either new items or Mage items, guaranteed.
This event also lasts until March 26th (Wednesday).
Four new Mage items have been added to Happy Cards – the Dragon God’s Horn, Crystal War Fan, Divine Wind Suit, and War Drum.
Also, two new buffs (item special effects) have been added – the Capture+ buff and Cyclone Rush+ buffs each give Zephyrs those skills from the beginning of the game.
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March 21st 2014, 9:11 am pt | by:
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New Special Challenge in Happy Wars! Can you beat the Broken Baby Doll?


This time around, the Special Challenge features the Broken Baby Doll (boss) and the Bad Baby (mid-boss).

Can you thwart the assault of this dangerous duo?

By playing the Special Challenge, you can grab several exclusive Warrior equipment items, like the “Sweet Teething Ring”, “Sweetheart Rompers”, “Sweet Rattle”, and “Sweet Toy Block”, as a reward.

Special Challenge rules:

A Special Challenge in which powerful boss characters appear!

Work with other players to earn special items!

In order to complete a Special Challenge, you must destroy the Big Tower!

A Treasure Box containing Happy Stars or a special item is rewarded upon completion of a Special Challenge.

If you become the MVP, you will be rewarded with the Super Treasure Box!

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March 4th 2014, 10:58 am pt | by:
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Don’t miss the Guaranteed Powerful Buff Campaign, available in Happy Wars!


During this event, all Super Premium items acquired through Happy Cards receive powerful buffs (item special effects) that have been hand-picked for battlefield supremacy! Also, regular Premium items also have a higher chance of getting more powerful buffs.

Whenever you draw Happy Cards, you earn star lamps. When the star lamps are full, you will enter Happy Time. Drawing Happy Cards during Happy Time to have a 100% chance of getting a Super Premium item!

Let’s grab some great gear to get ahead of the pack during this week’s campaign!

The Guaranteed Powerful Buff Campaign runs up to March 5th (Monday).


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February 27th 2014, 9:05 am pt | by:
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Happy Card Limited Edition campaign in Happy Wars! Oh…and the Boss Crusher Mode too!


Another Happy Cards Limited Edition campaign is available this week! This time around, the selection will be limited to new items and Mage items.

The event runs until March 5th (Thursday).

Speaking of new items, new Mage equipment items have been added to the Happy Cards arsenal. The “Garuda Head”, “Garuda Suit”, “Garuda Stick”, and “Garuda Wing” are available now. Also, a new item buff (additional item effect) has been added. “Fast Lightning Strike” shortens the delay for the “Lightning Strike” skill, making the lightning bolt fall sooner after the player finishes casting the spell.

Also, don’t forget about the “Boss Crushers” mode, where players cooperate to take down numerous boss enemies. This unique gameplay opportunity – and the exclusive rewards – are available until February 26th (Thursday). Get online and crush some bosses!

140213_Garuda Set

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February 21st 2014, 10:48 am pt | by:
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Boss Crushers Mode Comes to Happy Wars!


Coming this week: The new game mode, “Boss Crushers”!

In this mode, players work together to take down the numerous bosses that appear one after the other.

Cooperate with your allies to defeat as many bosses as possible.

How many can you beat?

Playing “Boss Crushers” grants access to unique Mage equipment rewards exclusive to this mode, like “Hood of Oblivion”, “Robe of Oblivion”, “Rod of Oblivion”, and “Platinum Raven”.

Boss Crushers part 1 is available until February 26th (Wednesday).

Running alongside the new ruleset is another Happy Cards discount sale!

During the campaign, the Happy Ticket cost to purchase a pack of Happy Cards is discounted by 33%. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Happy Card discount campaign is available until February 19th (Wednesday).


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February 13th 2014, 12:57 pm pt | by:
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Valentine’s Day Comes Early to Happy Wars!

Valentine Decoration

Valentine’s Season has arrived a little early to the world of Happy Wars!

During this period, enjoy a lovely decoration on the castles and the Holy Armor spells as you dive into the field of battle!

Perhaps it’s time to ask that special someone out on a special romantic war?

You have until February 14th (Friday) to enjoy the special views!

Also, don’t miss out on the new Happy Cards Limited Edition on offer now!

This time around, the Limited Edition guarantees that only new items and Warrior items will appear from the card packs. The Limited Edition is on offer until February 12th (Wednesday)!

Speaking of new items, here are the new offerings available in Happy Cards: The “Griffin Head”, “Griffin Armor”, “Celestial Sword”, and “Celestial Shield” are new Warrior gear available now, as well as the “Military Jet Pro”, “Dog Nose Pro”, and “Doll Key” accessories.

Also, as a new buff, the three “Special Finale” buffs have been made available. These change the fate that you suffer when you lose a match. It’s a must-see spectacle, go check it out in the game!

Finally – a new game mode, “Boss Crushers” is coming soon, so keep your shield ready as we’ll be releasing more information on this game mode soon!


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February 6th 2014, 10:21 am pt | by:
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It’s Time for the “Happy Star Galore” Campaign in Happy Wars!


Featured this week: the “Happy Star Galore Campaign!”

During this period, Happy Stars earned through “Quick Match” and “Co-op Mode” are increased by a whopping 50%!

Don’t miss this chance to dive into “Quick Match” and “Co-op” and rake in those sweet Happy Stars!

Remember Bonus Time? Yeah, the one that gives you a 25% bonus to your Happy Star earnings… Yes, it stacks with the Galore campaign to give you an 87.5% bonus total! Bonus Time is available once every two hours, and the time until the next Bonus Time is visible in the game. Don’t miss these huge bonuses!

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January 29th 2014, 11:56 am pt | by:
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New “Happy Cards Limited Edition” is Now Available in Happy Wars!

Bounty Hunters_Reward Items_Large

These Limited Edition card packs contains only new items and Mage items, and are available until January 29th (Wednesday).

Don’t miss out on these new items in the Happy Cards: The “Steampunk Helm”, “Steampunk Suit”, “Mace of Gears” and “Steampunk Shield” for Clerics, and the “Iron Maiden”, “Gladiator’s Helm”, and “Pharaoh Helm” headgear for various classes.

At the same time, several new buffs have been added to the game. The “Update+” buff will allow players to start matches with the “Update” skill, and the “Ultimate Weapon+” buff gives access to the “Ultimate Weapon” skill from the start of the match.

Finally, the brand new “Bounty Hunters” game mode is available for play. In “Bounty Hunters”, teams compete by achieving goals that grant a bounty amount, and the first team to reach a certain total amount earned wins the match. Compete in this new game mode to get access to exclusive Cleric equipment rewards!

“Bounty Hunters” is available until January 29th (Wednesday).


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January 23rd 2014, 2:43 pm pt | by:
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