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New Limited Edition Happy Cards are available!

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This week, popular Warrior and Mage items are available.

These Limited Edition Happy Cards are available until Thursday, July 30th.

Also, don’t miss out on the Bounty Hunters mode continuing from last week!
In Bounty Hunters, you earn bounty money by defeating enemies and building towers. The match is won when one team’s total bounty amount exceeds a set value.
Go after the enemy Big Tower for an epic comeback, stalk the enemy with the biggest bounty savings to cash in the big money, the possibilities are endless! Has the bounty on your head grown too far? Perhaps it’s time to take one for the team…
Enjoy the unique twist on the Happy Wars gameplay in this special game mode!

Bounty Hunters is available until Wednesday, August 6th.

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July 24th 2014, 2:22 pm pt | by:
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Happy Wars Title Update now LIVE!


TU 15 has been released and made some key improvements including:

-Fixed a defect allowing continued repetition of Dash Attacks when using the Horse.
-Fixed a defect occurring when multiple players attempt to mount a Horse simultaneously.
-A number of other defects related to the Horse have been fixed.
-Fixed a defect preventing invitation of players under specific conditions.

The changes are live, and should be noticed the next time you boot up Happy Wars!

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July 8th 2014, 12:21 pm pt | by:
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The Happy Cup is now in session in Happy Wars!


It’s time. The battle for our pride begins, all in one Happy rhythm!

The Happy Cup is now in session. Dribble the King into the enemy castle to seize the win in the “Save the KING” game mode!
Play the “Save the KING” mode to gain ranks in the Season 2 League, which has just started this week.
Also, don’t miss out on the “Item Shop Sale” and “Friend Bonus Boost Campaign”.
In the “Item Shop Sale”, all of the items available at the Item Shop are offered at a 25% discount. The Premium Membership 30-day Ticket goes at an even bigger discount of 50%. Become a Premium Member to enjoy rapid character and item growth!
During the “Friend Bonus Boost Campaign”, the bonus to your Experience and Happy Stars that you receive for playing with a friend is raised by 50%. The Friend and Premium Membership bonuses are cumulative, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to stack the odds in your favor!
In addition, a new Happy Cards Limited Edition is available now. This Limited Edition pack contains either new items or Mage items, guaranteed.
All of these campaigns, the “Save the KING” mode, the “Item Shop Sale”, the “Friend Bonus Boost Campaign”, and the Happy Cards Limited Edition are available until June 18th (Wednesday).
Finally, new Mage items are available in Happy Cards –  the “Wolf Fur”, “Hunter’s Jacket”, “Blunderbuss”, and “Hunter’s Bowgun”. Also, as a new Buff (Item special effect), the “Long Wind Blast”, which extends the range of the Mage’s “Wind Blast” skill, is available as well.
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June 12th 2014, 10:11 am pt | by:
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Happy Wars is coming to Xbox One!


The popular free-to-play multiplayer action game that has marked 7.5 million downloads on Xbox 360 is now coming to Xbox One!

Pick from 6 unique classes of characters, customize them with over 1,000 varieties of weapons, armor, shields, and items, and lead your team to victory in this 30-player online battle! You can purchase various items in-game using Happy Tickets, including fun equipment and even Premium Memberships that give you extra bonuses.

Happy Wars will also support cross-platform matchmaking with Xbox 360 and allows 4-player local multiplayer in split-screen. You’ll also be able to bring your characters and items from Xbox 360 to Xbox One using the power of the Xbox Cloud. That’s right, whether you’re playing locally on the couch with your family and friends or jumping into online matchmaking, you’ll be able to enjoy the great core gameplay from the Xbox 360 version with enhanced Xbox One graphics.

Available for free as a digital download in the Xbox Marketplace, Happy Wars on Xbox One will be available in 2014 to Xbox Live members.

Click “Read More” to get more information

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June 9th 2014, 9:59 am pt | by:
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Bounty Hunters, Memberships, and Limited Edition Happy Cards – This Week in Happy Wars!


A new Happy Cards Limited Edition is available this week.

This time around, the Limited Edition offers the most popular Cleric items released in the past.

Also, the Premium Membership Ticket Give-Away Campaign and the “Bounty Hunters” special game mode, running from last week, will continue this week as well.

The Premium Membership Ticket Give-Away Campaign is a token of our gratitude for all of the Happy Wars fans out there.

During your Premium Membership period, your items and characters will grow faster. Use your ticket at any desired moment to activate the Premium mode.

Don’t forget to log in to Happy Wars to receive your three “Premium Membership 1-Day Tickets”!


In the “Bounty Hunters” game rule, teams win by earning a set cumulative bounty amount over the entire team.

League Points are available in Bounty Hunters mode as well, not just in Quick Match, so you can raise your League Rank by playing Bounty Hunters. Dive in to the Bounty Hunters mode and climb the leaderboards!

Both the Premium Membership Ticket Give-Away and “Bounty Hunters” game mode are available until June 11th (Wednesday).


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June 5th 2014, 7:45 am pt | by:
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Support Items and Premium Memberships in Happy Wars – How do they work?


Want to know more about support items and the the premium memberships in Happy Wars? Be sure to click “Read More” to get all of the info!

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May 30th 2014, 1:24 pm pt | by:
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The latest Title Update for Happy Wars is Here!


It’s here! Horses, a new League System, and more in the latest title update for Happy Wars! Make sure you get all of the exciting details by clicking Read More and see you on the battlefield!

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May 30th 2014, 8:18 am pt | by:
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This Week in Happy Wars: Limited Edition Happy Cards, Dragon Armor, and more!


This week, a new Happy Cards Limited Edition is available.

This time around, the Limited Edition offers a high chance of getting new items and Warrior items.

The Limited Edition is available until June 4th (Wednesday).

Speaking of Happy Cards, don’t miss out on the new Warrior items – “Dragon Knight Helm”, “Dragon Knight Armor”, “Dragon Lance”, and “Dragon Knight Shield”. Also, the new buff, “Quick Roar”, allows Warriors to activate Roar faster.

Finally, the third iteration of the Castle Defense mode, featuring a showdown against the King of Death Metal, is still available.

Don’t miss out on the chance to play this mode and get the exclusive suit of armor!

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May 29th 2014, 8:33 am pt | by:
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The Super Premium Galore Campaign kicks off this week in Happy Wars!

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Usually, whenever you open a pack of “Happy Cards” or “Happy Cards Limited Edition” while not in Happy Time, there is a chance that you will get a Super Premium Item. During this campaign, this chance gets a huge boost!

Don’t miss this opportunity to grab powerful gear! Of course, during Happy Time, you are guaranteed to get a Super Premium Item, as usual.

The Super Premium Galore Campaign is available until May 29th, Wednesday.

Also, another Happy Cards Limited Edition is available! This time, the Limited Edition features Mage items and select popular items from the past.

This offer is also valid until May 29th, Wednesday.

Finally, don’t forget about the “Castle Defense” game mode part three, which has been going on since last week! Face off against the King of Death Metal to unlock a suit of armor that cannot be found anywhere else!

This event ends on May 29th (Wednesday).

Don’t have Happy Wars on Xbox 360? Get it HERE, it’s FREE!

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May 23rd 2014, 10:43 am pt | by:
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Psst! Here’s a secret screenshot of what’s coming next to Happy Wars!


Something exciting is making its way to Happy Wars

Do you know what it is? Leave a comment below!


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May 20th 2014, 9:29 am pt | by:
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