Start Your Engines! Motocross Madness Is Coming April 10th!


That’s right! Only 8 more days until you can get your hands on Motocross Madness!

Take your bike freeriding across massive environments, from the deserts of Egypt to the snows of Iceland. Drift, trick and turbo boost your way across 9 expansive offroad tracks in single player events, ghost challenges and 8-player multiplayer races. Combine stats with your friends in Bike Club to unlock rewards then compete across all events to reach the top of your club.


Now this was the surprise of the show. The downloadable racing game features tight controls and fantastic track design with branching paths. Performing tricks during jumps gives you boost in a fun risk/reward system that keeps races dynamic and competitive. And the fact that you race as your Xbox Avatar—including whatever crazy outfit you are wearing—adds a ton of personality.” -Aaron Morales, Entertainment Weekly


  • https://twitter.com/RudolfKingnBear Rodolfo Antonio

    Amazing. :D

    P.S. Including the price would have been a great touch too. ;)

  • Rokstr12

    yes i would also like to know the price

  • http://profiles.google.com/kallabaz Karl Eriksson


    • GDMFSOB81

      1200MSP, of course. 800MSP is dead. Inflation for no other reason than greed is fantastic!

      • DemolitionMan

        it’s 800MSP actually, get your facts straight

  • Mewfin

    Why isnt it 4 player splitscreen?

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