Start Warming Up Your Throw’n Arm! Diabolical Pitch is Launching April 4th!

Let’s go to the Carnival! There’s nothing more fun than the rides, the midway, the games, the deep-fried snickers bars, and the tiger-headed demon spawn! We love that game where you knock down antique milk bottles with a baseball, so it’s no surprise that we’re sold on Diabolical Pitch, Grasshopper’s first entry into the Action Horror Carnival Pitching genre. Actually we’re pretty sure that it’s the first entry by anyone in the Action Horror Carnival Pitching genre, but… blahblhablah use this lead.




America’s favorite past time is about to be transformed into the ultimate weapon for Carnival Monster elimination! That’s right kids, get ready to look at the baseball in a whole new light. Lightweight, virtually unlimited supply, and fast…. what could be more perfect? April 4th is just around the corner and I’m not one to be unprepared, which is why I’ve been working on my throwing arm…. Check it out. Alright, enough prep…. onto the sweet screens! Check out the gallery below and stay tuned for for more screens and videos from Diabolical Pitch posting soon!




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