SPlatt’s Minecraft Minecon FAQ

Next week is Minecon, and we’ll be showing off Minecraft for the first time on XBLA! If you follow @notch, you know that Stuart Platt, aka @newbreedofnerd is one of the producers on the title here at Microsoft Studios. Notch kindly advised his 400,000 followers to ask our poor, unauthorized-to-speak-to-the-media producer about the game, and he did his best. Now, next week, you’ll be able to play the game for yourself (if you’re lucky enough to be at Minecon), or you can follow all the news right here at PlayXBLA.com Click Read More NOW OR YOU WILL NEVER KNOW STUFF!

Stuart promised a FAQ on Minecraft, and he’ll definitely do one here, maybe after the show, but for now, is the @newbreedofnerd Minecon preparation FAQ!

Stuart’s a veteran of videogame tradeshow travel, so we figured he was the ideal guy to look to for preparation help.

What do you pack for a game show?

You need clothes and stuff, but what you really need is stuff to do on the plane. I bring two iPads, a bunch of motorcycle magazines, a note from my doctor explaining all my cybernetic metal parts (see also: motorcycle magazines), some drumsticks, my iPod, a backup iPod, and my Kindle. After all, it’s a two hour flight!

What other special stuff do you do before a trip?

Safety First is my watch word. I  practice my emergency landing procedure several times a day in the run up to the show. This posture can also help you the next morning, in the event you get roped into a night of partying with Team Mojang. They’re Swedes, and we don’t need to say anything more about that!






I also like to do two or three sessions of Parkour training at 60 minutes each any time I’m thinking of leaving the Pacific Northwest. Earthquakes, terrorists, some kind of Canabalt giant robot scenario. I’ve been to Vegas. I know what can happen there . Being ready to run from roof top to roof top is a key survival skill.








Anything else?

For this trip in particular, I’ve learned how to say “Sorry we have nothing else to announce at this time” in six different languages? And I’ve been doing some drills with our PR team on the whiteboard…









Starting Monday, November 14th  it’s  Minecon Madness week! Check back often for all the latest and greatest Minecon updates and adventures at PlayXBLA.com and @PlayXBLA!

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