Skyrim Mashup In Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Official Trailer!

The Last Dragon Hunt!

I am Dragonborn, the bane of all dragons. I sense there is a BIG one hiding somewhere in these Minecraft lands. Care to point me to its lair?

Price will be $3.99/€3.79/£2.69 – Coming November 20, 2013!

  • Marsonic909

    I need a date >.< I MUST BUY IT

    • Gary200

      11/20. Next Week!!

  • JR Texx

    Yup. Can’t wait for this ..

  • tyler

    I must have that mash up pack »_« so excited

  • Rensik

    There needs to be a PC version… just sayin’.

    • Anthony

      there is : (

      • Kkye Hall

        You mean :) Right?

    • Minecrafter

      there is a PC minecraft, the PC is the original, if you mean the mash up pack then there probably is a map plus a resource pack somewhere online

      • Rensik

        I very much mean the mash up pack. Of course I know there’s a PC Minecraft. I run a modded server.

  • Alex Krastel

    I feel like the only part of this that hasn’t already been made on pc is the soundtrack change, and I very well could be wrong.

  • Anthony

    11/20 it said on the tweeter!

  • http://twitter.com/lightsup55 Timothy Leucht

    I’ve never played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (or any of the games in the series for that matter), but this mashup pack seems like a must for anyone that plays Minecraft.

    • The Dragonborn

      You really must play the game :)

      • raaaaaa

        yes, you must play the game.

    • TheFrozenLightbulb

      if your gonna get an elder scolls I would get online this spring

  • Charlie Lloyd

    Looks exactly like natural pack but whatever…

    • mike sico

      not at all this looks like a realistic pack like the natural but not near the same and this is 16×16 not 32×32

    • FrostySnowcone

      Looks nothing like the natural texture pack

    • Aperson

      It does look similar, but not exact.

  • Lone Wolf

    (watches the trailer) AHHH!! I.MUST.GET.IT!

  • mike sico

    that was amazing I must say

  • blaze schiro


    • The Dragonborn

      You can pay with an Xbox gift card (used to be MS Points)

    • FrostySnowcone


      If you sign up for that, which is bing rewards (bingrewards.com if you don’t want to use the link) and earn points daily, simply by searching random things on bing while signed in, you can redeem them for a bunch of stuff including xbox gift cards. Cheers!

  • Because im BATMAN

    11/20? DISGRACEFUL. Let me fill you all in. They could release this on Monday but they wont. I know exactly why they are using those 2 Extra days of not releasing it to the Public. 1 reason. That reason being if you look at the Youtubers who did Minecraft Lets Plays, e.g TheGamingLemon and Br3th3r3n, They have all stopped playing Minecraft and moved onto games like COD and GTA 5 So what 4J want to do is give them all a Code on monday. Which WATCH THEY WILL. So that they go on youtube and review the Mash up pack and hopefull get hoooked back onto Minecraft thus giving 4J The Publicity that they so desire. So we are all waiting so that 4J can give people who stopped playing Minecraft Early access codes to try and hook them and continue the lets plays and what not. DESGUSTING. Just watch Monday. Youtubers will start getting the Code ;]

    • mewmew34

      I’m confused. What exactly are you bitching about? They’re making a Skyrim thing. People can play or not. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. If someone wants to play, they will, if they don’t, they won’t. They aren’t going to get people “hooked” on a game they have no interest in.

      • Because im BATMAN

        Oh please SIR. 4J want there little FLying Monkeys back. They Long to see thegaminglemon flap his lips about what he is going to build next. WELL HES MOVED ON to Greener Grass now….. GTA V has his Balls in a vice and they arent letting go…..4J will do whatever they can to retrieve him. And this is there Master Plan!! You wait and see Tommorow…

        • AcoolPerson


    • FrostySnowcone

      well, in case you didn’t know, the reason they aren’t releasing it on monday is because they’re taking this game to ps4. it’s requiring immense work, more than a little texture pack.

    • Groudon199

      Fun fact: DLC for XBLA games is typically released on a Wednesday, and DLC of any kind is rarely released on a Monday.

    • Sci99

      Try this, it is not up to 4J on when to release it, just like the updates, the items go through cert testing before they can go public, so Microsoft decides the date. If 4J was in charge of when content was released, all of our updates would be out 1-2 earilier.

  • fable hero7

    I need this dragonsreach looks sooo awesome!!!

  • infamouspm

    First of all it should be free, im not gonna buy a tiny add-on when i have the real skyrim.
    Second they should really start moving on from those lame texture/mash-up packs when they dont even have the xbox version a little more up to date with the pc version.

    Ps. I love the game, im not trying to make it sound like a bad game but id love to have some more thing’s to in it

    • FrostySnowcone

      They have tons of work to make the world for it and bring in the music and textures. they probobly have to pay Bethesda (the makers of skyrim) to use the textures, world make, and music anyways, so they have to turn a profit. they’re working on getting us caught up still, and they’re working on bringing this game to ps4. they have work cut out for them.

    • Afrozenlightbulb

      If it’s free then they don’t make money off of it and they have less funding for the updates to the actual game.


    Can’t wait to get it 11/20/2013

  • boydy

    4j are dicks, they take ages to get an update out and then they go and take on more work. They cant even get xbox updates out fast enough then they tell us we’re on hold because of Playstation…..Way to repay your loyal fans.

    • someguy

      do you realize how much work it is to be releasing a game on multiple consoles and keep updating? its not easy

    • someguy

      just sayin, but you are kind of right, they do get sidetracked and not update as frequently as they could

    • brandon

      yall are dicks it may take a while it only takes at least 4 months but they work on lots of stuff the very first texture pack and mash up pack i am pretty sure they can take of permantly

  • realitysetsin

    You do realize 4J has no revenue through Xbox updates,there free……just saying.

  • Dallas

    by making our updates free, they dont owe us anything. Microsoft pushed to make the updates add-ons but 4j fought to keep them free, if i dont have to pay for the add ons i think they can take as long as they want to release them. theyre more like hand made gifts at this point, you dont yell at people for not giving you presents all the time. its conceited.

  • Dick Head Daddy

    You guys are doing GReAT

  • That Star Wars guy

    They need to make a star wars mash-up pack soon, just imagine acting out your favorite star wars scene on Hoth or endor or where ever they want. Nothing would please me more than this.

    • Creeper Joe

      I totally agree with you, a star wars mash-up pack would be amazing.

    • The dragonborn

      That would be 4J’s greatest mash-up pack ever. People need to tweet them this A.S.A.P

    • Boba Fett

      Everyone needs to like That star wars guy’s comment so it goes to the top, that way 4J might see it and consider it.

    • The monster

      Best idea for a mash-up pack ever, I really hope 4j see this

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