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That’s right kids! PlayXBLA is getting it’s very own podcast!!! There’s tons of new features being designed and added as we speak to the site, some we can tell you about now, some are not quite ready for their big announce! One of these rad features you may have already noticed which is the PlayXBLA Games Page! This page is your one stop spot for every XBLA title ever published by Microsoft complete with screen shots and links for downloading FREE trials! The next feature on the list is the PlayXBLA podcast! This new addition to the site is nearly ready but before we launch we want your feedback! Click Read More to weigh in on the comments and to vote on the topics you want to hear most!

*Update* This week will be your last chance to vote before we go into production so don’t forget to lend your voice to the feedback by clicking Read More!


The first two polls only allow for one answer to be selected, however the last one allows for multiple options so be sure to select all of the answers that apply! I am absolutely certain I did not cover all possible options, ideas, and avenues so please feel free to post all of your ideas and suggestion in the comments below! Thanks!




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  • http://twitter.com/CraziedZombies Josh Cox

    I like major’s podcast of once a week and more then an hour :D so i chose that. Good luck w/ it :)

  • http://angryfacing.com Nick

    Twice a month, as long as you possibly can, lots of banter and exclusive announcements. Don’t forget a special guest here and there. :)

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does the last one not allow multiple choices? It says “Maximum number of choices allowed: 1″

  • XBLA_Alex

    Great feedback keep it coming! Knox you were correct the issue is now corrected, thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Happy to be of help ^_^

  • http://twitter.com/sansglu10 sans gluten

    This all sounds great. Looking forward to the podcast and have checked out the games page a couple times. Awesome stuff.

  • http://twitter.com/sansglu10 sans gluten

    Indie Game spotlight, PlayXBLA Mondays highlights, listener submitted questions w/ responses and podcast contests would be neat-o.

  • caleb boreland

    i want Announcements

  • http://twitter.com/aka_Scratch Scratch

    I’d like to second the PlayXBLA Monday Highlights, even though I haven’t been able to join I’d listen to things about them.

  • Anonymous

    Sans Gluten is on point with all of his suggestions… I think I would dig a spotlight or chatter on some older titles that people may have missed as well. There are so many great games on XBLA that there are bound to be some hot titles that people have overlooked in the past.

  • Anonymous

    Not saying that you should copy their format, but the Giant Bombcast does it right I think. The bulk of the podcast is spent casually talking about what they’re playing since the last show (which is mostly new releases, but occasionally older titles), and then they quickly recap news, talk about the week’s new releases and then answer a few listener emails. Granted, the banter usually takes their podcast past the two hour mark each week, but I wouldn’t expect an exact copy of that format.

    • XBLA_Alex

      That’s GREAT feedback! Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/The_Texorcist JJ Shofner

    I would love to hear a spotlight segment, a segment on the most anticipated title of the week/month, announcements of upcoming titles or changes to existing titles, talk about what title has surprised/shocked you the most for the week/title, a mailbag where you answer listeners questions, and perhaps, like your cheev challenge, a podcat challenge where you challenge the community to do something non-achievement related each week.

    Getting community involvement only strengthens your podcast.

  • Josh

    +1 on Indie spotlights and highlighting of older games. There’s lots of good stuff already in the XBLA catalog, so we don’t always need to hear about the newest stuff because that’s already going to get plenty of promotion.

    • XBLA_Alex

      Great Feedback! Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/FenDozer Ryan

    I do listen to a decent amount of podcasts… Here are a couple things I like in my typical shows:

    1. Contests! This blog is AMAZING at giving out something every week. Why not usher in some questions for the show by providing a free XBLA code to anyone who has their question read on air? I guarantee you will get a LOT of community involvement and a ton of listeners!
    2. Building off of the first one, have community Q&A. It lets us get to know the hosts and makes us feel part of the show.
    3. Cover the XBLA releases for the week or for the next week (depending on when the podcast releases each week).
    4. Have a feature each week where you highlight an old favorite in the XBLA library. There are hundreds of games out there and most of us have probably only touched a small portion of them.
    5. My last little wish would be to have a community member spotlight. It gets done occasionally on the site, but how about each week a forum member can write in and get their gamertag read on air. It will help us flesh out our friends lists with people of similar interests.

    Just a couple thoughts. Hopefully this helps you out in the slightest bit. I can guarantee you that no matter what I will be downloading the first episode.

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