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That’s right kids! PlayXBLA is getting it’s very own podcast!!! There’s tons of new features being designed and added as we speak to the site, some we can tell you about now, some are not quite ready for their big announce! One of these rad features you may have already noticed which is the PlayXBLA Games Page! This page is your one stop spot for every XBLA title ever published by Microsoft complete with screen shots and links for downloading FREE trials! The next feature on the list is the PlayXBLA podcast! This new addition to the site is nearly ready but before we launch we want your feedback! Click Read More to weigh in on the comments and to vote on the topics you want to hear most!

*Update* This week will be your last chance to vote before we go into production so don’t forget to lend your voice to the feedback by clicking Read More!


The first two polls only allow for one answer to be selected, however the last one allows for multiple options so be sure to select all of the answers that apply! I am absolutely certain I did not cover all possible options, ideas, and avenues so please feel free to post all of your ideas and suggestion in the comments below! Thanks!




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