PlayXBLA Monday Preview: December 26th – Joe Danger SE

Make Monday something to look forward to! The latest community feature on PlayXBLA.com – PlayXBLA Mondays, is live and it’s what all the cool kids are doin! Click Read More to view the list on the details of who, what, and where!

>Next week’s game is Joe Danger SE

>Event is 4-5 P.M. PST

>PlayXBLA Gamertag contacts – XBLA Tart

>Parties are limited to eight people so you’re encouraged to post your Gamertag in the comments section below. So, if you’re unable to join the main room right away, you can start or join a room with other playxbla.com peeps!

>Since this is a single player game, chatting is a huge part of next week’s event. So, if you don’t have a mic please be considerate of others and refrain from requesting an invite to any of the official XBLA team members’ parties.

That’s about it! If you have any questions prior to the event feel free to send an email to playXBLA@microsoft.com. See you all online!!!