PlayXBLA Exclusive: DeadLight

Microsoft Studios is proud to announce a partnership with the newly-founded, independent studio Tequila Works. The company’s first title, Deadlight will be coming exclusively for Xbox LIVE Arcade. The Tequila Works team is based in Madrid, Spain and is comprised of talented and experienced developers who have spent many years creating titles for some the biggest studios in the industry!  DeadLight is a perfect reflection of exactly how gifted the Tequila Works team is and the Microsoft Studios team couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with them on this project! Click Read More to find out more about DeadLight, check out the debut trailer, and a feast your eyes on a gallery full of rad screenshots!

Set in an post-apocalyptic world where survival is much more than a daily routine, players will find themselves challenged to cross the American West Coast in a cinematic, horror puzzle-platformer. Start working on those survival skills now, because DeadLight is shipping this summer.

Words can’t describe the full extent of just how creepily awesome this game is, so without further ado I give you DeadLight! Let us know what you think in the comments!