PlayXBLA Exclusive! Crimson Dragon Screenshot!

Oh ratings boards! You guys! You always spill our secrets. They’re like a BFF who you know can’t keep her mouth shut, but you talk to in the lunch room anyway, because… she’s your BFF!

PlayXBLA is celebrating the Australian ratings boards “official” announcement of Project Draco’s new title; Crimson Dragon, with a never before seen screenshot! Enjoy!



Stay tuned for more updates on Crimson Dragon coming soon!



  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Bennijin Turbo

    That looks very Panzer Dragoon, I like.

    (Please be playable with a controller, please be playable with a controller, PLEASE be playable with a controller…)
    (You too, Project Draco.)

    • XBLA_Alex

      Project Draco is known as Crimson Dragon now :)

      • http://twitter.com/Navarin Bennijin Turbo

        Oh right, thanks!

        Shame it didn’t have the PD License then, there’s still so many unanswered questions about that series.

        Anyone wanna form a mob and occpy Sega until they start using their licenses that aren’t Sonic? :D

    • http://twitter.com/VictorLizcano77 Victor Lizcano

      Seconding that plea for this to also be playable with a controller. :-P

  • Anonymous

    It all depends how it works, KINECT could be fun with it, but yes BOTH options would be nice, you know 100gp for Controller and 100gp for using KINECT?

    • http://twitter.com/Navarin Bennijin Turbo

      No, there should never be an achievement for using Kinect in a game unless it is a Kinect-only game.

  • Anonymous

    Looks neat…. Anyone want to let me borrow their Kinect? ^_^ lol

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