PlayXBLA Exclusive! All New Trailer For The Splatters And Dev Interview!

The upcoming XBLA title; The Splatters has just released a new trailer that proves once and for they know how to die with with style!!! Click Read More to see the PlayXBLA exclusive trailer and the interiview with SpikySnails dev extraordinaire; Niv!





PlayXBLA: How did you guys come up with the name The Splatters?

Niv: We actually used the name ‘Confetti Carnival’ for quite a while before changing it to Splatters. The first pick was a bit spur of the moment, so we didn’t feel it did a lot of justice to the game and wasn’t communicating what we were aiming for. It was one of the toughest decisions in the project, it seems simple but it was a real struggle. Eventually, splatter all around is what you’ll end up doing in the game so it was a natural choice. We added the ‘The’ at the beginning to connects you to the family of characters that dominate the game, it’s no longer just a verb or an action but characters with personality. It’s also a name that has a few associations which are let’s say ‘less-attractive’ but its part of the thing, the name is a bit humorous – just like the game and its characters

PlayXBLA: What’s your favorite part of the game?

Niv: Oh, not fair – it’s like choosing you’re favorite child! One of the interesting things in the game is the blend between its generous use of physics and how the visuals complement that. We designed the game around a specific dynamic world that we wanted to be as rich as possible with plenty of emergent behaviors, but still puts you in control of what’s going on. So you get visuals that are true to the dynamics underneath and highlights the nuances of the game instead of hiding them. It works, I think, on a subconscious level, you know inside that what you just played is unique to you and you’ll never watch the exact same shot twice. The levels themselves are designed so there is no specific way to solve and as soon as you get your first move the playing field is different and that sort of forces you to stay sharp and respond differently each time. The skill in this game has lots of nuances and I think the game-play itself will surprise a lot of people as they keep discovering new ways of doing things better or just differently.

PlayXBLA: How long have you worked in games?

Niv: We’re a team of 4 and all pretty experienced developers (each in their own discipline) but this the first semi-big, original game we’ve worked on. I’ve been coding for almost 20 years now (since I was a kid) and have done a variety of things but mostly outside of games. I gained a lot of experience working of physics simulations for more ‘serious’ applications and had this strong feeling inside there are some really interesting game-play elements that can be derived from elastic/liquid simulations in a way that wasn’t done before. We’re working on this project for more than three years but we since we started we never looked back.

PlayXBLA: Do you have any advice about getting into the games industry?

Niv: It’s a very demanding industry and requires a mix of skills and creativity which is what makes it such a fascinating field. I think the best advice I can give is to dig deep and think what is it that you can bring from yourself into the work that’s unique. We all have that something that speaks to us and moves us and if you can put that into your game you have a chance to get something special out there. Now, for more practical advice, start small and experiment often. Do projects you think you can finish and be proud of. It’s hard work, so keep yourself motivated it’s a long ride.

Huge thanks to everyone on the Spiky Snail team for taking some time to chat with us today and all your hard work on The Splatters! Stay Tuned for more updates coming soon!!!


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