Pic of the Day

Whenever a pic of the day is posted you will have roughly twenty-four hours (unless it’s a Friday then you have the whole weekend) to leave a caption (in the comments section below) until the next one is posted and a new winner is chosen. The captions I think are the most awesome wins an XBLA code! That simple. Enjoy!

*In order to take part in this challenge, you will need to register an account with Disqus so we can verify that we have the correct person and also send the codes to the correct people. We’ve recently had multiple email accounts attempting to claim prizes for different people, so this is our next option to prevent fraudulent activity. The email you register with will be the email you need to use to claim your prize as well as where your prize will be sent to. Thanks!*

Today’s Pic of the Day is brought to you by Joe Danger 2: The Movie!