Now With More Pew! Pew!

The memory of playing top-down 2D space ship shooters as a kid at the local pizza parlor is one many of us gamers share. The ability to escape adult talk and play sweet games was only made sweeter by having other kids to game with other than your snarky little brother. Usually the experience was short lived, once dinner was served pew pew was replaced by chew chew.

Radiant Silvergun brings much of that nostalgic scenario back to life, both visually and mentally. Taking into account that the original release was way back in 1998 (where it shot quickly to classic status, thanks in part to its Japanese-only release), it comes as no surprise  why it feels so familiar now. The joyous ability to destroy alien space ships by equipping one of the seven lasers in your arsenal brings warmth to your soul and a spring to your step. Plus, every one of them is available the moment you begin your mission, no assembly required (you start with nothing locked).

There are two game modes: arcade and co-op, and this gives Radiant Silvergun an extra depth of play style that in our mind completes the feel of that long ago pizza parlor. The Co-op mode allows you to enjoy the glorious and vivid destruction of enemy space craft as a team effort. The arcade mode brings back the feeling of it’s just you, the bad guys, and a whole lot of pew! pew! needed to save the world.

Though it’s a great one, you don’t have to share the pizza parlor kid memory to love what Radiant Silvergun has to offer. The experience in the end is the same for everyone, fun to play, awesome art style, and the ability to share it all with your friends. This has been fun, but all the talking about how cool Radiant Silvergun is has us jonesing for some alien destruction! See you kids online!