New Minecraft Avatar Items Coming To Xbox LIVE Tomorrow!

Creepers, and Pumpkins, and Mobs, Oh My!! Starting tomorrow your Avatar will be able ride mine carts, shear sheep, or even rock your favorite Creeper Hoodie! I know my Avatar is looking for some new fresh style…. Click Read More to check out a preview screenshots and videos of what’s hitting the marketplace tomorrow! Post which item I should replace on my Avatar in the comments below!





Stay Tuned for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition news posting soon!


Screenshot gallery:

Minecart and Pumpkin Head

Mob Spawner

Sheep Shearing

  • http://twitter.com/lightsup55 Timothy Leucht

    Avatar items?

    When do we get the next title update for the game itself?

    • http://twitter.com/Navarin Buster Wolf

      Within two weeks apparently, with Minecraft being the biggest XBLA game period it’ll have a quick turnaround unless it turns out something’s wrong with the patch, which is unlikely.

      Ooh, just as I was typing this: https://twitter.com/4JStudios/status/250353126278844416

      Must admit, Minecraft isn’t really my cup of tea (I find it dull) but I’ll definitely be returning to it and checking out Creative Mode. Plus, new achievements apparently! :D

    • [Python]Defender2012

      Maybe you should stop crying and wait patiently for them to finish?

  • Yakob hat

    I would say at the end of this month or early next month. Im just going off of what ive seen via screen shots and videos.
    But this makes me think that it is going to be really soon, they mentioned some avatar items around the same time we were hearing about the new update, so my guess is very very soon.

  • Regular Awesome


  • Drizzyjuize

    Well from Major Nelson’s Website, it says that the avatar items will be available tomorrow (September 25). The update should be here no more than two weeks tops.

  • xxcody6xx

    regular awesome i think it might be tommorow i mean the update

  • http://twitter.com/Timmzy27 Matthew Timms

    Sheep shearing is so sold for me, so funny.

  • K3IR95

    Did no one else see the sentence at the end, Posting News Soon :O I wonder what?

  • FretfulHunter

    Nice work 4JDAVID

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.legaspi.5 Nathan Legaspi

    the sheep avatar is so CUTE

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.jacobs.501 Brandon Jacobs

    i want the update! not avatar items!!! >.<



  • FACEroll-gfvgscvkh


    • http://twitter.com/travismega10 Travis B

      They won’t know until Xbox tells them….

  • Stu

    So what news are we waiting for? clearly no update.

  • Nikola4130

    Hope this helps but the update 1.8.2 its coming out in 2 to 3 weeks and the update after that is coming on august 15 2013. If anybody has any questions please ask. Follow me on twitter @Nikola4130,

    • http://twitter.com/antsalot antsalot

      retarded first you dont know, you dont work for 4j. second we all know a couple more weeks there is no date but ther microsoft cert test takes at least a week or 2. second they already announced that they will be giveing smaller updates from now on to get the content out quicker not super big updates like this. read what they say before posting something like you know anything

      • Nikola4130

        my dad works for 4j i think i know

  • damon

    the update hasent been finished yet when it is they have to give it to microsoft for cert testing then it only takes 7-10 days to put onto live

    • http://twitter.com/pres001 po o obrien

      only?! 10 days dude thats over a dam week. you know how much you can build in a week. saying i only play few times a week lol. but ya i really want this update so much, finished my qudditch arena with coping. so tired if that,

  • isaiah

    at least tell us when you can tell us the realease date minecraft has been boring a lot and i would just like to know

  • isaiah

    we dont want avatar items we want the update

  • OniBaloni

    wow.. so many impatient ragers… I would like 4J Studio to say no to releasing the update just to watch these people kill themselves over meaningless rage.
    4J Studios can’t give a release date because the update still needs to go through microsoft cert testing, Cert testing can take anytime between 1 to 2 weeks on which there is always a small chance it won’t pull through and 4J will have to work on it longer.
    So be patient and let them finish the patch!, whats worst? waiting just a couple weeks for a playable update or getting the update early riddled with bugs and crashes?

    • RagersGonnaRage

      i agree

    • LordMao

      totally agree ^^

    • Benny

      I feel that xbox 360 minecraft players have every right to be impatient. think about it, the promise of updates has been dangled in the face of players since day 1, it is the reason that most people paid for the game. So we get a beta stage game and are supposed to feel lucky that 4j is even updating it? no, the promise of a full game was part of the package, a package that has made millions of dollars due primarily to the fact that it would eventually reach the stage of a full game. I’m still waiting for a full game, I honestly feel like I got tricked.

      • Johnny curtis

        What you talking about they never promised or said any release date so stop jumping on them for no reason…

        • Benny

          the words, “this game will be updated eventually”, is one of the load screens, if thats not a promise to update the game I dont know what is. PC players or even Mojang for that matter didnt call this game finished when it was at a similar stage as it still is on xbox. I’m not blaming 4j, they are just another part of a painfully obvious ploy to milk this brand as much and as long as they can. and that’s buisness. but it doesnt mean that I cant feel duped into buying an unfinished game

          • Benny

            another load screen told me to follow 4j on twitter, I hadn’t even used twitter before that, so if people are rushing them and whining about stuff it’s because they kind of set it up for people to follow the progress, so yeah, this is all part of the plan

          • FaZe Militia

            @Benny u need to clam down and let them do their job

          • Keiichi93

            4J Studios loves the game just as much as the people who made it and the people who play it. They started with a beta version of the game because it has less coding in it and was quicker to convert. Also, the game HAS been updated, and will keep getting updated. The phrase “this game will be updated eventually” does not reference to a specific update, or a specific date, so get off your high horse, and let them work.

          • http://twitter.com/Insomniac_B Brandon Stephenson

            If you already payed for the game there isn’t shit you could do about it but wait. Before the game was even released they said that it wasn’t going to be equivalent to the computer version. It’s not 4js fault that you bought it anyway. While you’re waiting I would suggest finding a good book to read. I recommend the book The Great Gatsby.

          • OniBaloni

            Seriously?… there was never a promise of the game coming out ‘complete’, It was said time and time again the Xbox version will start at equivalent to beta1.6 before release because it was much easier and quicker to release the game sooner and less broken, otherwise you would of likely had to wait another year before it was released, if you cant wait a few weeks for an update then you wouldn’t survive that. Its not their fault you was too bone headed and not look the game up before you through your money at them.
            We should be lucky we even get these updates free, Microsoft original intended for them to be purchased but Mojang convinced them it should be free like the PC version (this was said by Jeb at the PAX convention)
            “this game will be updated eventually” yes because it will be updated ‘Eventually’, doesn’t mean overnight.
            So you sir need to be patient because having a hissy fit over something you clearly have no understanding of, isn’t going to get you the update any sooner so whats the point?

    • Chuck Norris

      i wish i had enough pactiance as you, i really do. I agree with you but. Y U NO COME OUT UPDATE?!

  • IraqiLegend

    its cool getting avatar items but people really dont care until you guys give us 1.8 we’ve been waiting for a long time and personally i havent touched minecraft in a month cuz i want the new update


    You guys just have to calm down and let 4j finish with the last things

    • Benny

      do you think that our calmness has any affect on how fast they work? if you’re not growing impatient, good for you, mind your business and let people voice their frustrations

  • Logan

    Stop worrying about the pointless side shit like dlc and finish the damn update

    • LordMao

      4J often said that there are two different teams working on DLC and Updates. So update will be realease: WHEN ITS DONE! lol

  • Tcldog

    4j studios confirmed the update to be in sep. they gave a clue in the screenshots, the 28. Prob Friday

    • http://twitter.com/Minus_Clu Ernest

      Nope not coming out this month. It’s coming out in October. Go read all their tweets on Twitter. Their still fixing last minute bugs, then hand it over for cert testing, then Microsoft an 4J will let everyone know when the update comes out.

  • http://twitter.com/stimie01 stimie01

    certification also costs like $40,000 each time too dont it.i dont blame em for taking their time to make sure its as right as it could be

    • benny

      sounds like complete bs

  • tf2lilman

    hope the MC update comes soon cause it looks alright so far but im liken the new avatar items:)

  • Benny

    it’s so weird how there’s always someone complaining about people’s complaining…it’s one thing to be impatient because 4j is either understaffed or just really lazy…(I think it’s the first one) but these people who are impatient with the impatience of others and always want to defend 4j no matter what is just plain annoying. have any of you self righteous pseudo-gaming- insiders even considered the possibility that Mojang gave the job to the team that would port the game over to xbox the cheapest? thus the absurd amounts of time it takes to add anything to the game, a game that by all accounts is a financial goldmine. The best part is, they already have our money! so it’s not like theyre going to rush to finish anything…and in the meantime they can hire people to make freaking avatar items all day long…

  • chip462

    People are becoming impatient because back in July 4J said it would be released sometime in August. Well August came around and now theyre saying sometime early September. Then one week into September its now being changed to a possible late September to early October. Now 4J just said a few days ago on twitter that it has been done for a couple of days and that they are waiting on mct to get it and that mct would spent anywhere from a week to two weeks testing it. Well. Its almost been a week and now its back to mct still didnt get to it yet. So yea, some people are going to be a little pissed. If i were 4J i would just think of a date like October 17th for example n say that is the day it will update. They will know its a lie but we won’t but it will have people stop waiting n checking back every day. It will make the hostility for the update cool down abit. It will also sike the players out if they do finish and have it out before then letting all the players think its a special occasion that its out earlier then the original date which 4J could use to there advantage and say that they figured it took so long they can reward everyone and release it earlier.

    • Benny

      Amen chip, whatever happened to deadlines? you set deadlines, then you make that happen. If the deadline draws near and you’re behind, you hire more people to help get it done sooner, if 4j had to wait until the game was “finished” or updated to some equivalence of the full PC version before receiving their paychecks, we would have been flying around in creative mode months ago

      • Keiichi93

        That’s funny, I don’t see you converting Java to C++. As gamers, and users alike, we should be considering ourselves lucky that 4JStudios took on the task to convert a java based game to C++ for availability on the Xbox 360. The very LEAST we could do for them is be patient with them. Besides, the longer they take, the less bugs there’ll be when it does come out. Sometimes I think you guys are just complaining because you want the duplication glitches.

        • Nic

          your right i tried making a game like minecraft but THAT was hard. i cant imagine what it would be like to convert a game!

    • http://twitter.com/Insomniac_B Brandon Stephenson

      4j never said that they finished the update and that they’re waiting on mct to get to it. The last tweet they had was 22 hours ago and it said “We’re still fixing bugs in 1.8.2. We’ll let you know when it goes to the Microsoft Cert Test team” Don’t blame it on mct considering that they didn’t even get it yet.

      • Usani123456789

        What will be in minecraft pocket edition in 0.5.0

        • DJspy1000

          I think Nether Portals and pigmen…

    • http://www.facebook.com/zhurrle Zach Ryan Hurrle

      4J never announced a released date for 1.8.2. Any news you heard was false. Be sure to follow their official Twitter for correct, up-to-date news.

    • http://twitter.com/M3X1CANASSASS1N Tomas Montiel

      Where do you get your info from? If you go on wiki then your getting wrong info. Go follow their twitter and thats where the facts are. Wiki is wrong, remember everybody thought minecraft was going to be released on the 28th i think but it actually never did? Never trust wiki. Just be patient and do something constructive than whining on the internet. 4jStudios said they are fixing bugs and all of that. what i think thay are going to do is send it to microsoft cert test on the 28th of this month and we might expect the update between oct 6-12.

  • bananaman5895

    they shud jus sand it to testing

  • bananaman5895


  • http://twitter.com/VeryDisturbed82 louie

    nobody wants this stuff. i’d rather have texture packs then this shit

  • zack845

    man this is so stupid ive heard 1-2 weeks 2 weeks ago now im hearing it again and with the lack of work from 4j its probally not gonna be out for another 2-3 maybe 4 this is retarted stop doing side shit like dlc and get working on the update, most people have already stopped playing minecraft just because of the lack of update and most people probably wont buy it… come on 4j start working if they didnt get paid untill after the updates come out we would already be on 1.8

    • Karlnage

      Your ignorance is mind-numbing

  • Jason

    Where are you people getting these supposed release dates? I’ve been following 4J’s Twitter since this game came out and they’ve never given a release date. They have said things like “Still testing, not sure when we’ll get it to MCT, but we’ll let you know when we do.” I don’t see how people are getting “1-2 weeks” out of that.

  • Troy

    So many impatient little kids who think that whining and raging at 4J Studios (like they do with their parents) will get them the update any quicker.

  • mark

    Avatar items… whats the point?

  • Reuse898

    Oh my god. leave them alone. there is no plan to milk this. you pay for the game once -_- how the hell can they make a plot to milk it if you pay for it once? so stupid.

  • Programer

    Guys, be patient. 4j studios are doing a good job, the only thing they need is more employees to get the job done faster. I have some programming background and making a game like this takes time. they are working hard fixing the bugs and glitches in the game so that the MCT will be an ease. face the fact that they can not give you the exact release date because of MCT. so stop guessing, whining, and arguing and just wait until the update appears on your xbox. =)

  • Zach117

    I think it’s funny how they make it seem like Minecraft is the most complicated game ever made. Minecraft was created by Notch as a small project, then it just took off. Now Microsoft hires a “Game company” called 4J Studios to port the game to Xbox with all the pieces on the table.

    Mojang adds new content made from scratch to the PC version faster than 4J Studios can add content made a year ago to the Xbox. All 4J Studios has done is add bugs to the game and people still have to pay $20 for the it. Xbox should get faster updates.

    • hashcookies

      You’re dumb as hell, javascript and c++ are like two seperate languages and they’re trying to convert what they can to c++ and what they can’t convert they have to make themselves, it’s not simple at all. Also, there isn’t google translator for codng.

  • 4JStudios

    The update will be out early October :D

    • Bob


  • Anonymous

    I wish they would release the bloody updates than waste time on the stupid avatars

  • Cg

    4j sucks they just wanted our money and they dont realy care if they update minecrft xbox 360 edition because they already have our money

    • FaZe Militia

      Omg dude shut up and wait for the update

  • ReadMy

    cuntz they never said september. its just people thinking its funny to spread rumors to piss off 1/3 or more of the xbox gaming community.

  • WolfCorpse6

    To all who complain about the delay of the 1.8.3 Update, first off, you are are not the one’s converting Java code from the PC edition into the C#/ C++/ XNA programming format that is written in Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition. If you think you can do better than 4J Studios then I urge you to contact Microsoft. If not, then please be patient and try to have a better attitude when your addressing 4J Studios to hurry up. There is no reason to diminish them of their work since without them, there would be no Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Also, they are cleaning up bugs, that honestly should be good enough for you, because, one, this is an early sigh that the release is near, and two, if they didn’t debug the update and went ahead and released it (assuming that they could) it would be quite buggy and crashes as well as gamesave corruptions may or may not occur upon using Creative mode. To all those who complain about the size of the map, understand, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is NOT the same as Minecraft, this was addressed by Notch himself. Now lets address some facts while we are at it. One, the map size is made that to keep the frames per second or FPS, at a smooth 60 frames per second. Second, the myth of Minecraft for the PC is false, it is approximately 32,000,000 meters. Proof: When one travels past X/Z of ±30,000,000, fake chunks will generate and will have no clipping and the player will fall into the void and die. (tested in 1.2.5, snapshot 12w27a, 1.3.1 and 1.3.2)
    Third, any additional map range will be little if any (assuming 4J Studios decides to expand the map), this is due to once again, 4J Studios trying to keep the frames per second at 60.

  • LOL

    Little kids? How old are you? Probably some 20 year old pimple face loser who sits in his moms house and plays minecraft all day. sounds normal and fun to me right? :|

  • OniBaloni

    Give it… 2days? after the update is released, people will be back on here raging for the next update.

  • Zed42

    Sheep rape.

  • swagg


  • Man on a pig

    I agree with chip. (Paste everything he said here LOL)

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