More Minecraft Skins Coming!

Did you want more skins for Minecraft? Because we got them! Here’s your first sneak peek, read on to see the rest!

We are excited to reveal ALL 8 of the Killer Instinct Skins (from Killer Instinct Season One on Xbox One) and the triumphant return of Trials to Minecraft, this time two cool skins from Trials Fusion. Be sure to keep coming back to PlayXBLA this week as we reveal more of the skins that are coming in Skin Pack 6!


  • Tristan Tucker


  • Pwnage_HenTgen

    lol i want custom skins

  • BevanWho

    I want doctor who skins

  • Skythekid53

    I Want Yo Mamas Skin

  • screenlooker00

    I want attack on titan skins

  • Guest Number 89

    who’s that in the middle picture

    • Dan G

      They are from Trials Fusion.

  • Calvin


  • Calvin

    I want call of duty skins.

  • Calvin

    And I want summer of arcade skins the 3rd one.

  • Calvin

    I think I know sky the kid53 on xbox360 my gamertag is TweedyGoblin1.

  • Dan G

    Fulgore looks awesome!! Can’t wait!!!!

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