Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 5 Is Coming July 31st for 160MSP!


Skin Pack 5 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is coming, here’s a few little glimpses of what is in the pack…

Coming to you on Wednesday, July 31st for only 160MSP!

Stay tuned for more details!


  • Gabe Wampler


  • Zytten13

    Sgt. Rex Power Colt from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon!! YEAHHHH!!

  • chinexican97

    Assassin … second

  • Jack Ranson

    cool but i would much rather have tu12

    • Zayvizz

      Me too!:)

      • SH0ESTR1NG

        Me three

        • FaZeFaN

          Me four

          • Funisaac

            Me Five

          • ultimate kekkei genkai

            Me Six

          • paul

            me some where

          • Derp

            Me seven. Or, if you’re spanish, me gusta.

          • jetaru

            me seven

          • Deadpool Clan


          • Vector Didact

            just go with it

          • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan


          • Cubicpug

            Nope. I said me seven first.

    • Jose01234

      Me six

    • anAutisticLamp

      You’re making it sound like that you can only have one or the other. :l

      • ZawzL

        Good point- I can’t wait for both!

    • Jack Horan

      I understand what he means. He would rather have Skin Pack 5 whenever TU 12 is scheduled for release and have TU 12 Wednesday

      • forrgott

        course, they don’t schedule title update releases – that is a common myth. title updates come when they are ready . . . simple as that.

        • grayson


      • Steve Alejandro Sanchez

        its coming on wednesday

        • Biz

          Actually, that’s just the skin pack, TU12 wont be released UNTILL 4j announce it!

          • vector didact

            I would like to point out that one of the pictures shows the borderlands skins standing in front of a jungle which wont be out until the update this is most likely a hint 4J is a clever bunch maybe a tuesday release for the update

          • Jamie (Squiddy)

            Ya There Always Throwing Around Hints! ;)

          • Fingers Mahoney

            yes but remember what one of the text bits on the minecraft loading screen says: always assume rumors are FALSE than assuming they are true.

          • Deadpool Clan

            i disagree, tu12 should be released on the day before sp5

          • Dean Lonsdale

            atcually it is out when it is out because 4j might take a day to say that it is out

          • Alan Jose Rooney

            you sir need to learn what a cert test is. if it doesn’t pass no update ever until it gets fixed. microsoft have to cert test that takes between 7 and 10 days

        • ZawzL

          No it isn’t. 4J Studios hasn’t even announced it’s in Cert testing yet…

          • Derpington

            Hes saying that because there is a jungle in the backround of the screenshot so its either coming out a little bit after the skin pack or the same day

          • Mr and Mrs DERP

            That was quite a stupid conclusion…. 4J could have horses in their screenshots, doesn’t say anything…

    • thothoeth

      true bro

    • Deadpool Clan

      they will probably have tu12 before sp5

      • Deadpool’s Death


        • Deadpool Clan

          shut up you are an idiot craphead prepare to be shared as one of the most stupid on the official deadpool clan site

          • Riley Penland

            You are an idiot. The skin pack will be coming out in four days. It takes about ten business days after 4jstudios says a title update has gone into certification testing. It can’t be less than a week, and it’s usually 2 weeks. I just poked a HUGE hole in your logic. The jungle biomes are being implemented, so they just showed it in the background as a teaser. If you read this till the end I just want you to know the facts before raging. = D.

          • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

            watever smartass i wasnt raging you should get YOUR facts straight they announced it weeks ago so you go kick a donkey in the ass too, dumbass!

          • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

            logic isnt everything and companies only write correct spelling and grammar every time and why should you bud in you don’t need to so shut up

          • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

            i feel so bad for you i bet people give you such a hard time when you talk to people

          • Silver Xros

            why well 4J tease if they love us you idiot also its been on certification testing for a couple days so next time know true facts before even posting it in

          • 4J trolls

            Removed herobrine Removed herobrine Removed herobrine Removed herobrine Removed herobrine Removed herobrine
            they tease you cant deny it

          • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

            thank you

        • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

          you probably made this profile to call me an idiot cuz you are an idiot and you want approval from people who are better than you so, again, go kick a donkey in the ass!

          • Alan Jose Rooney

            it still is not in cert testing jez it will be out eventually, so make a twitter account look up the official 4j and then follow them and when it go’s in cert you will know. since 4J like to keep fans posted on details they slowly tease not leak.

          • Silver Xros

            lol it is look again

          • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

            i have one and i did follow them

        • Silver Xros

          look at the background idiot

    • Jet

      They have different teams working on different things… It honestly takes like 5 minutes to open up Photoshop and make a new skin. I could probably figure it out with MS paint, to be honest… Can’t do that for Xbox, granted, but it get’s my point across…

  • Hduebduebdidb

    I waited this long for a update and skin pack and end up getting this tbh. This skin pack picture sucks

    • hi

      they dont want to give everything away so they made the picture like that.

  • BillyJenkins

    top right- mossy cobblestone man, mid left- mooshroom in a suit,mid right- Sergeant Rex Power Colt fc 3 blood dragon, bottom left- desmond miles assassins creed,

    • Levi Best

      No BATMAN… :(

      • Better Than You

        hey, ya never know, it said a few glimpses there’s still a chance of batman arriving in the pack

      • jugglamaggot

        im telling ya, i think bottom left is desmond w hood up

      • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

        BATMAN sucks

        • Silver Xros

          your mom does

    • Guy Frick

      upper left is Roland.

  • Mark Ketler

    bottom middle some kind of soldier in camo

  • BillyJenkins

    bottom right- charles lee ac3 ?

  • Yoni

    j’espere que c’est pour bientot…

    • BillyJenkins

      not that far away, a few weeks maybe

    • ZombieLonghorn


      • BillyJenkins

        he said ‘ i hope its soon

  • Rourke

    Its a different team that work on the updates and the skin pack people, so stfu

    • Nick

      He didin’t know, calm down

      • Keiichi93

        Not knowing doesn’t make it okay. He could’ve either researched it or kept his impatience to himself. He’s not the only one sitting on their ass waiting for it, but 4J has a lot of work to do under the hood (such as switching to Anvil) and won’t release it until it’s checked and ready, and with good reason.

        • Ronin

          Guys don’t be assholes to eachother minecraft is a game that we all seem to like and the goal in a game developer is to have a good community that doesn’t hate eachother ok so be respectful and for fill their goals

          • $$$$

            Pretty sure the goal in a game developer is $$$$ and of course making the consumer happy otherwise there would be no $$$$ at least that’s my goal in programming

        • C Adams

          Rourke, Keiichi93, no one is telling you not to come on here and speak your mind so don’t come on here and tell other people not to. He has a right to his opinion and you have a right to IGNORE it if you two were mature enough to do that. Anyways, I agree with Ranson. While I occasionally pick up a skin pack here and there, I too would much rather be playing TU12. Different teams, same company, whatever. It doesn’t make me impatient for saying that. Stop reading too much into things.

          • Jack Ranson

            I thought the minecraft community along with the zombies community WHERE suppose to be the most friendly community?

          • I can spell Grammar Nazi ._.

            Were* I’m Being a Grammer Natsi!

          • Jack Ranson


          • Nobody


  • ZombieLonghorn

    I can finally make a G.I. José!

  • Wilson Carvalho

    mooshroom in suit :)

  • Wilson Carvalho

    camuflage suit mossy stone guy and maybe someone from assassins creed

  • Wilson Carvalho

    one of them kinda looks like this http://www.elementanimation.com/comics/ but not really this one i mean the one that is called how steve works

  • Austin Prime

    3rd Rock man, 2nd First girl with giant eyes, 4rd Red cow with suit 6th Terminator, 8th Soldier, 9nd Sir ;)

  • Jamie Peter Robinson

    You guys are really mean well some of you are they work so hard and all u say is oh it’s shit oh it don’t look gd oh I want TU12 chill out the try so hard to make you guys happy and all you do is throw it bk in there face how’s about most of you grow up and actually see how hard they work

    • Vector Didact

      It takes a lot of work to code.
      also if even one mistake is made like a spell error or wrong font colour or caps where there should not be any will screw it all up.
      they are attempting to bug fix so it doesn’t crash or have any weird glitches that means flipping through 10000000+ lines of code in search for one tiny mistake.
      if you guys want to do that be my guest if not stfu and wait it almost done.
      bug fixes take no longer than a week and a half they announced it was being bug fixed last week then finally add at most another week for the certification less than 2 weeks before it comes out be patient.

      • Ryan A.

        It isn’t that hard to sit on your ass behind a desk with a computer looking for messed up codes all day so shut up. Some people do real work for a living.

        • Keiichi93

          You say “real work” like coding isn’t hard, or real.

          It’s funny because you’re on a gaming website.
          Games take coding. Websites take coding. Even this damn chatbox with which I am replying to you in requires some kind of script, and searching through each line and sorting it out in your head, making sure one character isn’t out of place is extremely tedious and can sometimes be so frustrating and annoying, and to top it all off, as Vector said, if one thing is out of place, just one, everything can break. This website could become unusable and you wouldn’t get your precious game updates because some asshat decided to stick a “+” somewhere in the code.

          So, until you get your IT license, how about you do us all a favor and shove a cactus up your ass?

          • O__O

            Lol Nice I forgot about the IT License I only just mentioned needing a degree in computer science and extensive math skills I completely forgot the alternative of going to places like ITT-tech and getting a license ._.

          • Jason

            BAM! Thank you! Said it for me!! :D

        • Damien McAlear

          Yeah, you know it’s not just looking at text all day, right?

          Design flow, logic, compatibility. Not just typos.

        • Jack Ranson

          Says the person who knows binary, and what order the 1s and 0s go in

          • Weeeeee

            People don’t really use binary directly anymore it’s mostly behind the scenes in programming languages like C++ ._.

        • Blake H.

          Actually it really is hard to find a messed up code trust me…

        • -_- seriously?

          Press “ctrl U” and have a nice look at the number of lines of code it takes just to allow you to be on this site and comment. Coding has long hours, it’s not good for the wrists and the screen can cause serious damage to your eyes. Then there’s all the math and physics that go into the program it’s self. Go get a degree in computer science then talk about how hard it is.

        • Deadpool Clan

          very true

          • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

            actually no, thats bullshit

      • David Brown

        i want to do that . so were can i sighn up .
        not meaning that its to hurry them up but it seems fun to code

        • This comment wasn’t too long

          The actually coding process can be boring but looking at the finished product and enjoying it is more than worth it. I have to take several stretch breaks/food breaks/ I’m bored of sitting and typing for hours breaks when ever I’m coding something

      • Jamie (Squiddy)

        Its Usually Around 9,000 Lines, Dont Exagurate,

        • Really?

          You wish it was only 9,000 Lines. Maybe for a low budget phone app that number would be more reasonable But There are about 4,815,162,342 lines of code in Minecraft.

        • Vector Didact

          on the main menu it says “4815162342 LINES OF CODE” so sorry for under Exaggerating

          • Vector Didact

            just to be clear that is
            four billion, eight hundred fifteen million, one hundred sixty-two thousand, three hundred forty-two

            way more than your puny nine thousand

          • Vector Didact

            my original post was 10 million
            if you don’t know what youre talking about then don’t post
            I have coded before it is a pain if there was 9 thousand lines in the games you play then you must probably play internet flash games

          • Jamie (Squiddy)

            Dude I Know What Im Talking About…. I Coded A Facebook Staus Hacker….

          • Vector Didact

            lol a game is far different from a website it requires 10x the coding for a website,and to answer your question about where it was that i found the number it is on the main menu in one of those random pop ups its been there for awhile so if you actually play the game you wouldn’t have needed me to tall you

            so because you can code webpages that means you know how to code a game *facepalm* html is far different than whats used in a game

          • Jamie (Squiddy)

            i play the game alot actually and ive never seen the million lines thing, ive probarly played it twice the amount of times u have

          • Vector Didact

            you keep saying that to your self maybe it will help you come to your senses on the matter hey how about I include a picture :p

            thats on the pc can’t find a picture of it on xbox
            games have a lot of coding websites take at most 5-6 people to run well
            games take a full staff of 600 employees and still they struggle putting out content
            WOW has over 5,000,000 lines

          • Jamie (Squiddy)

            I Code Programs,

          • sosant

            skin packs are comeing before the update people who say it will be out before the skins are dumb asses

          • Jamie (Squiddy)

            Might Wanna Change Your Tampon

          • Jamie (Squiddy)

            Wheres It Say That?

      • This comment is too long ._.

        Well actually there isn’t much flipping through it ._. Code compilers can usually tell you about where you have a syntax error. The error may not be in the exact line number it gives you but it would be a portion of code that affects the line it’s giving you the error for so you would still know about where to find the mistake and it’s usually a simple fix. I’ve been coding for a few years now ( nothing advanced, just some c++ and I have the basics of coding covered .__. ) Don’t get me wrong it still takes several hours days or weeks and sometimes you just don’t see your mistake even if you know the about where the error should be I’ve read over lines several times looking for a mistake and not seeing it and it be something like a spelling mistake or a ” / ” instead of a ” ” or a ” + ” where and ” = ” should be ect.

    • Riley Penland

      I agree with what you’re saying completely. But I’m not sure people will take you seriously with that terrible spelling and, grammar. ( :

  • TheMoDzHD

    No naked skins? ;____;

    • tristan

      no, this is patrick

      • Fawaz


    • Chase Presley


  • Roman Parker

    I’m looking forward to this Skinpack! it looks great!!

  • tk

    wait were is the community skin pack!

    • A gamer

      The battle and beast skinpack is the community one :)

  • Bob Jenkins

    Jeez some people are assholes

  • Damari Scaife

    Moonshroom in hoodie

  • Rob Byrd

    Honestly, all of you that are whinning can just …… well nevermind, it will be to obscene for the public (to many young bucks lol) as for the Skin Photo, I like it, it’s abstract. Super size it and frame it and u have a nice piece of Minecraft Art. And as for it showing more of the skin, to bad, it’s a teaser pic deal with it. And the Update, get off it people and be patient, there trying to pack alot into 1 update with out the bugs on top of texture support, plus by doing what their doing, their crossing fingers on hopes that the next update will merge with no bugs. so for quicker updates later, some slower more percise updates now

  • Ryan

    watch out because over at major nelson if you disagree with the fanboys they delete your posts…

  • Wes

    Seriously they always make the shittest damn Skin Packs, they should fire all the B.S Staff that they have working over there at 4J, Let me get one shot at making a Skin pack for the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Community and i Garuntee it will be the best Skin Pack ever and yes i am aware of Copy Right Distrubition, They always release the same damn Generic Skins and it takes them like 4 months to do it, Netherrealm Studios release a skin pack for Injustice every 2 weeks, and one of there skin packs is better than all of 4J’s put together. we will probably get a few more Creatures in Tuxedo’s, more random knights some Minecraft animal skins, God this shit makes me wanna just go buy a high Grade PC and play Minecraft on PC!

    • BarmyOwl

      Just shut up! If you didn’t like it you wouldn’t be talking about. The Copyright can take weeks to confirm. Plus if all the artist team are rubbish, why do millions of people, probably including you, buy it! Just quit attention seeking and go play the pc. It’s not like one person can change the success of 4j.

      • Wes

        You little 4J Fanboys seriously annoy the shit out of me, Licking there ass everytime they bend over and spread there cheeks, You may aswell start your own damn Knights of the Round table to protect your Precious 4J. Dude get a Grip. 4J are lazy as hell, releasing the same Generic Skin pack everytime with Mobs in Tuxedo’s than Animals in Tuxedo’s And all that stupid shit, they take 2 months to make it. The PC version is bigger than the 360 version yet Mojang seem to update that 4x Faster than 4J Studios. So please Simmer down and get back to cleaning the Rim of 4J’s asshole.

        • Sanctous

          Im not saying 4J’s skins are good but think about what they got to deal with. They cant get the rights to anything other than minecraft, Microsoft, and generic based skins. plus they have to ask microsoft if and when they can even release it. personnally most of the skins suck but at least there is a couple good ones. 4J has to abide by what Microsoft tells them. If you take a step back and look at their situation rather than simply attacking them with such hatred then maybe you’d see that it isnt always the devs fault but the higher-ups. Im not going to defend 4J simply because they got Minecraft on the 360 but you shouldnt just hate because they are slower than you hope and cant have all the freedom that skin creators on the p.c. have

        • TTINGaming

          First off all, children are reading this post right now, it is very crude and inappropriate. Secondly, 4JStudios works very hard to do this, and they work on other games as well. It’s not just Minecraft. The PC version is the original version, they have to switch all of the coding, and everything that a simple person like me and you would not understand. It is a very difficult process. They can’t just put it out there that easily. They have to completely re-code the entire game to make it work on the Xbox 360, and now the Xbox One as well! It’s very difficult to do. Also, it can’t just be posted immediately. It must match the rating of the game, it can’t just be posted like on PC. They then must make sure it’s safe with Microsoft by putting it in Microsoft Certified Testing. Even before that, they must bug fix. It’s a very long and difficult process that takes longer than the average person would expect. I understand your concern, but please, do not be crude about it. If you really think you can change Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for the better, than maybe you should contact 4JStudios yourself. Please have a little bit of concern for other viewers before you comment on an online page.

          • whose chaos

            I agree with everything you said except you caught me off guard with the children part. This is the Internet, no? Kids should not be exposed to the Internet at all! It is full of scumbags, pornography and full of shit. You can’t go anywhere on the Internet without seeing one of these 3 things. I’m not trying to prove a point, just that the Internet is no happy-go-lucky friendly place for kids. And don’t think I’m against you.

        • Leonid

          You’re just an angry little man, aren’t you? What’s the matter, a video game got your temper boiling? Hmm? Does little Wessy need to take a nap so he can calm down?

        • Beachill

          Calm down man. Stop being so mad.

          What skins would you suggest bearing in mind that 4Jstudios need to get permission from companies if they would like to use ANY copyrighted material.

          It is time consuming to port a game to a different gaming platform. If it bothers you so much, just buy a PC and play minecraft on that.

          • logan 36000

            hey beachill if you are who i think you are ….like your youtube vids keep up the good work bro…

        • logan 36000

          all you complainers up there try to be thankful im happy no matter what i get a little goods better then none at all….

          • whose chaos

            What your trying to say is having something is better than having nothing.

        • Tanner Cone

          Rlly wes lets see if you can think of 40 + Skins and take all of your time to put it in a game just to make people of all ages happy cuz right now your being a faggot

        • Koegler

          I found in error in your ways, you said they’re instead of their, also if you want to code xbox 360 minecraft and make skins for it be my guest, oh wait you can’t because you are an eight year old troll on the internet seeking attention because your mommy and daddy don’t give a shit about you.

        • hater


        • Jordan

          We’ll then go play the pc version GTFO

        • MinecraftNoob

          STFU stupid hater !!!

        • I like Trains…

          Altering codes to make it work on a system it wasn’t even designed for might take a little longer than just making your own code plus I think Mojang has more people than 4j. When it comes to coding even 1 additional person can greatly decrease the time it takes to complete a project…..actually that’s true for most things, not just coding.

        • 666 nobleman

          wes your a jerk to them they might not have the pc version i have both pc and xbox 360 and i prefer the xbox because there are no assholes like you, you mamas boy

    • Wes sucks

      You suck dick you fagget no likes people who hate the guys who gives us the updates if it wasn’t for them we would still be on title update 5 and no I’m sure you would have the worst skins in the world Wes

  • Boogie

    Been waiting to long for the update much much rather have the update

  • Riley Penland

    Is it just me or does the skin on the bottom right look like Ezio (:. If I’m wrong, Sorrry, I don’t play assassins creed ):

  • Christopher Bash II

    jungle temple man
    there all jungle based skins


    Great, more Army of Trolls skins. All the skin packs but 1 and 2 are infected with his disease.

  • theinformer

    desmond from ac


    I didn’t know that the middle right skin was a human enderman. (cough) Army of Trolls (cough)

  • BaconBubblezXP


  • fallenprince

    you should make a advanture time skin pack

  • Joshua Johnson

    I can tell im going to to love this Skin pack i hope to see Edward Kenway in the next Skin pack.

  • Sonic 4930

    I hope that sonic the hedgehog characters are in it.

  • Braden Ure

    Mooshroom in a skin! Yah buddy Mooshrooms are the bomb.

  • Bajan

    Why U hating its just the pictures of the crap skins imo they are amazing working on skin packs and updates jeez chill people

  • Wes

    Sorry for how I acted i’m a dick

    • jalen

      Damn right



  • batman

    Commando and gunzerker?

  • shaun

    thanks guys for the skins. i have a few tips for the ones who update the game could they add texture packs in tu12 thanks

    • Dylan

      They are adding texture Packs in tu12, along with mash up packs. Look on their twitter page =)

    • Venompool

      hey already said they are in TU12.;)

  • Will

    I would much rather 4J spend their time on the updates rather than skin packs. I don’t know if adding skin packs takes up much time but they should just focus their attention on just the updates. I mean there are over 200 skins (that’s if you have every skin pack). That’s more than enough.

    • anAutisticLamp

      Different people work on the skin packs. Not the entire 4J Studios staff. That would be completely stupid.

  • Steve…or is it??

    Looks awesome so far! Hope to see more pics! :)

  • Venompool

    I know that one is Sgt. Rex “Power” Colt. what are the others?

  • elmaspro851

    cool photo :D

  • brandon

    @4jstudios can you guys make the world size wider an longer so we can have more ocean views and maybe can you add sinkholes

    • Blake Camacho

      Do they have sinkholes in vanilla minecraft for the PC?

  • Ccsc918

    Looks bad

  • Sam

    The bottom left corner looks like Samuel Adams for Assasince Creed

  • David

    *sigh* Still no Commander Shepard or Liara or Tali.

  • kkk


    • whose chaos

      Seeing that your a KKK member I appreciate your offer in attention but I’m going to have to reject your offer. :)

  • I’m obviously 4j studios.(Not)

    Coding a game is harder than all you haters think and it said here’s a glimpse of skins if you wanna see how hard it is to code contact 4J Studios. -some random guy who’s obviously works for 4J Studios.

    • Chase Presley

      ur so right y can ppl see that

  • Sir-Ran


  • William Daniels

    Shut up jake Ranson you cant expect TU12
    4j are making it as good as possible

    be patiant

  • samuel garcia

    alex mercer

  • Johnathan

    Personally i Prefer MEGAMAN

  • alex davis

    Wes is probably a 5 year old little girl who is mad that his mommy adopted him.

  • Jarrod

    Bottom middle is Axton from Borderlands 2

  • whose chaos

    @ryan a

  • glishmo

    top left – roland from borderlands 2

  • Joan



  • jacobphillips79

    4jstudios said skin pack 5 was going to be in tu12

  • Minecraft Builder

    These Skins are lame

    • anAutisticLamp

      It’s a skin pack what did you expect?

  • Zayvizz

    I see a jungle in the background, TU12 here we come!:)

  • Touch Your Toes

    tu 12 prob coming a few days after this as thats what usually happens


    Ok did nobody notice that she (Maya) has smaller pixels in here hair? Wearied.

  • Christopher Bash II

    Me Four! keep it going

  • flowerwave

    I’ve been waiting SO long for TU12, and all we get is a skin pack? I think Mojang, and 4J Studios are are taking a little bit longer because hey don’t want people to complain about the bugs and glitches, like the previous title update.

  • Pillsbury Doughboy

    Then TU12 must be coming in 2-3 weeks.

  • Christopher Bash II

    oooh maya, where’s zero or the assassins class lol you know what I mean no need to correct me lol

  • Christopher Bash II

    oh shit we got a bada** that knows java scripts lol

  • Osman Labrador

    Theres a jungle biome in the 2nd borderlands image!

  • lolman

    i wanted mlp skins :(

    • anAutisticLamp

      “You can’t always get what you want.” – The Rolling Stones

  • blueden

    Skin packs are ok but what we really want are the TEXTURE PACKS and TU12

  • alex

    I would have Naruto Shippuden characters… =(

  • Pillsbury Doughboy

    I don’t think any of you are aware that there are around 40 people working at 4J Studios. While Mojang has a lot more. 4J are doing a really good job at this. If you want to complain, then you might as well stop playing Minecraft since you are being an impatient baby. The MCXBLA Community is turning into a big mess.

  • Tom

    Omg jungles are in the background so that means TU12 will be out really soon

  • Eden Lorgen

    wait a minute its coming on the wendsday and one of the screenshots are in tu12 so does that mean
    its coming on the wendesday

  • jayden

    I heard honedew’s skin from the yogscast Is in skin pack 5

  • owen mullett

    Cool now we need the tu12 release date

  • gamerdude47d

    U never know when TU12 will be released. TU9 came out a day early. Many they will surprise us Wednesday. U never know

  • tsmx link

    Well said Jamie peter roberson i understand how diffacult bug fixing robots and stuff programing is a pain but it has to be done

  • timothy davies

    what do we want TU12 when do we want it now

  • Adrian

    i want to be able to make my own skin already

  • tkmunsta

    they better have honeydew from the yogscast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse Nuno

    Isnt Xbox Live using money instead of MSP?!

  • S>A>R

    TU12 FTW

  • Blazekel

    I don’t know if you guys noticed or not but there is a pattern to skin packs and updates. First they release the skin pack, then the update is released within a month or so.

    If you actually look at 4J Studio’s twitter account weekly ( or daily ) it’s really simple to noticed this. They said they’re about to go into Cert Testing after they fix some bugs ( checking to see if the texture packs work with tu12 right ). How about we all calm down and wait like we have been. Play a game and chill out.

  • ButterCreeperMcs

    I see a jungle in the backround. The photo was taken in TU12

  • Chase Presley

    good job 4j team i am golad yall making more skins but if it not too much to ask can yall make a skin with a teen wearin a black jacket wit blonde air and blue eyes it doesn’t matter if u do or not and i don’t blame u if u don’t cuz yall do alot of work on MC and i hope yall never stop cuz yall have made te best game ever

  • Reidco CEO

    The last update they released was so bugged it wasn’t much fun until they fixed it, they want to make sure that with such a big update they don’t make the same mistake.

    • Chase Presley

      yep ur right cuz TU9 had so many bugs i could barly play it

  • Birdsangry10


  • Jamie (Squiddy)

    Please Add SquidMan In A Suit! Seriously, My Life Will Be Complete! This Is The Fourth Time I Has Asked This.

  • Maxi

    It looks like its done but they to put it in testing I think it might come out August 5 or sooner (hopefully)

  • 12345

    So much hate on this :0

  • lorcan

    How the f##k are these a community skin pack , all these skins are aload of bull , release good ones

  • jetaru

    i wish there was snapshots and prerealeses

  • fretfulhunter

    i loved mc360, but now i play pc and skinpacks to me are just lols

  • Knight Solaire

    Look all i want tu12 for is texture packs since my computer got destroyed and i dont see why they couldnt have given us texture packs first to hold us off cause thats the best part of tu12 ;)

  • Sean Grim

    Not more bloody borderlands skins I didn’t even use the last one dead space okay cool haven’t seen skins for yet but more borderlands.

  • alex

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS I love dead space 3 so getting this for all skins

  • troller

    lol hes loving the new skins but same here 4 dp3

  • lorcan

    These skins so far are pretty bad and i really dont see how they are a community skin pack cause i can name alot of skins people would rather see than these crappy skins , mix it up , throw dunny onesin , steam punk ones , just good ones in general

    • MrHawkeye1996

      I disagree. These skins are awesome. I’ve been waiting for more BL2 skins. If you don’t like them, don’t buy them.

      • lorcan

        But not everyone likes bl2 , they should mix it up and put in skins the good community has made other than skins from games , we already have enough from games , and i wont be buying it if i dont see atleast a few decent skins in the pack

        • MrHawkeye1996

          Take in mind they do include around 40+ skins in a skin pack.

          • lorcan

            I know thats why i said ill buy it if i see a few decent skins i like

    • SH4DOW101

      yeah I agree lorcan they could at least add better ones these are good but come on we have seen better

  • Adrian Lopez

    would you leave out ZERO from borderlands,what a shame!

  • Adrian Lopez

    he like my favorite vault hunter.

    • Jalen Williams

      Who is?

  • kylee

    fyou lsngnk

  • EckoxSoldier

    Awesome skin pack!

  • Christopher Strom

    If 4J Studios starts reading all this negotiable comments, they will stop making it for Xbox 360. Think about that…

  • dist4ever

    please with TU12 add mods

  • Your mom

    Hey kids go play outside or your grounded!

    • Ellie

      LOL ok mom no seriously don’t ground me LOL

  • Ellie

    lol at least they didnt give ellie the same eyes that was a sad moment in dead space 2 but cant wait for the skin pack its awesome!!!!!!!! ^.^

  • Josh Radtke

    Add HEROBRINE back into Minecraft. I feel that it adds a little more umph into the gaming experience. Could you please consider doing this for a Minecraft fan.

  • Yojo


  • mister unknown

    I wish you could make your own skin, without paying just like the pc



  • Jace


  • Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

    top pic with nine skins…. bottom left… it might just be me but that looks like Desmond Miles from assassin’s creed! :D

  • mikey lad

    does anyone realise that there the same photos from skin pack 1 (the one at the top not the other ones)

  • Wes

    So far i dont see one skin ill be using in this pack, therefore they have lost atleast one Potential Purchase.

  • Wes

    And btw the Picture of all the Hints, Hints at one character from each Game they have added, So the other 2 games they have added to this Pack are More Assassins Creed Skins “YAY” -.- Not… and Farcry Blood Dragon, Which if they have added Vaas than this would be the most Epic Skin pack of all time, But Vaas is in FarCry 3 and not the Stand alone DLC, THan the rest of the skins are the same Generic B.S 4J always puts out. So the Order of Games they added are. Borderlands 2, DeadSpace, Assassins Creed, Farcry 3: Blood Dragon, Generic Skins. Nothing to see here Kids. Its a shit pack.

  • john johnson

    Title update 12 would be better

    • david stump

      I agree with him

  • kacper biernacki

    make some manga characters like naruto

  • Osman Labrador

    Yay assassins creed and awsome guy from borderlands! Well now we know whats my new skin on my vids are gonna be

  • william kautzner

    tu12 hurry up

  • ZawzL

    Cool! I hope they have skin packs similar to Battle and Beasts- where the skins aren’t from other video games. I also hope you can download your Minecraft PC skin eventually.

  • EnderBen

    No Zer0?

  • ponylord

    no ihope 4j gets this done soon or im quiting minecraft and xbox the ill buy a ps3 or ps4

  • ponylord

    i mean seriously they were all like we be releasin dis wth da new disk version almost a month later they be like nah we bugfixin just kidding we gonna make you wait your pants off for this update

  • david


  • david

    MinecraftSP ? oaiks


  • david

    MinecraftSP ?oia

    :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) oakl


    With the release date, we also have a likely release date for tu12!



  • :(

    Aww no! I would much rather have more generalized skins I don’t even know who any of these are suppose to be. ;(

    • ISSAC

      than u have no life once so ever >.<

  • EverydayToaster

    The skin on the bottom left looks like Desmond from Assassins Creed!

  • kingkilla555

    when is the TU12 coming out?

  • Aiden

    Awesome! Still waiting for the community skin pack. I know it wasn’t Battle of the Beasts. Honeydew probably got more votes than most of them if it was.

  • sadfsafgafgafsf

    have you hard

    • ASDF

      have y heard that u cant spell

      • That One Guy

        *Have you heard, that you can’t spell?

  • Kell

    I agree I would rather have tu12 but some of u people r acting like u know everything so shut up u know it alls

  • jr

    damn they should keep working on tu12 then skin pack if skin packs are easyer

  • TheWonamau


  • Ricky

    how can skin pack 5 have a release date but tu12 doesnt

  • Lezlow

    Awesome news on the skin packs. I hope they were able to sneak TU12 for cert test for simotanious release :)

    I have started a let’s play for MC. Check it out!

  • ian

    Just to let everybody know all my friends on xbox r saying its coming in may :/ im so cunfused :(

  • ian


  • WaZZuP45


  • Painx17

    they just need to hurry up with TU12

  • Dude

    I’m not trying to rush notch but I want to write a minecraft diary in Xbox in a book on minecraft Xbox from my awesome adventures. Don’t complain I’m just a kid :) other then that coding can be as hard as learning to fly a f-18 hornet cause those are hard to fly plus notch is very creative so let him take his time! Sheesh! ;)

  • stooove

    This lookS CRAP!

  • That One Guy

    I love how everyone talks like they know shit and calls someone dumb or idiot. . . Well for 1.) NOBODY knows when the update will be released because they have not said anything or confirmed anything, even then they could shock us or surprise us. People are saying it might come a day b4 or with SP5. .MAYBE, i think they might shock us and release it. I would be like O _ O but really people should just shutup and calm down, it will come when it comes. if it bothers you guys that much go play PC version, or don’t play at all. OR go make your own game and then tell them what to do. Great work 4j, love the game, love what ya do. Keep up the good work and take your time! You guys rock :)

  • wiktor

    ok fajni są

  • wiktor

    like body

  • Christopher


  • BaconBubblezXP

    if only they could release it today…

  • BaconBubblezXP

    Uhhh…It seems as if Wednesday is taking FOREVER to get here!!! I’m not the waiting type!!!

  • BaconBubblezXP

    You know, Title Updates are only released on a Tuesday. So that either means we’re getting TU12 on Tuesday(which is not likely), or we’re getting it next week.

    • ISSAC

      omg finally some specific info so now im only playing minecraft on Tuesdays jk thats a stupid ass idea but thnx BaconBubblezXP also cool name ^.^

  • Aaron

    When is TU12 out?

  • casper

    it’s byoudefo :D

  • casper

    hello :D what’s your name ? :D

  • casper

    my name is casper :D

  • lilly

    me to jack ranson

  • ernesto

    i want texture packs

  • Joshua

    i think these pics might be a sign of the update tu12 lol

  • http://sites.google.com/site/officialdeadpoolclansite Deadpool Clan

    really, 4j? why put teasers?

  • A calm person


  • donovin

    Of course theres gonna be a jungle biome in the back ground its already put into minecraft but 4j is still bug fixing

  • wolverine4545

    I like the skins but I would like to see marvel superheroes like wolverine and the hulk

  • nickjonasfg

    when is TU12 coming out

  • taco master 25

    awesome just wish they had a soul eater skin thing

  • Demon Slayer

    Cool and tu12 might be coming out on July 31

  • andre fornicola


  • Bballboy116

    Ehh, I may get excited if it were free, but its not and I don’t wanna pay for it. I’m beyond ready for TU12 though. I think I’ll just stick to Assassin’s Creed until the update.

  • 666

    look behind the borderlands 2 skins there is a jungle biome dont you think that is a hint when tu12 is coming out?

  • Just a girl


  • macca

    bottom left is desmond!

    • ISSAC


  • Daniel Rosaspina

    I wanted a Zer0 skin to come with it, but it’s a great skin pack overall. Great work to the guys who made this!

  • Mr Firehawk

    Im sooooooooo gonna be wearing Handsome Jack

  • Twittler

    Why didn’t they add Clementine? You really screwed up, 4J Studios…

  • tk

    I thought we were having the community skin pack:(

  • steve

    who cares about minecraft anymore it’s been effing ruined

  • 5502

    loke at the player in the newest pic 4j posted posted about tu12 its not in here so we might
    beable to make our own skins

  • stormbIaze

    Come on decide on the release date for tu 12 already. First it was end of June now its end of July, just decide already, plus make some free skin packs plz

  • Awesomexsauce

    Will there be a trial pack?

  • TheTruth

    It is slightly possible to have TU12 be sent into cert testing on wednesday. Reason is that updates always get sent after skin packs. This is a true fact and it has been proven.


    where is clem? :(

  • Hot Giggity

    Looks great, cant wait for TU12 :D

  • JoshJosherMan

    What if it was already in MSCT and they wanted to surprise everyone. they did that before right?

  • Chusen

    These texture packs are freakin’ cool! :D

  • sinead


  • Guest

    i’m so happy

    • minecrafter

      Me too

  • minecrafter

    Stinking awesome

  • minecrafter

    Love them both

  • Keymcd

    What on earth it said it would be out at ten but I still can’t get it has anybody else got it

  • none

    crappy skins, no excuse for delaying tu12


    Today is the 31st still no skin pack!

  • spavacato

    i want them to make a new tutorial

  • Juan Bautista Londoño Pineda

    Instead of skin pack, the studio should think in update the game, in XBOX360 we are
    still in distance of years of light compared to the PC version

  • MineTube2013

    Its released when already

  • Patrickjorritsma

    whre is the herobrine skin

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