Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition tops 1,000,000 sales!

Thanks to your support, and a fantastic game coming from Mojang and 4J, we’re pleased to announce that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, which launched less than a week ago as the final title in our killed “Microsoft Studios Presents: Arcade Next” program, has officially passed one million units sold on Xbox LIVE  Arcade!

But of course, people aren’t just buying Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, they’re also playing it like crazy! In addition to the million plus sales, other fun stats include more than 5.2 million total online hours spent mining, 4 million total multiplayer sessions played, and more than 2.4 million multiplayer gaming hours played!

For more information on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and the “Microsoft Studios Presents: Arcade NEXT” program, please visit www.xbox.com/arcadenext or stay put right here at www.playxbla.com!

The one sad note about the great sales of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is that our beloved XBLA Community Manager, Alex “XBLA Tart” Hebert, who previously led the Easy leaderboard in falling distance (she likes riding pigs off mountains) has now fallen off the top 10 where she was for the first couple days, and is now mired in the 50s.