Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 4 is Coming…Wednesday, March 13th!


Exciting news! Skin Pack 4 for the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will be available this Wednesday, March 13th! Everything from Gears, Assassin’s, Charlie Murder, and more will be available so be sure to click Read More and check out the gallery of skins coming to your Minecraft world this week! Oh! And you can get these skins all for the price of 160MSP! What a steal!




Screenshot_01_1st group shot
















Halo_Red and Blue Spartans


Screenshot_05_2nd group shot



  • http://twitter.com/MCXBLANews Adam From MCXBLANews


    • ben haywood

      Hey adam plz sub to trollcast99 on YouTube plz :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/TheSteelerNation2 Kevin Kelley

      FAK U ADAM

  • Sean

    no mass effect skins =( that would be awesome

  • SealingCross

    what will be its price?

    • Cra1gy2

      I assume it will be 160 msp, like usual.

    • http://twitter.com/JimmyJamInAMini JimmyJamInAMiniVan

      same as usual

    • name

      it will be 80 MP as always or 160 i cant remember the orgin price

      • http://twitter.com/kuledud31235 Anthony


      • http://twitter.com/dirtiestrocket DirtiestRocket

        it wasnt always 80 points just once since it was x mas

        • C}C}C}C}C}C}C}


    • http://www.facebook.com/AdamMarcSanders Adam Sanders

      Read the top —- And you can get these skins all for the price of 180MSP! What a steal! —-

      • off1c3

        180? Maybe u need to read the OP again.

    • CMC

      probly same as allways

      • shudam

        160 mp

    • http://twitter.com/kuledud31235 Anthony

      160 microsoft points

    • 4J Steve


    • Grant

      160 Microsoft points, the beginning of this article states the price. (in the paragraph.)

  • choochoosgaming

    Why no Leprechaun for me :(

  • waddon1

    I wanted mass effect skins

  • Xehanorto

    Alright, for the Spartan Costumes…is there anyway we could get Freelancer Style Skins from Red vs Blue, or just different colors like Pink or Brown or Maroon?

  • http://twitter.com/itstommy68 tommy

    the wolf has a very big fore head

  • Barry hatfield

    Is That A Pedo Bear Skin At The Bottom.? Lmfao

  • Skullheart

    Gavin’s got a suit now!

    • Wellthismustbeexciting

      LOL IKR

      • Daryl

        What do you guys mean? I DON’T SEE IT. lol

    • http://twitter.com/Tom_Ryder_752 Tom Ryder

      I LOVE roosterteeth

  • wellthisisalongsentenceisitnot

    The skin pack is nice ‘an all but still waiting for the update, I hope it’s out soon…

    • Toldyouso

      Dude, it’s out tomorrow!

      • CosmicLyrics

        The skins are out tomorrow, not the update

        • cody

          how do you freikin know

          • READ

            ” I’m guessing… “

        • http://www.facebook.com/jacob.daub.5 Jacob Daub

          Most likely both will be out because that’s how they tend to do it.

          • wellthisisalongsentenceisitnot

            Highly unlikely, 4J always announce the evening before the release date on the rough timing of the update being released and as that hasn’t happened my guess is the update won’t be out till either next Friday at the earliest or more realistically the 29th of this month. (remember they are still fixing bugs and it hasn’t even gone into testing yet!).

          • Mycelium

            Your, right. They said they’ll announce the release date AFTER cert testing, and they haven’t even said when its going into cert testing. Im guessing it will go into testing on saturday to thursday (16th to 21st of march).

  • Skydoesminecraft

    I wanted a butter man skin


      sky doesnt play minecraft 360

    • http://twitter.com/kuledud31235 Anthony

      your not sky

  • yangy young

    OMG same release date as the redstone update on computer Minecraft

  • Skydoesminecraft

    I’m the real skydoesminecraft

    • Butterzebra66

      Obviously you’re not, you wouldn’t say that if you were. Plus, sky plays mc on the computer, everyone knows that.

      • cody

        very true nice

    • your mum

      yes we all belive you

      • http://twitter.com/kuledud31235 Anthony

        is that sarcastic?

    • http://twitter.com/kuledud31235 Anthony

      no your not sky has a pic

    • http://twitter.com/kadyn6 kadyn

      The REAL skydoesminecraft wont say HEY IM THE REAL SKYDOESMINECRAFT dummy

    • cody

      you are how many times do make a video a week what camera what studio what mike HAHA answer ALL those

    • Chuck Norris

      And I am the real Chuck Norris

  • yangy young

    totally, 31 skins for those who cant count, Double Checked

    • Gary200

      There will be 45 skins in the pack, just like all the others. These are not all of them. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Henry-Meadors/605000491 Henry Meadors

    Great. Furry skins. Can’t wait.

  • macca

    cant wait hoe much is the cheapest mincrosoft points but dear the this

    • macca

      neva ment that hoe i ment how

  • X8OX

    out of all the skin packs this one was the best one i think lol

  • jc123456789098766553647665745

    I wish they would make more gothic skins like mara….

  • sankypineapple

    pedobear :0

  • Read you idiots

    Is it me or are there idiots that just dont like to read at all and just look at pictures of the skins and then just go to comment and ask how much itll be?? Generation sucks!

    • I Agree

      No, it’s not just you. :)

  • jedbur

    Dat pedobear

  • name

    for those of you talking about the price, look at the top of the page it clearly says 160MP

  • are you dumb or what?

    how stupid can you really be that is very obvious that pedo bear is not with the other animals


    i thought there would be team fortress 2 skins ?

  • Fret7

    i just want the halo and assassins creed skins :(

  • tony

    I want Troll Skin

  • Steven

    What is in the background of the Red & Blue Spartans picture?

    • http://twitter.com/JordanCusworth Jordan Cusworth

      halo ring

  • Zephy

    I’m sure there’s a little bit more skins than this. They didn’t show an iron golem.

  • kevin

    Pedo Bear!!! :D

  • Someone

    I don’t care about those other stupid games. Please make exclusive minecraft skins that everyone will enjoy! Not from stupid games that everyone hates!

    • http://twitter.com/kuledud31235 Anthony

      you retard 4j gives us skins that we will enjoy and they make more for more people who like those games and hope we like the skins that they give us and they might do a community skin pack so tweet them what you would like to see so dont blame 4j.

  • http://twitter.com/monstermannally clayton nally

    we need skyrim skins

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikah.burkhardt Mikah Burkhardt

    who is the green and pink people?

  • Minecrafter Hunt


  • http://twitter.com/kuledud31235 Anthony

    is this all of them?

  • AudioBot13

    Sweet birthday present, thanks guys!

  • ME


  • wilder

    pedo bear there? or is it just me??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004481324312 Samuel Hernandez

    wild life

  • Daniel

    The assaasins creed skins suck. they could have done so much better with them but they didn’t. :(

  • skinsthatnooneplayssuck

    Need Sonic Skins………………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.messerley Alex Messerley

    they should make adead space skinor darksiders 2 skin or even maybe a mortal kombat skin


    I want it. and i need some help as of right now i have 0 MSP and i need 160 for skin 4. can someone please help me out? i just need 160. please:) my email is spiderbatrock962@yahoo.com if you want to help me out just send me a MSP code their. thx

    • Severed

      Sure! While you’re at it, you can screw my wife and have my ATM card!

      • HARDPROGAMER1235

        Where the F is that coming from? im only asking for a redeemable 1600 MSp card if anyone has one.

  • Gamer 4Life

    I looooooooove this skin pack.

  • http://twitter.com/ghost_kills1 Enrique

    you guys should do a mortal kombat with dc universe skin pack many people would buy that

  • http://twitter.com/Shitty_Thoughts Tom Hilliker


  • TomTheKidRS

    retarded walrus :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/J-Eduardo-Mateos/1441674682 J Eduardo Mateos

      There is no Walrus there

  • bonecrusher220

    why not troll face

  • Phillip Lauterborn

    The animal skins look a little weird, but otherwise good job.

  • John

    All I want is Skyrim skins, or dishonored skins

  • Scraps25

    OMG it’s a wolf! Yes I FINNALY get a wolf skin OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!:DDDD

  • Rollercruster

    where’s awesome face in suit

  • Mc Fow1er

    i think that they should put slender man and pewdiepie in to the skin pack

  • Justin Sands


  • sdfdfwsf

    i cant play minecraft any more

  • Luke

    i like the penguin skin…

    • girl_cathrine

      ME MORE:p

  • girl_cathrine

    I like the bears skin <3
    & Sensei too
    & I hate the deer skin (cuz it's got a F on its head (ear) (fail) )

  • http://twitter.com/cody72000 cody

    tommowrow bros

    • cody

      i wonder if the update is tomorrow also because they only do the skins on major updates or minor updates

  • Phillip Lauterborn

    Everyone says the TU9 (title update) is coming out tomorrow.
    Also skin pack four is coming out tomorrow.
    Here’s a link for more information


  • Phillip Lauterborn

    A lot of people are saying that the TU9 update is coming out
    March 13, 2013

    Here’s a link for more information


  • Michael

    Xray and Vave = Suited Creeper

  • me need update

    awsome! but update come on update sad face

  • http://twitter.com/Frigboy Matthewdean

    I am the official minecraft update release dater i told you guys the 1.8 would come out on
    Sunday you guys said NO and it did ask away and ill answer

  • http://twitter.com/Frigboy Matthewdean

    OK OK OK it will not come out along with the Red stone update nor the skin pack. also texture pack are in JUNE remember and also the Tu 8 will come a couple weeks after why? because Cert has to examine the game making sure there aren’t a giant bug like. A HUGE HOLE IN THE MINECRAFT WORLD WHEN YOU SPAWN. if that happened 4jstudios will take it back and it will take twice as long to release. Want more answers shoot your questions

    • cheeseinasock

      im sure you mean tu 9!! tu 8 was a bug fix not sure why the classed that as a title update tho

    • Mycelium


  • TheticalPillow8

    the creeper in the 1st pic is thesyndicateproject’s skin

  • Mycelium

    Yay! New animal skins! cant wait for villager skin!


    It would be a little bit better if skin pack 4 came with TU9 i think because it would make it even harder to wait:)

  • http://twitter.com/Anthony97155174 Anthony

    Omg Red vs Blue cant wait to tell my friends!

  • WWKInstincts

    What Time Tomorrow

  • charles

    What time

  • http://twitter.com/JackJackxbl Jack Wilson


  • night fury100

    They should make how to train your dragon skins

  • speakerwall

    They should do a Star Wars Skin Pack!

  • http://twitter.com/HOVISBEI Jordan ‘hovis Cullen

    OHMYGOD a red vs blue reference !

  • IwishaNINJAwood

    they should pick some minecraft youtubers and make a skin pack using the youtubers skin

  • deathab0ve1

    the gavin suit also red vs blue pic actually has the halo ring in the background awesome. :) love the penguin and polar bear. _—-__—-_
    ! !
    ! !
    ! !
    ! !

  • deathab0ve1

    aww my last message out of shapes I made a heart it didn’t stay all the pieces shifted to the left

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.wilkens Carrie Wilkens

    whats the update comeing out for xbox 360

  • C|C|C|C|C|

    Xbox players are lucky to be able to have skins that add or take away pixels to the player…

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