Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 3 Announced!

New exciting content for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is on its way! Skin Pack 3 is nearly here, specially created by renown pixel artist, Army of Trolls, offering a new take on the look and feel of Minecraft skins. And yes, we know you’re excited for the Minecraft update – as SOON as we have information we can share, we’ll let you know!!

Minecraft MinecraftScreenshot

  • http://www.facebook.com/Andy.or.AJ Andrew Stephens

    what about the update?

    • http://twitter.com/awesome08182 Dustin Milton

      i agree on the walking dead part

    • Akiralchemist

      and i agree about borderlands two thats what i been playing while i eagerly wait forq.i.w

      • Akiralchemist

        key pad didnt work one point eight point two is what i wanted to say

  • George Cannon


  • http://twitter.com/CaptainLawlit Ethan Neumann

    zombie pigman, oh yea :)

  • Anonymous

    Will buy day 1, doesn’t matter whats in it anyways, probably the only game I’ll ever buy all the DLC for, I love the game and so do the kids.

  • kayna

    Is it free ?

    • George Cannon

      no 160 Microsoft points

    • Anonymous

      Either be 120 or 160 MSP like the last two.

      • thatveganguy

        The last two have been 180

    • LG


    • http://www.facebook.com/jzuberka Justin Zuberka

      wat dont u get about M$… they would make a game with master chief blowing a male prostitute if they thought they could make a dime… but im sure they will give items for the second most popular game away for free. lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/NickSoaSMorouney Nick Morouney


    • RiPp3D x CorPz


    • J

      +1 I was really hoping it would come out today but it seems like all they are doing is wasting time to release it when the skin pack is finished…

      • fosho

        there are different teams doing things dont be ignorant and its in cert testing for bug just stfu and chill

        • J

          Different teams to test for bugs? I can guarantee you that a minecraft fan could do that – for free, and be finished in a day or two.

          But this takes the p**s.

          • http://twitter.com/Frudious Aidan

            Yes, a minecraft fan could probably do it in 2 days. But luckily for you, Microsoft Cert Testing is doing it for FREE anyways, and they’re taking their time making sure you get a nice, polished update with no bugs.

            Calm down.

          • http://twitter.com/Ev1LxHeaT Victor Fernandez

            but 4J studios has already test that out!!!! and if we are hurrying them up is because we are so exited that we gotta twit about it or comment something. ;)

          • Rick Roll

            but its 2049
            and the update
            is still in cert test

          • fosho

            different teams for company genius skins are done by the art team and im talking about the update you guy act like it doesnt take time to actually do these updates thy do take time if it was so easy im sure thy would wanna keep hold it from us

        • B

          Yea one thing where’s the list of bugs o wait there is none how bout changing your attitude arrogant kid..

    • http://www.facebook.com/justin.hilkens Justin Hilkens

      Yeah stop this bull sh*t just release it now and i promise i’ll buy the skin pack deal soo release it this weekend.

      • OP

        They currently have no control of the update as it was put into Microsoft Certification 10 days ago.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jzuberka Justin Zuberka

          they have complete control… microsoft does not control microsoft lol… they r just trying to get more money n delay the free update so people buy other dlc n packs for money while they r waiting… its not like testing has done anything in the past… we still had glitchy lighting, no clay, n numerous other bugs… so im not all that impressed with microsoft

          • RenergizeLife

            Your an Idiot, Microsoft has a strenuous certification process, its not in their power to get it released faster. they have to wait as well as you do, so why dont you stop being a ignorant idiot and learn a virtue called patience.

          • http://twitter.com/Xenix_Hero Brayton Rogers

            You don’t know what Microsoft is doing right now. No one does, if they are taking this long they better be making sure ALL the bugs are out because it shouldn’t take 10+ days just to test this like they have been testing the other updates.

          • http://twitter.com/Frudious Aidan

            Of course, there will always be bugs, but they’re trying to get rid of most of the bugs and if possible no bugs. So be happy.

            Also, that tactic has been used in the past probably, making you buy DLC while you’re waiting, but that’s with games that have DLC that add gameplay. The minecraft DLCs are only skin packs and do not add gameplay.

    • Your Mom

      You guys need to stop complaining about the update! Just think, if Microsoft didn’t take their time making sure there are no bugs at all, then when the update came out, the entire Minecraft server will have crashed! Atleast they’re even releasing 1.8.2! They could just hold back the update’s release! Be lucky they actually ARE releasing it! As long as it takes for it to come out, I will wait. 4J Studios and Microsoft are doing a wonderful job and you guys just complain and complain. I am very lucky the update is almost done!

  • George Cannon

    release date ?

  • cole


  • marc

    Yeaaaaaa woooooo skin pack 3!!!!!



  • Akiralchemist

    well thats something i guess i havent been playing mcxbla due to its pointless to progress a world generated now when i plan on generating a new world when the update arives if and when it ever does

  • George Cannon

    nearly here as in maybe comes with the update ? :D hope so would make it twice as epic

  • http://twitter.com/ADRENALINEFIEND Fed Up


  • Cedric

    there’s been 2 official Skin packs out in between this update so far… Mind hurrying up? No point in really putting out new skin packs when people get bored of playing it .-.

    • Akiralchemist

      i second that comment minecraft is boring right before an update next time dont tell us about the update untill its just about to come out, they are taking candy away from babys

    • raiden

      Three skins

  • Mine freak


  • Akiralchemist

    thats cool i wonder what will all be in the skin pack, i hope there is borderlands two characters, because borderlands two has minecraft skin

  • Denis

    why skin packs .its much better to make a own skin and where is the 1.8.2 update its not september its october

  • http://twitter.com/Minus_Clu Ernest

    You people need to calm down, when the update comes out, all of you are gonna start whining and bitching about the next update.

  • http://twitter.com/KyleFriend97 Kyle Friend

    “as SOON as we have information we can share, we’ll let you know!!” that is what say said so if you read it careful they have the release date but they just can’t share it.

    • http://twitter.com/WastefulGamer Andrew Newton

      Good point :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cameron-Lessing/1474997658 Cameron Lessing

      what are you talking about? they don’t have the release date because it’s still in M$ Cert Testing, plus 4J will announce once it’s good to go (if no bugs or glitches are found, that is)

  • Felipe

    OMG! I want this update… That’s the only reason I still alive! C’mon Ms…

  • http://twitter.com/Marcos1point0 marcos gonzalez

    what’s the seed for the world? please..

  • http://twitter.com/homefront1999 isaiah

    the update is in testing so stop bugging them

    • MoosnateDog

      Its been in testing for a while now …. Were starting to get impatient

      • I’m Awesome

        They just tweeted it’s out of cert testing and coming tomorrow. Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/alice.marie.james Alice Marie James

          No. No, they haven’t.

          • I’m Awesome too


        • I’m Awesome too

          whos they???? REPLY MY FRIEND

  • 4J Studios

    im afraid were going to have to get this update the hard way! *pulls out gun*

  • jake777790

    At the moment i dont think any one cares about new skin pack every one is thinking about the new update

    • http://twitter.com/TheAlperMaker64 TheAlperMaker64

      So True. I Agreed

      • http://twitter.com/tdfee Teo

        Its at certification, mojang/4j cant do anything at this point.

  • Gabe

    Hurry up and update it. Its Been 10days

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cameron-Lessing/1474997658 Cameron Lessing

      testing doesn’t occur on weekends, so it’s been 8 days

      • Justin80

        They will probably make news about the update tomorrow because Cert Testing is almost over.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cameron-Lessing/1474997658 Cameron Lessing

          well testing usually takes 7-10 days, so yeah hopefully soon

          • hugo121796

            in 1.7.3 take 10 days and count weekends you dont know all :genius:
            stop giving wrong ideas

  • Kdawg

    Do the skin usher from CaptainSparklez

  • jimmehy

    Great!, Now whens the update being announced!

    • Rick Roll


  • http://twitter.com/twitermebrah kody curtis

    ACTUALLY they lied this Is the second time it’s going in to Mic cert testing I got evidence to

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cameron-Lessing/1474997658 Cameron Lessing

      if it had to go into M$ cert testing a 2nd time, 4J would’ve said something on their Twitter. but they didn’t, so it’s still in testing


    i csn see vines

  • http://twitter.com/WastefulGamer Andrew Newton

    Vines!!! You guys playing in 1.8 by any chance !! Hmmmm I’m jealous !

  • gking500

    update will be out before this you can see vines!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mateo.zuluaga.581 Mateo Zuluaga

    so when is update coming out!?!?

  • ChikkaBowWow

    Wow. Did they put Herobrine’s eyes and hair on the zombie skin there? That’s just lazy!

    • George Cannon

      no thats pretty cool

  • Tajh Hill

    Im not buying this till i see all the skis cause right now status not buying junk p.s. 12th october = 8th day in ms cert testing.

    • George Cannon

      no counting Tuesday its 10 days :D

  • masterverick

    cuando estara disponible

  • http://www.facebook.com/alice.marie.james Alice Marie James

    I do hope they release the 1.8.2 update it soon. I may be moving here pretty soon and would like to get the update before I don’t have internet anymore.

  • Guest

    i seen skin pack 3 and 1.8.2 coming together the same day just because both are coming soon and if they did this then it would be really good

  • George Cannon

    i see skin pack 3 and 1.8.2 coming together the same day just because both are coming soon and if they did then it would be really good for everyone

  • http://twitter.com/Hotaru99 Hotaru Tomoe

    I really hope there are more skins in it than this.

    • PhantomK1D

      There are usually 40 or more skins in a skin pack, they are just giving a tease and only showing some

  • http://www.facebook.com/jzuberka Justin Zuberka

    really… i pay good money for xbl n all the games… hurry with the update its not like u guys do a good job of finding bugs… (clay) just release it

  • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

    Let then do what they need to do, it’s not like you’re doing the update! How about you try making an update in 1 week with millions of people yelling at you!

    • Matt_Soultaker_Echo

      they’re not making it they’re testing it there is a complete difference. and in my opinion we should had an anouncement or some news about it by now and there is none. 4JStudios does all the work and microsoft tests it and produces the product lol.

    • raiden

      They were making the update since the day 1.7.3 released dickhead! If I had the programming talent then I sure as hell would make it, in two months maybe! I’m suprised 4J took so long because I know for a fact that they know how many more people would buy it when 1.8 came out.

  • Matt_Soultaker_Echo

    who ever said its been 8 days your totally wrong its been ten but i do not see them releasing it or putting it out over the weekend, at the most i would predict or expect the update tuesday through friday this coming week.

    • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

      Just reminding you 4J studios just tweeted that the update will be out in 1-2 weeks.

      • Cloud

        Um I didn’t see any new tweet post from 4j, beside a tweet to someone confused about the maker of the pocket edition

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cameron-Lessing/1474997658 Cameron Lessing

        yeah….no they didn’t

        • http://twitter.com/VGfiend joka axeton

          hahaha yeah… they didnt

      • dalooks12

        they didnt say that so your wrong

  • sebastian

    there should be one of a dick with a boner on it

  • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

    Also if you are saying something like “they made a skinpack instead of the update, what the heck those ignorant poops. :(“, well then you’re supid because they were making that while the 1.8.2 update was being tested. So they couldnt of have been working on the update, and don’t reply saying that they could have been working on the one after 1.8.2 because that’s just plain old stupid. And the person who said you guys would bitch about the next update 2 days after this one is 100% correct, most people are like that. This update will last me at least 6 months with Wizard101 also tiding me over. :)

  • MR. Zombie PigMan

    im sure this will be out when 1.8.2 comes out

  • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

    So I’d say if you didn’t hear it from 4J and mabey XBLA it’s a 100% RUMOR!

  • Justin80

    Well at least its something skin pack 1 and 2 are getting old.

  • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

    Justin80: I know you’re not complaining but the only thing coming out in the next week is news!

  • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

    The update wil doubtfully come in the next week but hopefully by the end of it. But I don’t care because (I’m not lying when I say this) I’m friends with a member of 4J on Xbox so since I play with him and he has the update, it asks me for the update so then I receive the update early!! He should be on tommorow so we can play some more of the update on the Xbox!!

  • Justin80

    Let the people in Cert Testing take their time they want to make the update the best that it can be.

    • Frosty

      They’re just looking for bugs. Not making it better.

      • Matt_Soultaker_Echo

        and like that takes a hundred years why? lol

  • Matt_Soultaker_Echo

    but if we all sit here and really think about it we’ve been waiting for this update for more 8 or 10 days its ben exactly 2 months going on almost 3 we’ve been waiting to long. there should be no room for excuses lol.

  • im awesome 3

    are you sure your really looking for bugs or do your cert testers mess around doing competitons and bets for the best builds? like y da hell do it nee to take u soo loong? :C

    • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

      Justin80: if you’ve been following 4J on twitter they have said yesterday cert testing is done just fixing bugs will be out in 1-2 weeks tired now need to go bed

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cameron-Lessing/1474997658 Cameron Lessing

        this is what 4J said on twitter yesterday “The reason we’ve not tweeted any news about the 1.8.2 Cert Test is because there is no news yet. We’re waiting patiently…just like you!”

        so cert testing is not done, the end

      • Jayfeather003

        Finding bugs is what cert testing is

  • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

    It may seem like I’m bragging but in just so excited I get the update early now good night, don’t let the Zombies bite!!

    • Hope you feel stupid

      Stop lying to yourself…

  • http://www.facebook.com/JeffJohnsontTheNinja Jeff Johnson

    um why cant you share info you have no down side to letting your fans be informed you guys crack me up just a tweet or two saying hey found some bugs or working hard or somthing your twitter doesnt respond to fan questions lame cmon guys

  • ass

    that looks beast

    • penis in ass

      yea i know right

  • nazis rule

    minecraft sucks so much waste of time and resources join my peoples cause

  • 4JStudios

    minecraft update 1.8.2 will be released on Tuesday thank you for being patient with us

    • Xen

      *yawns* fake

    • thomas

      omg holy shit that’s on my birthday

    • Minecraft lover

      Is this 4J studios of so put something on twitter

      • ?

        i think they put it on different websites as well on twitter

      • Justin Zuberka

        they did i saw there twitt an hour ago

        • Minecraft lover

          Well I looking on twitter and there’s nothing on there

          • Justin Zuberka

            if ur looking at it and ur writing on this page how r u doing that r u magic u must be


    Vines -.- you assholes 1.8.2 (you have it already)

  • Anabubugaming

    I am with everyone else on this, the update should come out before worrying about the skin pack i feel like the problem and why its taking them so long is because they are trying to figure out how to get paid out of this unlike 4J all that microsoft cares about is making money so they will probably wait for the skin pack to be ready and release it with the update since the update if free they want to make money with the skin pack..

    • Wait!

      I love Microsoft but it’s true about the money craving they have from sucking the wallets out of their gamers pockets easily with entertaining yet simple updates such as a skin pack like this for minecraft

      • Somerandomguy

        Well last I checked Microsoft IS a business and not a non-profit organization, so i see why they want to make money.

        • MoneyMakesMeHappy

          I see why they want to make money too, but giving them that excuse kinda doesn’t work when they made over 4 million sales on this game. So 4 million copies sold for 20 dollars each is 80 million US dollars, that’s still not counting the fact that it’s still growing in profit from skin packs and more buyers. Yea, you’re right, why should they give us a free update before they try getting more money, they’re obviously struggling with ends meat as it is what with their estimated 90 million profit from this game alone.

  • minecraft name

    hello someone comment so i can talk to someone

  • Lazy ninja96

    They should make a super hero skins
    EX: batman , iron man , spider man

    • Xen

      Or maybe just a collection of generic superhero-esque skins. Faster to pump out, without tripping over copyright negotiations. ^^

      • cman

        Or release the god damn update

        • HitMarkGod

          Sir,Please calm your tits.The update will as soon as it finishes cert testing so just calm your tits and play a different game till the update comes out.

  • justin bieber

    anyone coming to my concert on Wednesday

  • iam high right now


  • http://www.facebook.com/MrOfficialNoob David Boulton

    When’s the update coming out I all ready have skin pack 1 and 2 and the arcade ones. WHENs the update!!!!!!!!!

  • nex

    iam gay

    • Jorge

      good for you, but please only post at least semi-serious posts.

  • Epic_Super_Sonic

    the update should be out before the 20th :P

    • Cameron Lessing

      how do u know that…?

  • gamerXpro

    they release skin pack 3 BUT they dont relese the updates i think most people prefare the updates

    • PhantomK1D

      Skin pack 3 is not released, they are realising it soon, just like the update

  • BRocube

    why white eys

  • Seabass

    For the love of god can you stop how beating around the bush an give the community any information on how the cert testing is going(seems like it is going well judging by the vines in the pic). I don’t care about skin packs at the moment, I rather have no post than a post of a skin pack that I will not purchase until the update comes out. Shame on you XBLA team for teasing rather than informing. Your not considering the fact that this game is one of the highest grossing games you’ve ever had on XBL. SHAME!

    • dalooks12

      i agree

    • http://twitter.com/minecrafter182 shawn moore

      dude its not there falt for no post for msct there makeing it good and not buggy

      • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.taylor.399 Dylan Taylor

        It looked pretty good when they did the 4 hour live game play of it.

    • Minefreak


  • http://twitter.com/AustinLanning1 Austin Lanning

    Austin Lanning stonecold3@mail.com

  • http://twitter.com/AustinLanning1 Austin Lanning

    come out with the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    im ugly

  • lol

    lil wayne

  • http://twitter.com/AustinLanning1 Austin Lanning

    im not playing minecraft again

  • Jacob

    Are skin packs sick jokes to tease us?

  • r0b

    Well is the skin pack is close then the update should be too since the update usually comes out b4 the skin pack

  • http://twitter.com/minecrafter182 shawn moore

    two things one that is so cool two take your time on the update i dont want it too buggy :p

  • Absolute Stupidity

    how in the F*ck can you expect anybody to be excited about this when then update is taking so long to be released………….. what a stupid time to announce this,

  • http://twitter.com/Kappische Daniel Kaplan

    Update = soon!

    • http://www.facebook.com/justin.hilkens Justin Hilkens

      We dont want soon we want now we waited to long.

    • Donnell K.


    • FretfulHunter

      Could be real or fake Daniel Kaplan, the world may never know

    • HitMarkGod

      Im pretty sure thats the real one, He is telling the truth since the update is in Microsoft Cert testing it is coming soon

  • Skiez

    Leave it to Microsoft to take the fun out of every game. We don’t care about the skins! So take your thumb outta your bum and release the update! The minecraft fans could have wrote the code and updated the game infinitely quicker that Microsoft. And does anyone know if we will have to restart a new world when emeralds are released? (At this rate, that update will be sometime in December 2018) Typically, 4j are ignoring all my twitters at them to ask. Which probably means that yes we will have to restart, again. Yaay Microsoft.

  • Mike

    Omg im losing excitement for the update srsly wtf release the damn thing already!!!

  • Guest

    Was my comment removed because I asked if we would have to restart AGAIN when we eventually get emeralds?!

  • Cameron Lankford

    Yes! New skins and 1.8.2 coming soon!

  • Jayfeather003

    my excitement is going down the trash everytime I get excited I think about how it it is not out today and it won’t be on saturday and sunday the we got another 3 days (at least) and I don’t think they are going to hurry up

  • UPDATE!!!!


  • Chucho

    Stop the BS already and tell us what is happening with the update? Should be out by now no?

  • Some guy

    I dont give two shits about skin packs, but ill continue to be patient about the update.

  • Nauhz

    Lol it’s Zisteau to the right for anyone who watches Mindcrack

  • Star

    Hurry up with the f*cking 1.8.2 update!

  • ”’****

    Hurry up with the f***ing 1.8.2 update

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremiah.medley Jeremiah Medley

    Will people plz shut up the update is in testing witch takes up to two weeks or so and its been week i beleave seens it went in so it should be out real soon

  • loosedthunder7

    the update should be toommaro why becouse its been ten days and they say it only takes 10 days so toomarro is the update if im wrong then why in the hell?… October 13 realese update! lets just hope im right

  • BatDood

    Okay, so let me get this straight. You’re confident enough with the update to live stream preview it for hours on end yet there’s still no release date? WTF? Who gives a flying crap about MORE skins?

  • BatDood

    Okay, so let me get this straight. You’re confident enough with the update to live stream preview it for hours on end yet there’s still no release date? WTF? Who gives a flying crap about MORE skins?

  • trevman 01

    10- 14 days either saturday or next wednsday so one of those 2

  • vargar

    if the 1.8 updade isn’t out today im going to buy a playstation and trade in my xbox

    • http://twitter.com/VKingAlbert VKingAlbert

      ps3 rules always

      • benminecraft

        why come on play XBLA !XBOX! live arcade then u strange person

      • theGTFOguy

        you fxxking weirdo a playstation person on a xbox website, ah get off you creeper

      • http://twitter.com/TheAlperMaker64 TheAlperMaker64

        You’re just jealous because Minecraft was not released on the ps3

    • Xen

      Oh thank god. And here I was thinking we were gonna have to start asking the impatient people to leave! lol

    • Your Failure Tastes Lulzy

      Ahahaha! Another little kid who thinks they can hold 4J or Microsoft to ransom by threatening to sulk.

  • FretfulHunter

    Oh for Fxxk sake more little skins, i want the update, i’m not mad at 4j studios or Microsoft, i’m only mad at the Cert Testing people are just fxxking with us >:(

    • FretfulHunter

      oh btw the skeleton skin looks weird

    • FretfulHunter

      Yeah i know my comment would get votes down probably some little fxxkers that actually like these weird skins that nobody really enjoys, the only skins i actually i enjoy on the xbox version are the Minecraft ones, but this skin pack kinda looks completely like shxt and the reason why we can’t make our own skins cuz of those little fxxks Rated E for bullshxt and then the pc version is laggy and buggy, and then phone version eats you battery, so it looks like minecraft is dying painfully

    • http://twitter.com/ArmedMr_piggy Ryan DeCamp

      the people in the cert testing are probably just as much of a noob as the people who livestreamed it. and if u agree u should up it.

  • http://twitter.com/TheAlperMaker64 TheAlperMaker64

    Yeah very nice. Now whats about the update???

  • http://www.facebook.com/shaun.g.palmer Shaun Gary Palmer

    When it comes down to it. There will be a bug fixing update soon enough anyway. Release it already. Actually. Scrap that. Im working loads over the weekend. Next monday is fine :)

  • http://twitter.com/VGfiend joka axeton

    This makes me so incredably mad it makes me wanna er GaHHHHHHHHH twist there eweww jam there fuk theres no use it will never come. :( i r sad

  • http://twitter.com/VKingAlbert VKingAlbert


  • xPM Bulbasaur

    Update Pl0x

  • Andy

    Wait.. They’re releasing the herobrine skin again?.. Isn’t it already in skin pack 1?

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.coleman.507 Marc Coleman

    do u only get 4 skins

  • http://www.facebook.com/brendan.jefferies.5 Brendan Jefferies

    will everyone be quiet it’s not 4jstudios choice to release it it’s microsoft’s while microsoft is doing the cert test 4j has time to make the new skin pack

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BRXP2UFLRIWHA2NS3DHQUMHY3Y youngblood_17

    microsoft you lazy cunts release the damn update

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BRXP2UFLRIWHA2NS3DHQUMHY3Y youngblood_17

    Lets see if Apple takes this long to certify games

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BRXP2UFLRIWHA2NS3DHQUMHY3Y youngblood_17

    microsoft sucks hahahaha

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BRXP2UFLRIWHA2NS3DHQUMHY3Y youngblood_17

      yes i agree

  • get over it

    would u people calm the fxxk down u act like there arent a billion other games out there. theres no point in gettin mad or freaking out over it. its not gonna make the update come any faster. itll be out when it come out. till then keep playing COD or halo or boarderlands or assassins creed or…(i can keep this up all day)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=755279303 Tyler Zorn

    Stop mucking about, and finish the test for 1.8.2. I know it is the season of game releases, but no one is gonna be excited about this until the update is out. When this was announced, I didn’t go, “Oh sweet! More skins!” Instead I just got more frustrated.

  • EliteKevin808

    I honestly would rather them put out a glitchy 1.8.2 than take sooooo long on testing it

    • Xen

      I couldn’t disagree more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mckayla.hibbert McKayla Renee Hibbert

    I’m supporting you guys all the way but can you guys hurry?? I’m sad that it’s not here yet….

  • http://twitter.com/G4ming4Lyfe Malalchi Lafferty

    THEY ARE IN A FRACKING SWAMP BIOME!!!! This is just to make us even more mad. We have waited 3 months for this! And the pocket edition had like 7 updates in the past few months! Microsoft needs to learn and xbla that we dont care about skins we care about the game and the updates this is a great game and they are ruining it because they are teasing us with this BS. I dont want to hate or anything but this is ridiculous! They obviously have the updates ready. Release it already.

  • Bite

    Honestly, I’m not as fustrated about the update taking so long as some but seeing the angry mob growing each day about this update you’d think we’d get a bit of information about how the cert test is going, seems like poor customer service to me. Also this post just shows they will still try to get money from us before posting the update which everyone can understand but no one is excited or wanting another skin pack while being in the dark about what they really want. 4j kept us posted, tweeting their progress and such, the most you give us is “still in cert”. Isn’t it time microsoft took the time to treat us with the same customer care that 4j did. I’m not saying release the update obviously, it would just be nice to know where everything stands and how it is going.

    • http://twitter.com/ArmedMr_piggy Ryan DeCamp

      i completely agree with you but ms cant do that in case the game developers are going to release dlc during the time it is there.

      • Bite

        I just think any small hint would be better than nothing though, even saying they found a few bugs or that they didn’t would ease alot of tension and help calm this situation with all the angry minecraft fans. Give information without giving to much. Also, for any other minecraft fans reading this and waiting for the update, try looking up the awesome seeds for 1.8.2 and give some thought as to what amazing creations you can make, and for those really bored you can try the indie game Xenominer, it’s a very unique spin off and for only 80ms points :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/JakeTupperware Jacob Tupper

    Stop whining about the update its still going through certification, atleast were getting something from them.

  • ToXiCnItEmArE98

    argggg its been 13 flaming days and youm guys still havent updated it

  • Brasilian Guy

    Yeah,one more skin pack! i buy the Skin pack 1 & 2, the 3 are amazing! the Skeleton and the Zombie Pigman are amazing, to idiots, about the update: Artists do the skin and the update is on MS Cert Test! the 4JStudios don´t have informations about how is going, watch the LIVESTREAM gameplay of 1.8.2 update! follow the 4JStudios tweets! N00BS!

  • 4JSteve

    To everyone wondering about the update i just want to inform that we have no control over what happens in the certification testing, Follow our twitter for an instant update when it has finished.

  • http://twitter.com/VGfiend joka axeton

    so were not getting the update right away.. were getting information on the update first….. thats a drag

  • 4JStudios

    well what would u all rather want 1. a game where the update doesn’t add much (or does and its really laggy) 2. or would u rather wait a little bit longer for a sick update wiv lots of stuff and no bugs or lag you choose

    • AnEvilVeg

      4j probably debugged carefully before releasing it to MSCT.

  • @4J Studios


  • @4J Studios

    what about chicken skin?????

  • http://twitter.com/VGfiend joka axeton

    they probably havent even started cert testing the update they released happy wars today that means theat was in cert testing aswell. they probably focused entirely on that because they would make money from it. they just neglect the over 80 million they made from minecraft because they allready got are money. this is probably why there has been no info at all since it got sent to them.

  • Really Microsoft?

    So this is what’s really been happening. I don’t believe any real “testing” has been happening they just walk around making skin packs that honestly none of us give a shit about.

  • Donnell K.

    I’m an Indie Game dev, and I can honestly do a better job with the Bug Testing than the entire staff of MS combined. All this BS about it still being “tested” is a total lie. 4J Studios has practically de-bugged the update aleady, so why all the excessive wait times? Why the livestreams and the comments saying “Nearly there, but not anytime soon. etc. etc.”? Because they don’t care about us. All they want is the money out of our wallets and purses for their purposes only.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sebastian.guerrerofuentes.1 Sebastian Guerrero Fuentes

    herobrine zombie

  • @4J Studios


  • @4J Studios

    they have been doing work it takes 10 to 12 days wait stop being retards and wait you faggots

  • OranBerry

    not liking the these 4… although i hope the other ones are better :/

  • Nick

    Frustrating that microsoft dont give any information on cert testing progress even a rough estimate. Hope it dont drag on to next week, cant wait much longer lol.

  • shad0w

    You guys in cert may want to pay attention to the fact that this entire page is filled with pissed off people. Thats a hint your doing something wrong.

  • PhantomK1D

    I can’t believe that people are so annoyed about the update, haven’t people taken into account that minecraft is one of the biggest games of all time so cert testing will most likely take longer than usual and, as one guy mentioned before, Microsoft doesn’t work on weekends, so take off 2 days and you’ve got 8 days, as well as the next two days! Can’t you just a little more patient and play some other game or get a life?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jzuberka Justin Zuberka

      dude really this update was supposedly coming out next week for the last month and a half… not all of that is M$’s fault but the last week or two is… it is not like they actually find any bugs in cert testing anyway (lighting, clay, etc.) so there is no reason that it should take any longer… n i pay money to xbox live each year as well as paying for all the games… i think as a consumer i deserve what i want when i want it… we only made them $80,000,000 off of minecraft so mayb ur right we should b more patient… lol

    • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

      Minecraft is an awesome game but there are more fun games like Wizard101! And if anyone is still like “I don’t care about the stupid skin pack we want the update!”, well first of all, you are alone on the one, and second of all, If you don’t appreciate that instead of them having fun and shit while the update is being tested, they actually spent their time making a skin pack so we could have even more fun! Everyone is a hater, that’s what I think!

  • dennis pilotti


  • Th3Cr0w

    I know everyone is upset because the update is taking time, but at least we were informed by 4J and PlayXBLA that it is still going.
    I just don’t like how they announced a skin pack and gave us zero detail on whats going to be in it.

  • josh

    if this comes before the update i am going to be pist

  • Theminecraftgeek/@applesjok

    And if you’re like “why do they have cert testing, just release the update!” , well, you’re 75% right! I for one think it’s stupid that they have to test it again when the update is done and it’s been tested by 4J! The reason why it’s 25% not right is because, they want us to have the best update we can get. This is why Notch will not allow Minecraft on Windows8, because they don’t want Cert testing or people having to pay for things like skins. And the only reason we have to pay for things like skins, is because Microsoft are money greedy, bastards, who don’t want bank every second!

  • Nick

    HOW BOUT YOU STOP WORKING ON OTHER POINTLESS STUFF AND COME OUT WITH THE UPDATE YOU’VE BEEN STALLING FOR MONTHS!!!! Oh wait 2 more weeks 2 more weeks no HOW BOUT NOWWW!!! Next time don’t tell us your coming out with an update till your close then tel us. Cause you’ve offically pissed off thousands. Congrats.

    • RHA27

      4j studios doesnt make the skins,they have nothing to do with it

  • http://twitter.com/FourTwentyTied FourTwentyTied

    Cant wait for the update! Havent even played in weeks, since they announced 1.8 is comming!

  • CustomXIV

    This is unacceptable. Millions of fans waiting for an update for a super popular game. Microsoft should’ve made releasing it their first priority.

  • Shadow

    Sooooo, You tell us about a new skin pack .. that nobody cares about(because who looks at their character when their playing minecraft…) And yet you regret to inform us about any news on the Update? it says as SOON as we have information WE CAN SHARE? Why cant you just share ALL information on how its going? whats so secretive that you cant tell us? I’m sure if something was wrong, you wouldn’t have told us until it was fixed right?

  • Programmer

    the skin pack looks about the same to me its just herobrine and mobs….. :(

  • Christian192037290101

    People, they dont know whats going on. They gave it to microsoft cert testing and in order for them to have any news on it the cert team would have to tell them, they didnt tell them anything so they dont have any news, what dont you understand about that?

  • http://twitter.com/BrandonMulcahy1 Brandon Mulcahy


  • roger

    If this update isnt out within these next three days i will cancel my xbox live membership and switch to a ps3 and get free internet…….You have been stalling and stalling…..So i am not waiting any longer if it isnt out monday. Xbox will never see me with a gold membership again……..
    like if you agree


    make a chiken skin

  • The Social Experiment

    Dear Microsoft

    Could you please delay the update release by at least 2 more months. I’m interested in seeing if it’s possible for any of these screaming brats to die from a terminal tantrum.

    Thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.taylor.399 Dylan Taylor

    It would suck if they finished certification with it then put a release date on it instead of applying it right away

  • Jimmy

    Love skin packs =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.lovato.52 Robert Lovato

    =u[ still no update that sucks

  • Some mad guy


  • Chris

    So…anybody have a guessing date on when the update may be released?

  • http://www.facebook.com/buizel.wolf Buizel Wolf

    i like the herobrine zombie c:

  • http://www.facebook.com/erodriguezochoa Randomass Person

    awesome, more crappy skins… how bout them texture packs?

    oh and the rest of you guys are beeotching to the wrong people about the update..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004090968046 Austin Phibbs

    Please hurry im starting to get bored of minecraft :(

  • Minecraft guy lol

    Hey everyone lets send some creepers down to microsft and scare them into releasing the update. Lol

  • EpicMonkey

    Everybody just wait patiently!

  • Olof

    All of you are obviously not following 4j on twitter. It isn’t up to them when the update is released. It is up to microsoft.

  • nick young

    i think that they are realesing skin pack 3 with update

  • person

    give me an update bitch

  • person

    if we dont stop saying bad words 4j is gona keep the update to them selfves o wait they already did that

  • norwale

    y do u hate us microsoft not letting us play minecraft 1.8.2 :(

  • HolyxRebelKid

    Please release the update…. i mean honestly….10 days going onto the 11th and yet no news what so ever on the progress nor a potential date of release…all we got was a tweet from 4J Studios saying no hearings from the cert team means so far no bugs. But 10 days? a bit much dont you think? Atleast give everyone some news of whats going on, on the progress through Certing.

  • halo


  • @4J Studios

    i like the skin pack thats cool

  • @4J Studios

    and people its not up to us to release the update yet microsoft cert testing must give it back to us for releaseing if they dont find any bugs please wait were waiting just like you

  • MC360live

    Dipshits give them time

  • Justin80

    You guys have been working on this update when 1.7 was being that more than 4 months!

  • Michael Barker

    Can everyone stop whining ?

  • Anrrmalprrsn

    Stop getting so upset. Im angry to that it didnt come out. my friends keep asking and to make them happy i have to keep saying ”maybe next week” but no then 1 month later they still didnt release it. Im sure they are working very hard on it though. I mean, if you update it, the people who will only buy for creative mode will buy it. so microsoft, this is towards you, ”i know you want money, so update it and get the money!”

  • Lulz


  • Anthony


  • KennyKraft

    wait…..did the pc version took longer

  • nick young


  • http://twitter.com/VeryDisturbed82 louie

    stop making skins and make a texture pack i’m not buying any more stuff until i get a texture pack

  • jesus234234234234234234

    Wen do the gurl skins com?

    • jesus234234234234234234

      also wat size cup do they have?

  • Wowowowowowowow

    Dus te 1.8 updat com weth boobs 4 gurl skinz?

    • Dcupgurlz

      ef y’all give me mayonnaise id to happy be obliged.

  • Slipperydipper

    Yee!!1 i wun boobs fer my girl sken plzzzz!!!

    • I’m a D-Cup-Tatoe!

      Duz 1,8 havv flying in te game cuz microsoft suks and 4j wowwwww lung >:((((

      • uRMamie

        mikrosoft dosn sukz its ur mamie butt!

        • I’mAFirin’MyLazor:)

          Ur al stuped! is Notchz fult. He is stuped en wunt gev et to ussz uRMamie111

          • pEn1S dud3

            tit raley hart mai feeelllings, sais yur sory :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ( . Y . )

          • Boobieman69

            I think Boobs are funz, im hungyyyy

          • i think color pencils…

            y@ sh0ld b3 m0r3 apr0pr13t…..

          • ???Penis???Booobs???

            If my mamzy said shes funnzy you beter right a bok abot financial dickz

  • Jesus’s crouch?

    Hiey my Grandmammy Workz for 4j and micropoft and he seid that They are just a bunch of BALLZ

    • i eat babies….

      if my dooda saw yar f00t then he w0uld s1t all 0v3r y0ur h@ir

  • bob

    Up date and skins hurry up

    • buttseqs

      1′m g01ng t0 m@k3 y0u 3@t th053 w0rdz

  • craig

    Also can u do the yogscast skin

    • Jesusismymammy

      Your Gay

  • Hairynips

    If microsoft and 4j studios had a baby it would be my mammy mixed with a little white cause im half cracker?

  • brandon

    Microsoft testing is pretty poor as far as timing and being informative goes. I attempted to get an indie game i made approved by them, nothing big or really that amazing, but it took over 2 months just to here any type of update, it went through cert testing, some rating test, and countless other tests without the slightest info given to me. I couldn’t even get an update on my own product! Never the less it wasnt approved. (im not a game designer so no big deal, i mostly wanted to see what the process was like at the time, and this was about a year ago.) But when it comes down to it, Microsoft doesn’t reveal much about these “tests” but even the slightest info would calm some people down.

  • Alex McCall

    honestly no more excitement left i just gave up

  • chandler

    When that update is cooming in the next week tweet it to me

  • braydon morgan

    im starting to like minecraft less and less every day untill the update comes out

  • Andy

    Minot being a stubborn b***h about the update and going to complain but here is something to keep in mind. Notice how it took them a couple of days to pull a skin pack together and test it to sell? Or going to Call Of Duty their map pa k testing takes. 5 days in cert testing those maps are also very glitchy? So why is it taking so long is Microsoft hating on 4j for getting the top sales on a game in the last 5 or more years or are they just holding us back so they can sell the skin pack or is Microsoft really testing something this time?

  • ownerpure9

    We want the update this week end!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001891233861 Jack Harrigan

    Can’t wait for new skins and can’t wait for 1.8.2 update this friday i hope keep up the good work

  • 4JStudios

    Jeez be pationt people jesus

    • minecraftjesus

      im pretty sure the real 4J studios knows how to spell patient…

  • Mr.Trololo


  • http://www.facebook.com/william.mclean.716 William McLean

    I am pactint but 4j stouids said the update would be in september


    I understand we have to wait. But they haven’t found nothing so we should be good

  • Pissed

    I’m done. If they release it in more than 5 days, I’m not buying minecraft for xbox. Money whores.

  • matt

    Xen is gay

  • http://twitter.com/TylerRobey Tyler ELLIE Robey

    I see all these complaints and all these comments, like about how MS shouldn’t be making us pay more money , and how they should give us hints.. but no one stopped to notice they are ignoring everything we say.. ignore our tweets our ideas and for what so they can get more money with skin packs and make us buy a version of a great game down graded to the point of being bored after 5 mins, for a sum of what did they make in the first 10 hours 20 million dollars?? and then having the cheek to make us pay for more skins.. i think they should get the update out soon people are going to get really angry.

  • Epic_Super_Sonic

    u guys r homos

  • Mr. TheWalkingDead

    will these skins be coming with 1.8.2?

  • Jay Hama

    Can’t people wait for at least a week?? Look how far we come from even having minecraft on the Xbox. be thankful that microsoft is actually taking every second of their lives to make ‘YOUR’ game better. And what are you doing? Complaining that it’s taking TOOOOO LLOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Wait a week and see how happy you’ll be knowing Microsoft took time out of their lives to make yours better..

  • tre

    they need to hurry people are quiting. because it takes to long and updates for other games are faster than this hurray up.

  • Rick Roll

    {Read This}
    Am from the future
    and its 2049
    and the update
    is still in cert test

  • ben

    The update is here everybody

  • Jason

    Guys the 1.8.2 update has arrived today.go check the game now it will ask you to update to 1.8.2
    on minecraft.Its Amesome, i cant believe it just come today Yay. :D

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