Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets An Update, Coming Soon!

That’s right! Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will be getting an update that will make your mining and building experience even more fun! Click Read More to check out the list off changes, additions, and fixes that you’ll be seeing in the update and stay tuned to PlayXBLA as we’ll have more information about this update and its release!






Changes and Additions:

- Added an option to clear the quick select bar in the creative interface.

- Added an option to enable or disable bedrock fog, and set to off by default.

- Added an option to toggle the HUD off/on.

- Added an option to turn the player hand off/on.

- Added a crafting recipe for Golden Apples.

- Added a crafting recipe for Pumpkin Seeds.

- Made cakes stackable.

- Added a How To Play page for Host and Player options.


- Fix for a problem with signs in online games causing crashes.

- Fix for save renaming deleting the wrong save due to input received during the confirmation flow.

- Fix to the mob generation code to increase the number of animals in the world.

- Fix for chests being incorrectly lit, and rotated for maps from previous versions.

- Fix for problem with the eating animation being shown for players who weren’t eating.

- Fix for problem with chest lids not behaving properly.

- Fix for animals looking like they were taking damage when they shouldn’t.

- Fix for some sounds not playing when the player has an empty hand.

- Fix for lever sounds.

- Fix for fence gate sounds.

- Fix for splitscreen players sometimes having their settings zeroed.

- Fix for being damaged while flying over lava.

- Fix to stop lava, milk and water buckets being empty after use in creative mode.

- Fix for Leader of the Pack achievement being awarded incorrectly.

- Fix for leaderboard stats issue where value stored was incorrect.

- Fix for hitbox problems with glass panes and iron fence.

- Fix for small character display changing color to green.

- Fix for map rendering incorrectly in some situations with clouds disabled.

- Fix for block rendering problem at the edge of the map.

- Fix for splitscreen players not being able to mine in the tutorial.

- Fix for players not being able to sprint/sprint-fly in creative mode if the player was previously in survival mode with a low food bar.

- Fix for arrow damage not being ignored when PvP is turned off.

- Fix for activated pressure plates not working correctly.

- Fix for the low food bar hint appearing when loading a game in creative mode (usually the tutorial world saves).

- Fix to remove the player shadow when the Invisible option in the Host Privileges is used.

- Fix for Red Roses not being generated on the terrain.

- Fix for paintings being pushed by pistons.

- Fix so that players who can’t eat, due to the Trust Players option being off, do not get exhausted.

- Fix for the interface disappearing after a Share to Facebook action.

- Fix to limit the number of Slimes, Ghasts and Silverfish that can be spawned in a world.

- Fix for the cursor position in creative mode being able to go offscreen.

- Fix for players showing on maps when they should not be, after the player dies and respawns.

- Fix for capes displaying wrongly when sprint-flying.

- Fix for capes not displaying in the Nether.

- Fix for capes not displaying when the player respawns.

- Fix for tools taking damage in Creative Mode.

- Fix so Bows don’t need or use up Arrows in Creative Mode.

- Reduced the volume of the chest open/close sound effect

  • Lewis Pepper

    When will this Bug Fix roughly be out?

  • http://www.facebook.com/matheus.marchetti.1 Matheus Marchetti

    The bedrock fog option will be set by the host or the players?

    • Chikka Bow Wow

      Pretty sure by the players, one of the factors that made 4J decide to toggle void fog was that it was a bother to some people with vision impairments

  • XboxMC

    WTF! No Enchantment Table! :(

    • ACFan120

      That’s next update.

    • CosmicLyrics

      this is just a fix update, not a major one. the major one with enchanting, levels, breeding and such will be a bit later

  • sans gluten

    “Reduced the volume of the chest open/close sound effect”… almost had a heart attack the first time I heard the new chest sound ;)

    • Janet

      Amen on that one just knew everyone in house must have woke up

    • http://www.facebook.com/mad.masseria.5 Mad Masseria

      Ilmao…me too!

  • sans gluten

    Very thankful for these fixes and improvements.
    Really hoping some harder to obtain achievements get released in the future.
    There’s not too many games on the 360 that I’ll continue to sink a lot of time into after getting all the achievements… but Minecraft is just way too much fun to stop playing :)

  • ECH3L0Nx

    Enchanting and brewing? Where is it?

    • XBLA Helpers

      That is going to be in the 1.2.3 Update!

  • Shadowagent

    You people are so ungrateful for how much work has already been put into this. And besides the fact that this is a bug fix update. Not some massive update.
    Brewing and enchanting is around 1.1

    • Satan

      Lol I bet you where like then Ungrateful people when they where doing the bug fix for 1.7.3 so STFU

    • Leitrimhawks

      Dipshit theyre not repleasing 1.1 -.- its gonna be 1.9 to 1.2 or just straight to 1.2 so STFU

      • Newwave102

        You said 1.2 twice so STFU

        • mcginleyshot

          he ment to so STFU

  • http://twitter.com/phil12mott Philip Mottershead

    Looking forward good additions/fixes

  • http://twitter.com/RayRusoe1 Ray Rusoe

    For all you impatient people out there, It’ll take another couple months before the next actual update comes out. This is simply a bug fix with some things that were forgotten that should have been there normally.

    TL;DR – Wait.

    • http://twitter.com/BroomyCraft BroomyCraft

      ye. 1.8.2 took around 2 months, I think. So going from 1.8.2′s Bug fix to 1.2.3 will probably take a lot longer. I will be fine with waiting for the update since i’ll have CoD, Halo, AC3, Borderlands to play

      • Quinn

        I’ll be just fine with Minecraft, now that we have Creative Mode. If any of you want to come see a pretty decent world (which isn’t all made in creative, since I have the server since the beginning of MCXBOX) you’re welcome to send a message to ChronicGalaxy.

  • i love minecraft

    where are inchantments

    • http://twitter.com/SeaElectro seangraham

      this is not the enchanting 1.2.3 update, its the 1.8.2 bug fix update

  • http://twitter.com/ipwnallyou Wilson Carvalho

    it is a bug fix not 1.2.3.,there will not be enchantments ,maybe 1.2.3. will be between January and March 2013

  • BradJH5

    I’m grateful for the amount of work that gets put into this game, but I hate how they release tweets that seem like they’ve come a lot further than they have. 4J released back to back tweets one saying minecraft xbox 360 is getting an update soon!! And another saying bug fix update is coming out…Stop teasing us, if you don’t think a 1.1 update will be coming out till March 2013 (just stating a random date in the future) that’s fine, and if you place it far enough ahead that and you get the projected completed before the date I garuntee minecraft fans will go nuts with excitement and you’ll look like a hero 4J! (Also I undestand there is more to this then us gamers actually get to see, I just wanted to rant for a minute)

  • Dan J

    Can we get a fix for maps to load in while in online gameplay? This is the most annoying part.

  • Ech0 x PwNStAr

    .1.9.1 pre-release actually dickhead

    • krutik

      The next update is called the 1.2.3 and the one we just got is 1.8.2. There isn’t a 1.9 update

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelCiccone5 Michael Ciccone

    will the generation problem where most of the world is ocean biome ever be fixed?

  • Toadscraft

    im extremely grateful for the invisible fix cause everytime i want to scare someone , they say oh i see your shadow, nice try noob

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619206463 Richard Adam Lummus

    Everybody stay calm and don’t panic. This is merely a bug fix patch. I am sure that Mojang and 4J have heard all of our numerous outcries about enchanting and experience, and I am sure they will add that soon.

  • InfoForTheIgnorant

    4j studios actually said enchanting along with bug fixes in a tweet so for all you people calling others ungrateful, hop off.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.l.george.1 Daniel Lfch George

      Actually, 4j studios did not say enchantment with bug fix, they said the bug fix list would be released today and that they were working on the enchantment table, xp, breeding, and a few other things. Go look on twitter.

  • BluishArcher

    unlimited bows?………………………………Yaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

  • http://twitter.com/xxtreeme_player Mark

    just a little note I just saw this myself. you have in the top description thing ‘off’ instead of ‘of’. :)

  • http://twitter.com/xxtreeme_player Mark

    oh yeah and great work to 4J by the way they have been doing a wonderful job with the game and great job to you guys promoting it. Thanks!! :)

  • sodapop19

    great job guys! glad to hear about this now playing a legit world we be easier since the animals will spawn now:)

  • Irish Dave

    About Time :)

    Roll on the 1.9 update

    • http://twitter.com/BroomyCraft BroomyCraft

      it’s going to be 1.2.3. So they will be doing one big update but I prefer them doing one piece at a time 1.9 then the next and so on but as long as we almost catch up to PC i’ll be happy. 1.4 on Xbox could be out next October. The reason is because i’m sure it was called ‘The Scary Update’ so it could tie with next Halloween. Just a prediction tho.

  • isaiblack

    me la pelan

  • aR x Jobo

    Wait LESS Slime on flat world right? Cus if not i would be soo pissed bc theres already barely any slime in my god damn world im on the right chunk btw so.

    • Anonymous

      Be sure to light up the surrounding area as much as you can to limit the spawnable area for other mobs. But I’m with you, though… I *PRAY* that it only applies to superflat worlds, also.

  • Finn

    Wait so ulimited Bucket of lava, & Water?

    • Minedude

      In creative mode

      • http://www.facebook.com/mad.masseria.5 Mad Masseria

        this is the best of the fixes. My whole world is lava and water based theme. What a pain it has been.

  • HeyItzRichy

    One thing I saw that wasn’t on this list was that chicken spawned from eggs turned invisible after save quit but this could just be me… I also did build my area were I was hatching them at spawn so….

  • Sanguinebro

    love what has been done so far, but I think there should be an option to let players not trusted to open doors, eat, and activate switch, buttons, and pressure plates… me and my brother are making a massive maze and we was going to make it so no one can dig, but we have doors and switches in it as puzzles… so now we will have to follow them and make sure they don’t cheat and just dig…

    • http://twitter.com/BroomyCraft BroomyCraft

      That wat I want. So people can’t break blocks but they should be able to open a chest or push a button. So that it will make Hunger games easier to play and that nobody can cheat.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mad.masseria.5 Mad Masseria

      Come check out my 3D Lava and Water Maze. The whole thing is completely encased in glass.

  • Cieran100

    Will sky block be in the update

    • ur_real_dad

      So many things wrong with this question……

  • Anonymous

    let me just say THANK YOU!!! for lowering the chest volume

  • Jahoono

    Did they fix the unlimited bonus chest?

  • Assassin3636

    Hi this looks awesome.:D

  • http://www.facebook.com/mauricio.zamcisneros Mauricio Zam Cisneros

    and will have experience and incantations table

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Diego-Uriel-Astorga-Diaz/100002334170247 Diego Uriel Astorga Diaz

    Ejercito pajero de duxativa

  • chris

    I can’t wait when is it fonding out

  • humperdink714

    WTF is wrong with u ppl, the post said BUG FIX UPDATE not somethin about a major update all of u that posted askin about enchantments obviously don’t kno how long it takes to do coding for a game

  • Love minecraft


  • Minecrafter

    Wait, are going to craft Golden Apples with just plain gold ingots? Because in PC Minecraft, Golden Apples are crafted with gold nuggets.

    • http://twitter.com/BroomyCraft BroomyCraft

      It’s gold ingots in the meantime since the nuggets is going to added with 1.2.3. Ofc gold apples will be expensive but might have some use for the gold you still have.

  • matty

    I am glad that I should be able to get food from animals since I only tend to find wolves and happy to hear about the problems that will be fixed.

  • http://twitter.com/reikokarimehala reiko-karim ehala

    is the glitch for free minecraft when your friend has mc fixed? havent played since 1.8

  • http://twitter.com/ryosukebule 呂布 


  • 4j studios

    1.2 update is almost finished

    • http://www.facebook.com/mad.masseria.5 Mad Masseria

      You guys take your time…it will be worth it. Would love to show you my masterpiece on mcxb360.

    • TheLieDetector.

      Im not trying to be mean, But i dont think your the REAL 4j studios, Wouldnt you have a account and a profile Pic? anyone can be 4j Studios and say that

  • goggs

    lol 4j you just helped greifers by lowering the sound of the chest

    • http://www.facebook.com/mad.masseria.5 Mad Masseria

      Simple….do not trust anyone. Legit peeps will be ok with blocked access.

  • updateU


  • Taylor

    Thank you for this update! I really needed it because those bugs were getting on my last nerves!Cannot wait for this one and the next one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/hecg123 Hector J Gonzalez

    what about slimes when i kill the big ones they dont split off.

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.g.lackner John G. Lackner

      Hit em with a block or torch not a sword, or place and pick up a bucket of lava in their path splits them fast without all the effort

  • tsetse

    unbelieveable how long this takes… with so much money i thought there work more than 3 people on this game :D

  • http://twitter.com/carlos9255 killercarlos92

    is there going to be achanting tables and positions and XP in the update

    • Nogreifnotfun

      In the next one there will be

  • antony

    thanks but do you can make that we can teleport and thow the ender pearls?

  • Ernest

    yeah thanks mojang

  • Jbob

    Is there enchanting tables

  • arturoboss

    a question not going to add that animals will follow me with the wheat???

    • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.nuckles.7 Brandon Captain K’nuckles Nuck

      Yes they will follow you with wheat, that’s a part of the breading addition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.airhart William Airhart

    what about the little glitch with the chest at eye level the line to slpit bottom from top moves

  • dfsafs

    fix the bug of the ilumination of the map

  • http://www.facebook.com/lewis.trigg1 Lewis Trigg

    i can’t wait for his update to come out

  • Matthew

    When are you going to enchantment tables and brewing stands and water bottles and bottle potions

    • UltimateNOOB

      That update will hopefully be done in January.These are just bugs for the 1.8.2 update.Everytime theres an update there will ALWAYS be bugs.

  • pigout666

    Capes? WAT?

  • bobsaggett

    please fix mob traps

  • Aren

    While everyone says “I hope it comes sooner” they must be thinking “Lets just make them wait a little longer…”

  • ethan

    Would it he possible to make to world higher so u can place more blocks in the air when building skyscrapers because I’m currently making a pixel art if Brian in the banana suit peanut butter jelly time and I can’t go any higher than I need to

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.nuckles.7 Brandon Captain K’nuckles Nuck


  • djdakingmadison

    All my worlds got deleted when i updated at my friends house v


    i love minecraft on the computer i made a night and rain sensor


      i love minecraft because i made a TNT Cannon


        black ops 2 is awsome because i go on the bus with friends and killing all the zombies outside of the bus! :D


    On the computer i made a flamethrower on minecraft!:D

  • DanBeddow

    Whats with all the rage on this comment section?

  • spider problem

    i really hope they fix the size of the cave spiders… they shouldd only take up 1 block but they are the size of normal spiders

  • Ultiman00b117

    When’s it coming out?

    • UltimateNOOB


  • PoonTangJuice14

    they should have hunger games severs and reg servers for online play

  • Ryan

    Can you please make the super flat world a bit deeper 3 blocks isn’t enough to build a proper basement if not don’t worry its not a big deal

  • Tyler

    Can someone create something for the Xbox 360 edition? I would like a mode called apocalypse mode in which you fight off rounds of zombies until the match is over and you get to build and prepare for the next match.

  • xXmAtRiCkSXx

    Holy, it’s just a game don’t cry to you moms and dads about this

  • ddddaman

    That is alot of fixes

  • Amanda

    It would be really cool if the flat land maps had an option to choose how high you wanna start from the bedrock… Sometimes 3 blocks isnt enough….

  • underdone

    has anyone had an issue with not being able to sprint after the update?

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