Minecraft Master Chief Skins Revealed!

Quit pinching yourself already! The 343 Industries announcement of Master Chief in Minecraft is the kind of stuff  gamer dreams are made of, but believe me it’s REAL. I have already planned out a personal screenshot album featuring Master Chief dispatching all manner of Minecraft foes wielding a diamond sword! Get ready for more pinching because the Master Chief skin in this preview. That’s right, it gets EVEN better. The additional four featured skins in today’s preview include SquidMan,  ‘Splosion Man Scientist Danklef, Old-School Trials Evolution, and Wizard! Click Read More to check out all the amazing screenshots and pricing!

Check out the amazing preview screenshots for today’s Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition skin themes! I’ve also posted a thumbnail gallery of all the skins announced this below today’s preview! I can’t give a date for when the skin themes will be available, but I can confirm the the cost will be only 160 MSP! Stay tuned for more Minecraft announcements posting soon!


Minecraft Skins Minecraft Skins Minecraft Skins Minecraft Skins



Check out the gallery below to check out all the skin theme previews!