Minecraft Launch Date Tease

Hi Everyone. See that number over there? That’s how many days till we announce Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition‘s official launch date. We’ll post it here at PlayXBLA first, so check back early and often on Thursday! And by the way, the game’s official name is Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to distinguish it from the PC game. We’re still trying to decide how to give away the two stunning custom Minecraft Xboxes we had made, so if you have any ideas, write them in the comments. Personally, I like a Minecraft fan-fiction contest, and XBLA Alex is leaning towards an in-game creation…

UPDATE: If you go to today’s countdown post (the one with the “1″), you can see a teaser screen for an unannounced new XBLA game we’ll be revealing at PAX East…

  • http://gowindowsgo.com Sam Sabri

    Awesome! Can’t wait :)

  • Ratboy619

    cant wait get in

  • http://twitter.com/sansglu10 sans gluten


    Using the game to create something in hopes to win one of those custom Xboxes sounds like an awesome idea.

  • Virsugonewild

    Seems legit…

    • Guest

      … it is. What reason would they have to lie to you? They can have a projected release date by then.

  • RaduPhantom

    is this official?

    • Guest

      On the official XBLA blog, run by Microsoft?
      No, its totally fake!

      • RaduPhantom

        srry man but i don’t kno what to trust…..i was really dissapointed on 17th march….

        • HuskyKurai

          thats because they dont release arcades on saturdays, only wednesdays

          • RaduPhantom

            Yeah but i felt like i could trust wiki

          • guest

            its freaking wiki people by now should know anybody can edit a wiki page i can go edit it right now saying its coming tomorrow

  • Ipwnedacup

    it better be way before august..

  • Frank Meijer

    Pixel art competition obviously!

  • Luigi Minecrafter

    can’t wait! )

  • http://twitter.com/I_r_Teh_Cheese Graham

    Would this be enough to win one considering the other submissions?


    • XBLA_Alex

      *tear* how well you know me….

      • http://twitter.com/I_r_Teh_Cheese Graham

        That isn’t even my best one! *smugface*

        • Huskykurai

          you cant exactly prove its your picture when its a different sign-in name to the link and such.

          • http://twitter.com/I_r_Teh_Cheese Graham

            Okay, give me a way to prove it. I’ll make a video! Put it on youtube, look out for new videos being uploaded by http:www.youtube.com/user/tubeutit in the next 8 hours.

          • Huskykurai

            so your going to waste the XBLA’s time to watch a video of some1 proving that they made a picture. that isnt going to help in a contest that, i say again, DOES NOT EVEN EXIST YET.

      • http://twitter.com/I_r_Teh_Cheese Graham

        Wait, are you an admin on this site? :o

        AND a Brony/Pegasister?! :DDD

    • Huskykurai

      they haven’t even MADE a contest. didnt you read it?

      • http://twitter.com/I_r_Teh_Cheese Graham

        Just saying, better to get in early than late :P

        • Shadowclone46

          *extends brohoof* /)

        • Huskykurai

          there isnt even a contest up. are you not understanding that? you posting an example which may or not even be yours. theres nothing to ‘get in early’ for something that doesnt currently exist.

    • jabbawocki

      that is extremely gay

    • Some_Guy_On_Xbox_LIVE


    • Wolf Of Fortune

      I think… that you… should win, Both. Period. End of story.

  • Sweet_cherry2002

    Custom Minecraft xbox? Umm yes please. I’m in.

  • Vasidius

    One should be pixel art, and the other unique redstone creations!

    • Huskykurai

      It doesnt help when theres people who may just take a map from someones uploads and claim it as their own, along with those who have used redstone in ways nobody has ever seen or tired before. Its really pushing it to a very small group limiting it to the pro’s only.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TieGuyTravis Travis Northup

    I know how you can give away those Xboxes. How about you give them away to the person that comes up with the best way to give them away? I’ll take mine now, please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brianbledsoe Brian Bledsoe

    I like the fan fiction idea – excited for the game to hit!

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I like too — I can write but I can’t draw! :)

  • HuskyKurai

    Why not a player that can build an Xbox with or without accessories and give some minimal block dimensions. (The Xbox’s minimal height or length if laying down, Minimal length of a controller from top edge to top edge, Size of a games casing…) whatever you want to have specifics of. Seems more fair to non creative users who cant draw a flat picture of a Pony or a Pokemon or some other game character. Its easier to model a box with a few curves but still enough for ‘accessories’ to give creative ones an edge and show their skill if needed. Course the xbox’s would probably copy their colors released like the Resident Evil red, Halo 3 and Halo Reach metallic, Black Elites, etc.

  • Nils Drescher

    So…there’s an announcement for an announcement…?

    • http://twitter.com/InfamousRunaway Ryan Cook

      Maybe the the announcement of the release date will be the release date so maybe it will release Thursday! I don’t think they release xbox arcade games on Thursdays but maybe they’ll make an exception for minecraft.

      • Huskykurai

        theres no reason to say there will be a date for a date and then make it the actual date. microsoft isnt going to break there own guidelines for any game, even halo which they’ve worked with for many years. there probably going for 1 week or hype with avatar items, the next with a week of waiting and letting people buy points to be ready for it. also seems more like next week seeing as they are doing this thursday which is RIGHT after wed WHICH gives US 6+ days to get prepared

  • Ipwnedacup

    this is actually really stupid.. now we’ll have to wait another 2-3 months id say… when we thought itd be some time this month.. fuck minecraft..

  • http://angryfacing.com Nick

    Give away the Xbox 360s at PAX to players who play the XBLA edition. If you play it, you get entered to win the Xbox! That’d be pretty cool. :)

    • Huskykurai

      then the people at PAX should make their own skinned xbox’s. it kills the concept of the XBLA making them

  • Ipwnedacup

    people why even enter the contest? thousands of people will probably enter and how many people can win? twooo… dont even give in to their idiotic contests.. youre more likely to get a grand invitation from the queen of england to play hop scotch on the popes crotch, with midget african men.. who live in 1 10th scale replicas of the white house made out of limburger cheese and dried up crayons.. that have melted in the sun.. then to win that contest..

    • Anonymous

      Actually we calculated the odds, and you’re much more likely to get the 360.

      • stedyjay


    • Guests

      Got a letter today of HmS the queen , says something about hop scotch, Limburger cheese and crayons. I’m not goin to reply I think she’s taking the p.

    • XxTraumaBeatsxX

      lmao lolololololololol

  • boomheadshot1254

    It better be released before June :/.

    • Bladestorm175

      Should be, considering June isn’t exactly “early 2012″

  • http://twitter.com/DesiringCod Zachaeus Medneslon


  • Junthebun

    Minecraft is fit on PC
    imagine how fit it is going to be on Xbox <3

  • Rothwell Luke

    RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for the giveaway)

  • Drxdeathxdefying

    I say give them to me!

  • johnnydean1

    For the contest, you should do something like, “What feature do you want to see added to Minecraft: XBOX 360 edition”. Pick the best 2.

  • Siege918


  • http://twitter.com/Terrificy Jake

    A fanfiction contest sounds the most fun, especially since Minecraft more or less doesn’t have a story. Bring it!

    • Jonathan B

      How about building the most accurate depiction of Tom Selleck from an aerial view using only diamonds.

  • Fabrice54130

    Sorry Minecraft release date is 22?

    • Bubbadj32

      NO, they’re announcing the RELEASE DATE for when it comes out. This isn’t counting down to when Minecraft is released, its just saying that this is when we will hear the ACTUAL release date

  • Anonymous

    Since there are two why not two contests? One that takes skill and another that takes luck. Sadly a lot of us have no talent in creating things. Of course I may be one sided on that since I don’t write fiction or really have any artistic abilities.

  • Rabidyoshi

    you should do a what would you do if you won this console?

  • Mulock3

    Great the day I leave for an Orchestra trip at 3 in the morning. I think I might just die now, oh and for the contest idea how about the people who can survive the biggest creeper attack with one other mate(bro, sis, friend) the longest given only 10 minutes to build, on survival

  • Mud Block

    Why do days seem so much longer when you want something?

  • Cefeav

    Sent them into space like they did with the mass effect games.

  • Bubbadj32

    Finally some legit info thats not a rumor!

  • Groverglover

    This is the most crappy crap ever in the whole history of gaming – A release date for a release date?! Pathetic, the stupid brick heads should just bring the stinking game out NOW!

  • Joncerr

    You should make a draw to pick the people that posted something that is an idea

  • Ghostskull66

    Let’s hope it comes out in early April

  • ll_Y00_ll


    • http://twitter.com/andeeyt Andee

      YES YES YES, U really hope that happens! Given the fact that it was given an official ESRB rating today.

    • Hectorbarrera


      • caleb boreland

        how do you know

        • Drxdeathxdefying

          he doesnt hes just a person spreading another rumour

          • XBLA_Alex

            This post is a countdown to the announcement date :) Meaning the release date listed above is impossible to hit :)

          • Drxdeathxdefying

            that is what ive been saying >.<

          • Some_Guy_On_Xbox_LIVE


      • Abel3


      • Minecraft4life

        link me that website please

      • Darkron444


      • Getnjr

        Yea Rite -_-… WHAt im just saying

      • MetalBrain

        nope, wrong still not out

    • Vp1402

      Great idea. How come u guys would say march17 then march 21 then some
      other random date just release the game instead of making people angry about there own assumptions just release this game I mean like so many people want to play it. Why make are you keeping the game from your fans it was a bad idea in my eyes to announce the game the hold it in front of them and say nope cant play it that’s how its looks to some people but over all you guys should release the game this does not seem fair if the game is made then finish up on it and release it its a great idea you’ll make money’s. this may seem I’m taking this to far but I think it would be great to release this game right now people are way too riled up about this minecraft xbox360 Release date thing. So if you find what I’m saying matters then hopefully you will release the game that I so most definetly will play for a long titimeand ill enjoy it to I’m also new to minecraft and are really bad at using.g the mouse and keyboard and its all I can play untill I buy this game. But please release the game please like if you cared or think wat I said matters to any of you guys just my thoughts by.

      • Kierancolfer

        That’s exactly right there just p*ssing off alot of people. they say one release date and then they change it.
        Im not surprised if this one is wrong too.

        • Drxdeathxdefying

          i agree with both of you but kierancolfer. they never gave a release date .. all they said was spring 2012. nothing more nothing less

          • E7ERNALOVE

            Actually they said winter 2011 last year so you’re wrong

          • Huskykurai

            actually hes not wrong, hes just not up to date with the 2 previous dates. and the first day of spring is here, atleast thats what i read. happy spring

          • Minecraft4Life

            no they didnt they said spring 2012 at Mincon. get your facts right noob

          • Vp1402

            Winter kind of past so your wrong

          • Kieran Colfer

            But On The Official Minecraft Wiki, it said the release date was on the 17th March the 20th March.

          • Anonymous

            It’s a wiki, anyone can edit it and put what they want. At GDC they said the expected release date was the 17th but it was bound to change. Since Microsoft only releases arcade games on wednsdays the 17th was an unlikely date. I was looking at the 28th or the week after that since spring started yesterday. Either way we’ll know tomorrow.

          • Jbob2015

            The release was first intended for the winter then it was pushed back…

        • Vp1402

          I have been very angry with the fact I still need to wate more time but know depending on the release date I hope it comes out this march because this looks really fun me and my friend bought 1600 Microsoft points and waited till 12:00 it rodent come out so we stayed up longer till 5 in the morning talking on xbox live and playing a games similar to. minecraft soon we just gave up waiting I understand what you meen but I don’t meen it in that way don’t be angry if that’s how you feel then that’s fine but if poppet stopped making up release dates and slamming them then maybe Microsoft would release I’m not sure if that’s the case but maybe so lets hope tha game is released sometime this spring . I would be so happy I meen if this game was released I would be speech less

      • Freerangepirate

        The only OFFICIAL realease date given after they realised that it would not be ready for November 2011 was 2nd quarter, 2012. We are still in the first quarter. The march 17 and 21 dates were on Wikipedia that anyone can edit, don’t ever rely on Wikipedia for actual information

        • Vp1402

          Ok thanks then I did not no that :)

      • Leapingtench

        Someones they cannot release it yet arcade games are released on wenesdays and they are not going to change that for minecraft so grow up and learn to have a bit of patience

        • Blameableone5

          most of the players are 10 year olds so how about u shut the fuck up

          • MetalBrain

            like me im also 10, and waiting just be patient and dont bug them or they wont release it just because of you and every one will start making you mad and you will regret it so dont be a dick

        • Mincraft4Life

          yeah IKR their getting worked up over a game

          • Vp1402

            Omg don’t get me started on you man your name is minecraft4life you need to grow up.

        • Vp1402

          Dude chill out becuase every one is exited for this game so if all you can do is troll then just go because people like you are mean and should mind there own buisness ok I’m trying to say something don’t tell me to grow up I don’t want to say mean words and be annoying infront of people so you need to grow up actually and stop trolling all over the Internet I did not say all that for some person that wastes my time by telling me to grow up and I don’t know what I’m saying so don’t comment wasting my time because you obviously don’t have any thing else to do then post a reasonless comment that know one cares about. Call me a jerk do whatever all I can say is dont write anything and stop trolling ok. That’s all I needed to say to you

          • Jester

            Your spelling is god awful

          • Jester

            Your spelling is god awful

          • Vp1402

            Does it matter? I’m typing on an ipod sorry

      • Anonymous

        Microsoft Studios has never mentioned a release date, sorry! We’ll be announcing it here tomorrow.

        • lordthom

          I think Its a good idea you finnally give a release date, people are getting angry because of the fake ones, you should’ve given a release date earlier so people dont get dissapointed.

        • Darkron444

          why do the forums say 2 days now?

        • Vp1402

          Sweet thanks for answirng awesome I cant wait. Will this be released at 12am? Was that coment worth saying ? Um this is a lot to ask for but wat would the price be because I got 1600 Microsoft points and i kind of need to no if its like 800 or 1200 Microsoft points I would understand if you cannot tell me but if you can I’d. Like to know

          • Philippe Marineau

            It’s 1200 Microsoft points… :)

        • XxTraumaBeatsxX

          is it this month

        • St4tcDr4g0n

          IS IT TOMORROW YET (england time?) PLZ TELL US :D

          • St4t1cDr4g0n

            also if anyone wants to add me on xbox live to play minecraft when its out my name is St4t1cDr4g0n

      • joe

        yo now it is supposed to come out in may9. ive been waiting for ever now i gotta wait another month

        • MetalBrain

          actuly 2 its still march bro

    • caleb boreland

      we can dream

    • Darkron444

      you do have a point. 4J said they finished it so why make us wait longer

  • Darryllinsao

    a minecraft scavenger hunt!

    • XBLA_Alex


  • Ethan

    Will it be released before aprril?

  • Ethan

    I really hope it is and people have been waiting for SO LONG!

  • Anonymus

    I think the game will be released the 27 of march

    • Huskykurai

      the 27th isnt a wednesday though

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001248373472 Trey Norman

        Neither is the 22nd.

        • Shadowclone46

          And the 22nd is the annoucement…

        • Guest

          thats when they are telling us the RELEASE DATE

      • Shadowclone46

        He means midnight. March 27-28

  • The Prince Of Eden

    I don’t get it… Why not just release it now? Y’know? I’d rather have money now than later.

  • The Prince Of Eden

    It sounds kinda greedy I know, but in all honesty I have been craving lagless crafting for a year due to my less than decent computer. I pray it comes out soon or at MOST the end of this month before I shoot myself due to realizing the fact that Microsoft hates us and loves to troll us.

  • Colinhervat

    Wow! When I came here I thought for a second it was a countdown for the game! I thought oh 2 more days til it’s here… Great a Annoucement for an Annoucement…inception…

    • Anonymous

      That’s why we called it a tease in the headline. :) Didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up too much. Trust us, though, when the game ships it will be worth it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Esparza/100001354520116 Alex Esparza

    all though my comment might not bee seen considering how many people comment. i do have a suggestion, how about a fan-made clip? such as in zombies, montages, or basically anything. you know for a good laugh.

    • XBLA_Alex

      That’s an awesome idea dude! Noted!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Coble/100000881695792 Daniel Coble


    The sooner the better, hopefully it’ll be the end of this month, or early next month!

    I’m excited :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001248373472 Trey Norman

    We should get something that the PC doesn’t have like maybe a new mob or perhaps some kind of easter egg. Or maybe we should get a surprise that we weren’t expecting like being able to get Mods and Texture Packs onto our Xbox 360 using a USB. I’m pretty much just thinking that we should get something for the game being delayed so much!!!

  • ewoodthemacguy

    I have reason to believe it will be out on April 13 due to the Avatar Content being released that day on http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Minecraft/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802584111f7?noSplash=1.

    • Limecode56

      Lol i forgot that there were people this dumb on the interwebz

    • Anonymous

      Good try, but Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Avatar content is already available! http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Search?query=minecraft&DownloadType=AvatarItem

    • Teh_Troll

      Oh my goodness. You know the cool thing about those pictures. They say “3″/13/12. Last time I checked March was the 3rd month of the year. Fail troll is fail…

  • Yangjo

    Could we release it tomorrow, instead?

  • Jaysonreece1

    Every one this game will be coming out on March,Wed,2012 spring at 1:00 AM So be prepared !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Cartagena/100000002404077 Don Cartagena

    you can do a trivia to win the xbox’s that would reveal the true minecraft fan who are worthy of the minecraft xbox’s. PS ONE XBOX FOR THE GUY WHO SUGGESTED WHAT THE CONTEST WOULD BE (that you pick of course) AND ONE FOR THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST, it’s genius!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001248373472 Trey Norman

    You should choose best idea for what’s going to be in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

  • ChuckNadum

    Have Markus and Jens be the final judges if you have a contest.

    Two most origanal ideas for future Minecraft updates

    • Anonymous

      That’s a great idea. We’ll run it past Mojang but they are pretty busy!

  • Ethan

    Yes release the game this month it would be spectacular and you would make a lot of smoolah

  • GasMaskReiter

    How about you turn that 2 days, into 2 hours and tell us!

  • Johnyyy

    Whats the point giving a countdown to tell a release date? why not just say the date?

    • Some_Guy_On_Xbox_LIVE

      Either because they think it’d be a cool idea or its the actual date and their just throwing you off. Seems unlikely for a Thursday but (and it does work in this context) sh*t happens.

      • Anonymous

        We knew what day the press messaging about the date was going out, so we decided to do a story about that date. Just for fun, but people got really interested, which is cool. It’s just amazing how cool Minecraft is and how excited people get about it. It’s got one of the best communities in games.

        But again, no surprise release dates, trust me. The game is not coming out tomorrow or anything!

  • -Playing

    You should a random number system to pick a person who has liked minecraft for Xbox on Facebook to keep it fair

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000548430085 Danny Jonathan Gabriel Horowit

    How about an adventure map contest?

    • XBLA_Alex

      That’s a cool idea!

      • Darwin

        i like it maybe you could say that the maps have to be based on a certain film or story

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ANS6J4JAYIKS3CKHBR5MNWJI74 Alex

    “Minecraft fan-fiction” contest. Yes, just yes.

  • Mth911

    Guys the reason why they haven’t released it is because they aren’t done with it! So just be patient! Complaining and begging won’t make it come any faster.

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrewtodarescue Andrew Ahn

      Its finished but microsoft chooses when they want to release it. Kind of like a go or no go.

      • Mth911

        No daniel Kaplan said it wasn’t quite done yet

        • Mincraft4Life

          yeah they were trying to patch some bugs

          • http://www.facebook.com/andrewtodarescue Andrew Ahn

            no what im saying is that the whole thing is made. wether the game is fixing bugs and patching stuff 4jstudios said that it was done. They will obviously patch them.
            :) cant wat for the release date tomorrow

    • Lawrence Maraj

      Lol they have been. Done with it just something went wrong at last second

  • Mr. Confidential

    i agree with alex..the consoles…u should be destributed to whomever enters in a contest and makes the best creation ever….but in order to participate you should need to sign up somehow that allows people to either take a picture of the map or send the map in to be judged…..i think this is the best and fair way to do it….

  • http://twitter.com/Wh1pL4shL1ve jas arc


  • Jgordonkay

    I say fan-fiction. It would be unfair to a player who’s been with Minecraft since early alpha that doesn’t have any skill in building.

    • XBLA_Alex

      Good Point!

  • Drxdeathxdefying

    IT WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN 2 DAYS YOU IDIOTS … there is not an official release date because they havent finished it yet

  • Wiseman Ian

    I think you should do it as a “Play during this time frame for a chance to win” ensuring that it goes to a person who has supported your game.

    • Monkeydarwin

      but for people like me that live in other countries around the world

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrewtodarescue Andrew Ahn

    Ahaha cant wait for this! No lag! :D

  • o0Mason016o

    im bookmarking this page and coming back to it every day.

    • Anonymous

      Bookmark playxbla.com, not this story. :)

  • Adrian Sirio

    I think, A building contest in the game (xbox version). 2 1st prize winners, and mabey 2nd and 3rd place winners. Like 2nd gets red creeper cape for his/her avatar, and microsoft points. then 3rd gets just the creeper cape. Idk something like that!

  • Dylan(:

    So everyone i really hope that the game comes out tommorow i am really thinking this web page is yet another stupid rumor. Now if this happens to be true. then we will see i am going to predict the 28th of march or the 4th of april. but please microsoft please release the game we have been waiting since june!! release the game already. and yes everyone the game is done it has been done for 4 days now. please release tommorow thanks!:D

  • bluewaffle_licker

    Maybe do a Minecraft Trivia Contest. You ask a bunch of questions about Minecraft dating back to Alpha days and whoever gets all of the questions right first wins 1 of the 2 custom Xboxes and the runner up wins the other Xbox but maybe do it LIVE so they can’t use the internet to cheat.

  • Wasa9


  • http://www.facebook.com/patman369 Patrick Lockwood

    finally there’s gunna be an ACTUAL release date!

  • Aaaa

    Can i play xbox edition online?
    And how about putting addons (mods) that people could download
    for free.

    • Kickman269

      There’s going to be 4 player split-screen and up to 8 player online. 4J Studios is going to work on utilizing mods after they work on skins, textures, etc.

    • Kickman269

      There’s going to be 4 player split-screen and up to 8 player online. 4J Studios is going to work on utilizing mods after they work on skins, textures, etc.

  • Aaronderuiter

    All the release dates you heard before were unofficial, so stop whining when they are incorrect.
    But soon tough, we will learn the one and only real release date…

  • Some_Guy_On_Xbox_LIVE

    I’m not going to be one of those people that mindlessly spams “RELEASE THE GAME NOW WE KNOW YOUR DONE FROM IT *RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE* but I want to say I think the fan-fiction idea would be awesome since a lot of people are more better at writing than drawing (including myself). Can’t wait to see the actual release date, hope its soon!

  • http://twitter.com/Lukerothwell97 Luke Rothwell

    i say spam they’re twitter with MINECRAFT NOW and maybe if enough ppl do it lots of happy face’s :DDDDDDDD

  • Kierancolfer

    Why have they said the XBLA Minecraft was coming out on the 17th March then the 20th and the 21st… SOOOOOO Many Release Dates

  • Rohan44@hotmail.co.uk

    how about they release now

  • Fallensubject

    Because everyone that gets the game will have Xbox live, I think it should be a random draw of two gamer tags to win the custom xboxs. Ive never played minecraft so a build contest would be shit.. and is everyone capable of writing a fan fiction to the extent of winning? dont think so.. that would be one sided..

    Also would this comp be only for america? And what is PAX?

    I live in New Zealand.

  • http://twitter.com/InfiniteFuntime Anonymous

    Create a mob contest?

    Invisible zombies with lasers that explode and turn every block within range into obsidian BEST. MOB. EVAR.

  • Rabidyoshi

    everyone its ready for release they said the release date is up to microsoft

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Cartagena/100000002404077 Don Cartagena

    i’m new to minecraft and barley play do to lag so people who haven’t played like me stand no chance to a contest for best creation in game. :(

  • Wolf Of Fortune

    So understanding what they really just did: … Gave a release date… for the release date… to tease everyone. yeah, i see the sense in that.

  • Al Shabim

    I don’t want to wait for the release date of the announcement of the XBLA Minecraft release date. This is announcementception.

  • Flexie91

    only rumors!

    • Huskykurai

      but this isnt a rumor, this is fact. this is XBLA

  • Flexie91

    dont believe this shit!

    • Huskykurai

      dont believe microsofts Arcade division who is in charge of when games get released. yeah, that make sense

  • Sever_73

    hows about giveing us a price for the game so peps no to be ready instead of makeing people wait again its like waiting to be shot not enough we pay a subscription to xbl and its a game to with hold a relise date i mean every outher game 99% give u a date aka borderlands 2 ??? [ and sony wonder why they get hacked lol ]

    • Huskykurai

      we have a price. its an arcade game and its already been noted that its 1200 msft points like almost every other arcade game

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cerderius Cerry Faerdaemon

    Why not have a Survival Contest? Make it so people send screen shots of their new world and them thriving in it. Have a fort, farming, traps and the like. As if you were really your Minecraft character surviving in this hostile yet beautifully blocky world. Now that to me sounds like a contest that brings out imagination and survival instincts.

    • Huskykurai

      it would take too long to have to screenshot people surviving for long periods of time, especially when you can stay alive for hours on end, or use god mode and cheat your way through surviving or just stay above ground.

  • Adam_torrez12

    That number 2 looks kinda funny, it looks like March 27, 2012 why would the 2 have that extra lip

  • Twitch1

    Great marketing! Everyone is clamoring for just 1 little tidbit of information about this. You are doing great Microsoft. Just release it already though, please. XD

    • Huskykurai

      the game has 400 gamer score which isnt in the current game policy until april. thats why

  • sppeddemon

    you know im geting sick and freaking tired of this microsof u suck until u release minecraft idk wth takeing you solong

    • Huskykurai

      the game has 400 gamer score which isnt in the current game policy until april. thats why. read before you complain

  • Huskykurai

    THE CURRENT XBLA GAME POLICY_200 Gamerscore max
    MINECRAFTS GAMERSCORE_400 Gamerscore max
    Do the math and just be glad you will probably get it very early in april and that it wasnt ‘ready’ IN april which would have made the game release later in the april month when it could have been released earlier because the policy would have allowed it.

    • Leapingtench

      Minecraft for xbox only has 200 lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Cartagena/100000002404077 Don Cartagena

        no trust me its 400G

  • Crowdedjames4

    This number should be 1 cause I checked yesterday

    • Huskykurai

      just because your in the next day doesnt exactly mean everybody is…well, now everybody is but they dont release games on the midnight of the last region of the world who just entered the current day. they also said early thursday so changing the # isnt exactly needed but it would be helpful to know that they are indeed, ‘alive and kicking’ on the site

    • Anonymous

      We did a new post with a “1.” I was too proud of my awesome yellow “2″ and also Alex wanted to do a post to show off her rad Photoshop skills. I did the “2″ with Paint, by the way…

      • Guests

        Lmaoo I don’t know if im just easily amused but I found that hilarious

  • Ben Williams

    Watch, this will just be an announcement of when they’re going to announce the announcement of when MC will come out. :)

    • Huskykurai

      that joke doesnt work when they already tell us above that well know the release date on the 22nd

  • Tatchiwu

    Here is my idea, people post the trials and tribulations of how and what they have done waiting for MINECRAFT. Me personaly, I have been checking every post and video for the last 3 weeks. Sometimes refreshing pages over and over to get up to the minute updates. Could make some funny videos about it.

  • Ed

    Maybe the best and most accurate in-game replica of (insert complex item here)?

  • Imforeverahero

    FFS microsoft its not a new years countdown just release the damn game

    • Huskykurai

      they wouldnt even release it in march because its against the march policy. the soonest would be april which is 10+ days away

  • http://twitter.com/I_r_Teh_Cheese Graham

    To everyone who doubted that that was my creation! THIS IS VIDEO PROOF!


  • Wjwinter19996

    Its true that mircrosoft/minecraft shouldnt have put minecraft into the game marketplace so early. When was it? Early January or late December i think. 3 months is a long time to just have it sitting there in marketplace only allowing us to watch a lame video and look at a few pictures. Then you removed for a short time and put it back, almost to tease us even more by making think it was purchasable.

  • Sporeboy100

    Ok here’s an idea: best minecraft or XBOX themed game creation made in either the PC or XBOX version of the game,

    Rules: nothing rude and must be related to either XBOX or Minecraft (meaning NO giant HALO arrays or massive 200X scale COD MW3 box arts or no Normandy or Omni-Blade wielding Sheppards) hell even combine both themes if you want, I’m fairly sure you can get brownie points for that

  • Thomas

    How about giving away the minecraft xboxes to the best short stories of experiences in minecraft?

  • Matthew

    my mate has no xbox so itd be great if i could give it to him so we kld play minecraft: xbox edition together :)



  • Asfasadgsd

    Please just tell us now!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Brightbill

    Nice!, for the contest you should do a dual one, maybe have one for best creation, and another for an equally important part of the mc community, a video/machinima contest.

  • Clouduser7777

    This has had the same number for over 24 hours

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, we did a new post with a “1″ earlier today. This was kind of a just a fun joke post that got a lot of interest! :)

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling it’s gonna be released either the 28th or the week after, just a thought.

  • Flyingbridger

    if its april im going ape S***

    • Huskykurai

      most likely april because the game doesnt comply with the arcade policy for march, only april and beyond. it has 400 gamerscore and march is the last month to have 200 max

  • Nicksnow0

    I have an Idea… Release the game when I say Now. NOW!!!!

  • Eliteslayer

    how about microsoft releases it TODAY

  • Vp1402

    What will happen now because the game did not come out yesterday what does that meen sorry for all the questions

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Vp, we’re announcing the release date tomorrow. The game isn’t releasing tomorrow. :)

  • Zak

    Everyone wants the game the closest date u can release it. So if you guys were smart you eould release it tomorrow so you guys can get as much money as possible, because the longer you guys wait to release the more money your losing because ppl are raging and saying there not buying it because its taking too long to release. So if you can release it tomorrow plz thank you for reading!!

    • Anonymous

      We want the game out as soon as possible too, but obviously Mojang and 4J want to make the best possible game, and we’re not going to rush them!

      • Vp1402

        Wait but I thought they finished it?

  • Colewilsonc


  • Vp1402

    Right know it is the 22nd right when will the announcement he made

  • Lolforrealzz

    Would you hurry up and stop holding back?? What are you waiting for??? Release the damn game already while I’m on Spring Break!!!!!!

  • Davidholy

    Its still 2

  • Darkfrost2222

    A release, for the release date… Really?? That’s just stupid! Just release the game already! Some of us are on a dwindling spring break! :(

  • Ryan

    Where is the release date??? this is BS!

  • Grandauto3

    an idead is to check on the game who has the best map and do it on a surviva lcreepa

  • bill gates mum

    and as i load my laptop to check for a relise date i am back to this website that hasent been updated yet by 1 of the bigest companys in the world hmmmm whats that say get it sorted bill kick em up the ass

  • Anthony Negron

    why is it still showing a 2 in the box?it was 2 yesterday.

  • Lowdaniel123

    Have to w8 longer now can you stop changing the due date. 17th 19th realy now more days/month to get it :/

  • Ethan

    May 9th microsoft suck my dick! You suck!!!

  • bucket of lava

    mine ses 2

  • bucket of lava

    mine ses 2 until realese so that mean it will come saturday ????? its thurday

  • anthony mah

    how much will minecraft be when it out

  • the gamer

    mother fucker stop say god damn lies release it i already got the fucking microsoft points for it i keep waiting and waiting i checked it today it wasent released i fucking pissed stop doing this to minecraft and xbox fans

  • XxTraumaBeatsxX

    Their has been a lot of speculation on this game but no matter what it will be the highest grossing XBLA game ever.

  • XxTraumaBeatsxX

    if any one wants to play minecraft with me XxTraumaBeatsxX is my gamertag send me a freind request.

  • Derekshellhaas

    RELEASE THE GAME NOW! Jesus, last Saterday on the 14th was just fine, but nooooooo.

  • Blockhead
  • Thursday!

    I wouldn’t be so annoyed with this whole thing if there was an ACTUAL release date to look forward to. Not knowing is killing me. The only reason I haven’t completely given up is because they just came out with the avatar stuff…didn’t it say 1 yesterday..and today it says 2? ._.

  • Mississippi

    People here are so funny. The game will come out when it does. So lets enjoy ourselves wihle waiting. I am having a blast shooting my guns and going fishing. By the way there is a creeper behind you…….. BOOM

  • Pj

    I Love Mine Craft, I cannot wait till it comes out!! I know how to mod and everything it is sick I have the Aether!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1491602737 Brady Alan Olsen

    How could i custom order on of those. ????

  • Jimmy

    Its stupid they have the game finished all their doing is fixing m inor glitches if that.they could fix them in an update.they will loose fans and money if they dont hurry up.I hope the game is worth the wait!!!!!!!

  • hulk

    minecraft come on

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