The City Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is Now Available!

Inspired by the design for the future V&A building and Waterfront area in Dundee (Scotland), this level, specially made by 4J Studios, showcases some of the huge potential of the new City Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Ideal for building structures, free your inner architect and shape the world around you!

See the screenshots and get more details by clicking Read More!

When can I get it? Today, Friday, March 7th

Grab it HERE!

How much? $1 / €0.95 / £0.65

What are you going to build? Leave us a comment below!







(This level is not included in the Texture Pack itself and is not available for purchase separately either. It was made to show an example of what can be achieved with the new City Texture Pack)

  • Connor

    Very cool! This will work great on my city map. Can’t wait for tu14! Just a few more weeks to go!

    • PCluke

      give it a month or so they only released just over a week ago that it be a few weeks before cert testing. then that could take a couple of weeks or more.

      • Ivan Ramirez

        PCluke u dont know nothin just like the rest of us

        • Matthew

          You obviously don’t follow their Twitter posts

        • Matthew

          Learn how to speak English before accusing someone of knowing nothing. And learn to spell properly.


        That is true TU14 is a big huge update and is the wither comfirmed

  • angierandomstuff .

    lol yall could atleast and some new feature in the pic

    • Jim

      at least what?

      • Jawan Jackson

        She meant to say at least add some new features in the pic

      • angierandomstuff .

        my son ues my account hes only 8 so sorry for the misspelled words lol

  • mike sico

    if this comes to xb1 then yes 100%

    • Your mama was a hamster

      Please don’t act stupid

  • blueden

    Finally we get our first modern texture pack.

  • James Hubbard

    when will the trailer come out for this texture pack

    • Ivan Ramirez

      u act as if they will answer u no ONE KNOWS

  • David

    Does anyone know how to re download the halloween texture pack for xbox360 xbox360 did an update as of 2/12/2014 and i lost my pack when it kicked me from the game and deleted all of my memory so now idk how to re download it please help because microsof 4j studios and mohjong will not apparently help me please help me.

    • Justin

      You could try to go to the marketplace and if you try to buy it I think it will tell you you can download again instead of paying for it.

    • Zin

      Xbox dashboard, system tab, Account setting, download history

    • Kerry

      Learn to spell before you whine, kid. Google is your friend. Also, go try downloading more RAM

      • Braderz

        Ermm, Xbox RAM?….just kill yourself now

    • Zin

      Xbox dashboard, system tab, account settings, download history.

    • AllottedRogue1

      you need to look on youtube minecraft xbox 360 how to get the halloween texture pack maybe that works for you :)

    • Paranormal unit

      On the 360 dashboard scroll all the way over to the right side where you will see eight green squares. Pick the bottom left one that says account. You will be brought to a new page that will say your billing options and you will see 4 options. Pick the one that says download history. And keep scrolling through your list of downloads until you find it. Hope this helped. -brandon

    • HY9R

      I’m sorry but that was only Halloween when u could get it

    • Ivan Ramirez

      did ya check its history or redownload account xbox support

  • pro

    que loco

    • es solo para comentar


  • Thomas

    Does this texture pack come with a map? Because I have seen this map a ton but since this is a texture pack they usually don’t have maps.

    • Bob

      if it came with a map than it would have to be made into a mashup pack then it would have to come with skins too

    • Joseph

      Read the goddamn post “(This level is not included in the Texture Pack itself and is not available for purchase separately either. It was made to show an example of what can be achieved with the new City Texture Pack)”

  • Jawan Jackson

    I will release the update on March 28

    • Ivan Ramirez

      they have groups of people working we are all clueless might as well stop predicting when it will come

      • http://Www.playxbla.com Jawan Jackson

        First of all bitch my dad works for playxbla and he told me that it will be coming march 28 you asshole

        • RoastedInk

          If this is indeed true, that your dad works for playxbla, you are making him look bad by 1)Your language and 2)Releasing information I am sure is confidential, if true which I doubt it is because Microsoft certification testing takes anywhere from 7-10 business days.

      • http://Www.playxbla.com/ Microsoft Studios.

        I’m not clueless my dad works there


        Yes but i guess its in Late march and Early April

  • Scott West

    I would rather have the next update other then yet another texture pack.

    • Reidco CEO

      The coding team is working on the update, but since the art team didn’t have to do a huge amount for the update they have spare time to make these amazing textures for us. Texture packs don’t make the update take any longer, they actually distract us a bit to make it seem shorter in time

      • Scott West

        Distract you maybe. Me and my son has gotten all of them up till this one and we was thinking that whats the point of having so many? I mean if you build in one you cant just change over because what you built wont even look good sometimes. Is this update taking longer then the others? Also is this team the same team that does the playstation? Maybe you guys are spreading to thin? Also will they be catching up to the xbox game?

        • Gavin

          Playstation is caught up with the xbox

          • Slayer

            It gets so annoying when people ask when the PlayStation Version is the same as the Xbox, and when they ask if it is going in on all the platforms or if only PlayStation is getting it, 4j has tweeted on multiple occasions that they are going to update all console versions at the same time, make them even, and not favor one or the other. And can everyone please stop complaining about everything taking forever and them not working hard enough, imagine you were in their shoes, would you like to be constantly harassed by your customers about when the next update is coming? and everyone never seems to be happy with the previous update because right when it came out people were all like “When is the next one?” Give them a break.

          • THE YOLO OCELOT

            You right they.did say it will come on all consoles they tweeted that

          • THE YOLO OCELOT

            Not really

        • PCluke

          This one hasn’t taken as long as the others as I got minecraft early last year and TU12 which added more features came out in October if I’ve remembered correctly. Then TU13 was a bug fix’ and from TU12 to TU14 it’ll be around 5 months, so it’s not taken as long.


          wasgo to 1st grade jk

    • Ivan Ramirez

      wait goddamn u guys are so annoying stop asking when the update or what u rather have what is the point nobody cares

      • Scott West

        I didnt ask shit jerk. If you dont care then dont reply!

  • Danjared

    I cant wait for this, man I once tried to ask 4j or notch to suprise the minecraft fans with something unexpected but I lost connection to twitter and I forgot what I said but I only remember the word suprise in the sentence.

  • Edgar Fdz A



      Hi :-P

  • http://www.sovideogaming.com/ SteveO GameO

    Good work 4JStuidos looks great! we will cover more of this on SoVideoGaming

  • aleks

    Sweet its coming out march 7th




    Is it coming to ps3

  • Mclaud

    My gamertag: MineCrafterDK(dk= death knight) if any one need help before tu14 comes, and yes a know the date when it comes

  • Markus the notch


  • MisterPhilipp

    Where is the ps3 Version ?? :(

  • Christian Knudson

    when is tu14 can someone plz tell me

  • Christian Knudson

    and im already pumped for the new texture pack

  • No Name

    My Prediction For TU14 Is March 26 I Know It’s Not True, But I Wanted To Make A Prediction…

  • TrueTriz


  • XtraGamingStudios

    So will tu14 be in the middle of March or at the end if March?

  • Carolina4527

    When is ready

  • Joseph


  • architect

    What would Nether Quartz block texture looks like apart from the color white blocks on vehicle seen in third picture?
    I hope it won’t be too similar.

  • Christian Knudson

    just got the city pack there are paintings that look like tv wine rack air vent micriowave and all that good stuff hope every one enjoys in i love it

  • xian_liang


  • somebody

    put the map up for download

  • Carolina4527

    How we get it

  • Eric Petroff

    Some needs to make this for the pc too


    Um 4J
    When TU14 comes may you plz show a
    Picture of the new stuff with the texture pack thx big fan sinceely angel

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