Mass Effect Mash-Up Coming to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition!


We’re excited to finally be able to give details about our first mash-up pack where worlds from other popular games are fused into Minecraft; Mass Effect Mash-up!

Mass Effect texture set

Mass Effect themed UI

36 Mass Effect Skins

22 music tracks from Mass Effect 3

Pre-built Mars Facility world

Coming Wednesday, September 4th for $3.99, £2.69 and 3.79 Euro! 

Be sure to check out the trailer below and check out all of the screenshots by clicking Read More!

  • BensterNO1

    Looks EPIC! Never heard of the game but lovin the pack!

    • BludTransfusion

      how have you never heard of the game?

    • Illuminati

      Minecraft or Mass Effect? Either way, you must live under a rock.

  • x7streaks


  • brad

    good work

  • lkevin

    why mass affect :c

    • David Vereker

      Because Mass Effect is amazing

      • jimmy boots

        why not on of the ones on pc, e.g. sphax or dokucraft?

        • peds

          because xbox 360 cant handle it

          • Blarg.

            Yes, it can. Otherwise this wouldn’t exist. If they were to port it then it would be at a lower resolution such as 64x or 32x

          • WTF MICROSOFT

            Actually they said if it were to come to 360 it would be 64×64

          • Joseph

            If the xbox 360 can handle battlefield 3 i’m sure it can handle a texture pack.

          • devman

            Na, It’s all written in C# to act exactly like the java game. There is a reason the java game used the graphics it does. Battlefield 3 is using an engine in C/C++ that is ultra optimized on the 360 for the 360′s graphics. They do the same for PS3 and Windows. It’s all handled by the Frostbite engine so they don’t need to worry about as much, but it is made faster than Minecraft ever could be anywhere.

            However, texture packs and plugins are totally different things. It should be able to handle texture packs.

          • jax

            Don’t let the blocky graphics fool you, minecraft has to prosess a lot since it has to remember where every block is and is not in a 862x862x256 block space, thats 190219264 blocks to track, which is why it only loads part of the map at any given time. Double the resolution of each block and you double the time it takes to render, leading to an exponentially higher loadtime.

            Though the zombies should be husks…

          • mike sico

            well even if 360 cant handle it im getting the one so possibly. also if it was 64×64 and so on it would be much more work because all these packs will be made by 4j.

          • SilverStarlight

            Or… you know, let the community do it. Kinda like how they did with texture packs for PC.

          • Kurai

            Minecraft’s slow likely because of the Java implementation and the poor coding…

          • SilverStarlight

            I’d love to see you code a game with only little knowledge alone and make it neat. No tuts, just you in a room with no access to the internet, and a computer with basic coding software, and Paint.net. Have fun!

          • BurningHo?

            in fact it’s c++ …

          • Joseph K2

            You look like you know what your talking about. However, Xbox uses C++

          • Concretegolem

            I think the creepers should be since the husks tend to explode on you.

          • Pinkie Vinyle Scraych

            Double the resolution doesn’t quite mean double the load time but double the blocks would the resolution would be about maybe 75% long load time but still

          • DOLiVO

            Xbox can handle m*therf*cking GTA 4 why not?!

        • Lloyd Palmer

          Because this is a mash up pack not a texture pack. That’s like saying why not use sphax rather than deep space turtle chase.

        • Sam

          this is a mash up, not a single texture pack, im sure those will be out soon too

        • Live

          The developer of the Sphax texture pack recently got in contact with 4J Studios so we may see a Sphax Texture Pack soon on the Xbox 360 version.

      • timi

        It sucks dick

      • mike sico

        ohh no mass effect is ok not amazing I would go for a texture pack on reality like skyrim a good game. if I went with a sci-fi game halo is my choice.

    • Illuminati

      Mass *Effect, because it kicks so much ass!

      • timi

        It sucks no one wants it

      • Dark

        Like forreal no one wants it

        • jax

          I want it, your statement is false.

        • Evanbrine

          I want it even though ive never tried mass effect *Sticks his tongue out and calls you a bitch*

    • Matt Bishop

      Yeah, because Mass Effect is AMAZING!

  • Alexinou8

    For the first pack, it is good!

  • hsith

    Looks awesome.

  • Jonathan

    Love the trailer and will definetly buy but why aren’t the mobs re-textured? Burning Question :(

    • AustinHD_AS

      they talked about that its cause their not in MassE3 so they left them the same.

      • Concretegolem

        Mash-ups refer to mixing things together not just simply combining them. Reaper creapers and omni-swords should have been a part of the mash-up as well as guns.

    • Mudonis

      you should play mass effect 1, 2, and 3

      buy the trilogy you get all three for about $40

    • LOCKxON

      They mainly wanted the mash-up packs to be a combination of the two games.

    • ozzy0318

      They just re textured them

  • popopo

    good price

  • ItsTheAuraAlliance

    Looks GREAT!:D

  • Justin Gilbow


    • mr awesome

      thats what i want really badly

    • Josh Desotell

      No kidding

    • ArtemisFowl2nd

      Tell me about it. I bet you could find a youtube video about how to install sphax to your Minecraft Xbox addition.

  • Volt reactions

    Really disappointed

  • Gabriel Antonio

    oh its so cool

  • Lee Sean Patrick Delahunty

    All this time and all we get is ONE texture pack., and a shit one at that. What happened to Sphax and Dokucraft?

    • grant

      this is a mash up pack no a texture pack , sphax and dokucraft are in testing still

    • LOCKxON

      “Mash-up pack” the texture packs are coming. They did this first because no one really knew what a mash-up pack was.

    • Lewis

      If you’re going to be rude, at least have the decency to be accurate you cretin. Make your own game and let me know how much you get done after “all this time”

      • Lee Sean Patrick Delahunty

        I’m sorry, but what was inaccurate about what I said? And how dare I have an opinion that doesn’t praise a company for taking a year to re-texture their game. Also 4J didn’t make the game, they ported it, now who’s not being accurate?

        P.S. I’ve read your previous 4 comments, bit of a hypocrite calling me rude! Also who actually uses the word cretin? Lol.

  • Gabriel Antonio

    but i want a mash-up with harry potter :)

  • Gabriel Antonio

    thank you 4j studios for the work that you make

  • Dinkabird

    Why not Dead Space 1/2/3 or Halo? Of all the sci-fi games…

    • QQQ

      …Really ?
      Dead Space was supposed to be a sci-fi themed, survival horror, shooter series. The first episode failed to be scary, the second game failed to be… good, and I didn’t bother with the third one so I can’t talk about it, but it obviously lacks something as well since, you know, it’s Dead Space. And come on, space zombies !? How overused and boring is that …? What’s next, sparkling vampires in the sequel ?
      Halo… Well, they’re good games, I did enjoy them, and it would make sense for a 360 game.
      But they’re not as good as Mass Effect, in my opinion. Especially since… Master Chief has no charisma. Sorry hardcore Halo fans, but… Come on. Your hero looks like Luigi from the future. With guns. Shepard on the other hand… He’s not just a suit. He (or she) actually has a detailed personality, and you can make him look like Jean-Luc Picard, which always grants bonus points.
      Plus, Mass Effect never disappoints. Sure… There’s something wrong regarding a certain ending. But when you had 30 hours of fun and excitement, THREE TIMES, you simply can’t whine about 30 minutes of disappointment. The multiplayer mode compensates for that anyway.
      Back on topic – Yeah, that pack looks good, or at least decent. I’d use it if I played Minecraft.

      • MeltedCow

        Master Cheif?
        How about NOBLE SIX?

  • JustThatGuy

    People how say xbox can’t handle sphax and dokucraft. Then how does the Xbox handle the game skyrim. That game has a hd texture

    • GlaDOS

      hes right! if it couldent use Sphax It wouldent handle skyrim or half life 2 or even Portal 2

  • Dinkabird

    Please leave a tweet on 4J’s Twitter page for the next one to be a Dead Space 2 mah-up pack.

  • spongy


  • Tony

    It could have been better, like not making it themed in one game, but even if I dont really like Mass Efect, it looks really cool

  • terd

    wtf is wrong with some of you people i never played the game but i love this mash up pack MASH UP NOT JUST TEXTURE PACK

  • Dinkabird

    Please leave a tweet on 4J’s Twitter page for the next one to be a Dead Space 2 mash-up pack.

    • grant

      i think dead space 2 texture pack could be a bit too gory for a 3+ game

      • Joe Bob IV

        If you go into one of the skin packs (I think 5) there’s some pretty gory Dead Space skins. Plus, it’s rated E10, not E; so it’s a 10+ game (unless you’re in a country with a different rating system, this is ESRB’s rating.).

  • bryan

    why is it this video looks like my character setup

  • terd

    also who says you have to play mass effect with it its all in all just a future mash up pack

  • TH3TacoGuy

    Next mash up should be halo

    • giovannidelhomm

      that what i said :)

    • VizricK

      the halo texture end up looking much like the mass effect one in a way just use the halo skins from older skin pack (I would like to see mash up packs from community created ones that we’ve seen for several years like Jolicraft,Sphax, etc)

      • Fos Kuvol

        Not really, Halo and Mass Effect may both be sci-fis but they use completely different art-styles and look nothing alike.

        Plus the only Halo skins so far have been a Green, Red, and Blue Spartan, a Grunt, and a Brute. We haven’t seen a skin for Marines, Elites, Didact, ODSTs, etc. at all. And there’s a lot of other cool stuff they could do like Forerunner and Covenant themed textures, and item appearance changes.

        As well, I don’t think they CAN use Community created stuff. Everything they sell needs to be created by them using proper licencing agreements.

  • garve


  • Jacob

    guys dont dislike it they worked hard on it they tried there hardest in my opinion i love it all you could do is just give 4j some credit it’s just mean to do that to them

  • Edwin Brandt


  • Davahkiin

    This 1 is ok but halo would be better

  • john acuna


  • Yago

    Just one word. Disappointed

  • Jeff

    Looks awesome, but I’m not a mass effect fan. Sphax or Dokucraft would be awesome for the next one, hopefully it will be soon.

  • ryan

    hey calm the f*ck down yes im disappointed to with the mass effect theme but this is trial and error all of them will be but at least they are giving this to us i thought textures weren’t coming till xbox one so be grateful

  • DanTHemaN

    Thnx for all the hard work you put in it but why mass effect why not another and are you going to get pc texture packs

    • grant

      we will get sphax and dokucraft first they are in testing

  • TsMx Link

    Patrick Star lives in bikini bottom

  • chew

    i think the mass effect theme is good, but it shouldn’t be the first pack. the world looks bland due to the nature of the series, i think people were hoping for something more exciting and vibrant, something to get us excited for more. either that, or a variance on the existing texture.

  • Sal

    You guys did good 4J. Instead of choosing an immensely popular game or a low popular game, you chose one down the middle, more high then low. Smart and conservative approach. Forget the haters. This is your first crack at a 360 Mash-Up pack. No regrets.

  • daniel

    the theme packs will be teture packs this is just the mash up pack

  • john

    I’m buying it because the player makes the old sound when they get hurt! :D

  • FalloutLover

    Would of been better if it was fallout

  • The Real Herobrin

    Wonder what the crafting interface looks like o3o

  • DavidS44

    I am glad that we are finally getting texture/mash up packs but it looks like all they did was change the colorf of some blocks. Also it looks like they didn’t change any mob skins, which doesn’t bode well with me

  • StrongBad

    Hat Films woo!

  • alex burger

    very disappointing. Mass effect three was not a good choice in my opinion. Should have been dokucraft something i can say most people would agree would have been better

    • grant

      this is a mash up pack not a texture pack why dont people get this sphax and dokucraft are in testing

  • Sky

    Rather disappointed.. was hoping for something more.. medieval, like John Smith, but nonetheless, I love it. Big fan of Mass Effect! I hope that BDcraft (Sphax) works something out with 4J soon. (:

    • grant

      they will this is a mash up pack sphax and dokucraft are in testing

      • http://Twitter.com/SkyBeDerpin Sky

        Um.. no, they aren’t in test, baka. xD

        Sphax is discussing it with 4J (I hope)

  • Back Off Way Off

    Nothing I expected, and nothing I wanted.

  • john acuna

    it looks great im looking foward to getting it soon ;)

  • batman

    They should of made it free

    • evildustmite

      they had to get a licence to be able to use mass effect content, so most likely that’s the reason they have to charge for it. but you can’t expect microsoft to let anyone get anything completely free.

  • lewis

    Do skyrim

  • Snake

    Great to see something different from default. I can’t understand why people are all uptight about the Mass Effect theme. In the words of Richard Hillman, “shit or get off the pot, rockstar”.

  • Dylan

    Fallout 3 would be awesome

    • Sal

      That would be a good one. They can’t just do what everyone is expecting.

  • Want Better Mash Up Packs


  • mr.sir

    To all you haters. Be happy you got it. 4J didnt have to make this you know… S just hang in there until a new one comes out if ypu dont like it so much. I honestly love ths pack

  • crosses4sins

    Really. This is stupid that you’re charging us for all the stuff PC players get for free.

  • MeltedCow

    I’m not paying 3.99 if I could just get this on PC for free.

    • Ace

      Quite complaining you broke ass loser

      • MeltedCow

        You’ve never even met me,you don’t know how many times I’ve won or loss.
        Actually,I have money,otherwise I wouldn’t be typing on here now would I?

        • Ace

          Shut up who cares if ive never met you ya need to understand logic! Its xbox THERE IS NO FREE STUFF! (Unless apps)

          • Th3ePiCB3ast300

            and some games and free addons and demos

          • MeltedCow

            Why the anger?
            I understand logic.But I don’t understand why they are making us pay if the PC users get it free.
            Plus,they already have enough money.

      • Rwm78djm01

        You want to go troll cause Melted,Monochrome and me can take you on right now.

    • Mr.Paperclip

      That can’t give things away for free thay had to make money.it’s like asking you to give me everything and oun and I get to shoot you.

      • Mr.Paperclip

        May have a tile o or to bad keyboard

    • TheMercurialMan

      So play it on PC, no one cares.

      • MeltedCow

        You see,my PC is broken as it could possibly be.

    • Traceguy

      It’s Xbox… Microsoft ain’t gonna let 4J have a game on it’s servers for free….

  • Leonardo

    Make a Halo mash-up pack and everyone download it!

  • Sandwhich

    An assassins creed one with Rome or italy as the theme world

  • TheGamingLava

    Dokucraft and Sphax creators both have asked followers if they want people to see their packs in the xbox edition so there will be single texture pack releases as well…

  • djluke

    this is so awesome mess effect is the best game ever and so is minecraft

    • asdf

      mass affect sucks

      • djluke

        Your mean I hope you die ._.

        • I hate Mass aFAG


      • djluke

        i bet you never play it

  • heeerroo

    i was hoping for a battlefield mash-up pack mass affect sucks

  • nick

    stop hating on this mash up pack. 4j studios puts so much time and effort in to this and all u do is hate on it. u should be very thankful that they try to make your day better and this looks amazing 4j studios did an amazing job and i could not be more thankful for this (:

  • Jonathan h

    This Is So Stupid .

  • Lennon McWilliams

    It needs to start somewhere.. how many texture packs would be acceptable to you? personally i will have enough fun with this one, to last until any new ones come out. And as they always say…Don’t like it…Don’t buy it., but i think enough people will like and buy this, to make it worthwhile for 4J to continue selling them.

  • lojijk

    Damn i wish it was like to else tomb raider or far cry or something

  • Nuts

    I hardly think anyone cares about mass effect skins or the map, maybe if you play online yeah but still no, mash up packs aren’t really my thing, I mean texturepacks are really good and I think you should do texturepacks, not mash up packs, I mean this is ok but I care more for the textures than anything else, and honestly this should’ve been a game people could get in depth with the storyline, for me this games storyline was just overkill and I couldn’t get into it, maybe a saints row IV mash up pack, that seems like a meet in the middle pack, try that out maybe, ill post it on twitter.

  • JJ Little Small, Dingleberry 7

    one thing I don’t understand, skyrim can handle its map and textures, but the minecraft map limit is maybe less than 1/4 of skyrims map, so why cant the map be bigger and the textures be more HD, can someone tell me

  • Fus

    Skyrim mash up please!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? <3

  • brony144

    will mlp/my little pony textuer pack come out :)

    • MLP FTW

      cool, that’s neat.

  • devman

    Feels like a waste of time really… Not like Mass Effect at all. If any of my friends would buy it, it would be me (minecraft + mass effect lover) but I don’t even see the point.

    Although I do admit it’s pretty cool.

  • venompool

    Is there a Grunt skin? I see Wrex and a green eyed normal Krogan, but no Grunt.

  • Kira Mau Cavazos

    will they release one from skyrim? i like skyrim :3

  • Anonymous

    Why would you even do Mass effect? Yeah maybe some people like it but they did not think about all the others that want ones from the PC. Like Sphax and OCD and other popular ones.

    Also you need to buy the Mash up texture pack for this. but then if you do the MOBS are not textured.
    They only way they can be textured is if you buy the normal texture pack.

    Is it all about the money 4J? Really?

  • Michael

    Assassins creed theme!!!

  • hii

    OH HELL NO 3.99

  • Rodrigo

    Cuando sale en México y cuanto saldrá

  • Carlos Jáuregui Camacho

    Pretty Cool

  • Random Disgruntled guy

    What i can’t stand is that the mobs won’t be retextured and that they haven’t put out a texture pack like dokucraft or john smith for the xbox yet. That’s all i’m looking for

  • jucam

    skyrim pls

  • ty

    Is it going to be free they already make us pay for a lot of skins and others

  • viper1829

    Okay… Now I’m going to play Minecraft. My kids have been after me for awhile to try.

  • guest

    Glad you pick my favorite game of all time to make a mashup of :

  • Money$oft really?

    of all the games they could have picked!

  • Miki

    Ola ke ase ? Feliz o ¿ke ase?

  • redwings31936

    for everyone complaining one this is a mash up pack not texture pack. mash up packs are different games and texture packs are the blocks retextured. sphax and dokucraft are TEXTURE packs not mash up packs. the mobs are not re texture because its not a texture pack. last 4j is doing a great job. everyone complains cause there are no texture packs or anything so 4j is nice and adds them. now everyone is complaining because they dont like the mass effect mash up pack. well then dont buy it. wait and soon there will be texture packs out like sphax, dokucraft and so on. mash up packs im sure they may be halo, assassins creed and ect. so stop complaining. if it wasent for 4j studios we wouldejnt even have any of this stuff.

    • sashimurai

      actually, a texture pack is simpler than a mash-up pack. They didn’t retexture the mobs because they didn’t want to.

      The blocks are all retextured. A mash-up pack isn’t a different game. It’s designed to make it look like a different game. Naturally, they’re probably all going to be themed. New skins, new texture packs, new UI.

      bottom line, Mash-ups include texture packs. Texture packs are an element of mash-ups, but will probably be released on their own as well.

      • redwings31936

        yes a mash up pack makes minecraft look like a different game. but all these people asking why they didnt do sphax or dokucraft need to understand that those are texture packs not a mash up pack. 4j studios has said they will be releasing mash up packs and texture packs. about the mobs its not cause they didnt want to its cause the mobs arnt an element in mass effect so they didnt change. its a clash between two games. different than a texture pack which is just blocks retextured, they dont include new music or skin packs with them.

  • Frienderman

    Awesome! always wanted Mass Effect skins, so this is even better!

  • Joshua Anderson

    Please do a Skyrim Mash-up Pack

  • Its Viral

    We want sphax, Doku craft, and Johnsmith

  • Name

    Looks awesome!

  • Voice of Reason

    Some of these comments are the worst. This is a great mash up pack.

  • zack

    so happy

  • Mike

    Next should be a medieval themed pack, i would like halo but we don’t need 2 sci-fi packs in a row.

  • Gamer Boy


  • Daniel Mystical-Knight Hall

    Would love it if you do a Command and Conquer TP :p instead of grass you could have tiberium :) instead of normal skins you can have NOD and GDI soldiers and have rocket launchers and other stuff as the weapons instead of bow, arrows, swords and hoes :)

    EDIT: P.S good job on the mass effect TP btw I love it :)

  • komic

    I think dead space would be great

  • Luceija

    I LOVE IT! :)) Thank you SO much!

  • I’m using a fake email

    Will there be a trial?

  • bryan santiago

    next should be deadpool

  • jjbouncy

    Nice texture I can use it for my space facility map

  • I Am Chunkie

    ooh sound is there when a person is killed

  • korbin

    I think you should put up two or three texture packs to vote on that have already been used on pc, that way the favorite of the group is picked and you won’t have to do any work on the others. just a suggestion

  • mr.epicbrony


  • mr.epicbrony

    Also, mass effect is terrible.

  • Garrus Vakarian

    Mass Effect is one of my favourite series of this generation, so i’m happy. Plus, the soundtrack is baller.

  • Kah

    One should be gta 5


    next masshup hobbit

  • Yolo Swaggins

    Make a Skyrim mash up pack PLEASE! Make Solitude into a costume world. The Ender Dragon could be Alduin and spiders could be Frostbite spiders! Blazes could be Dwarven Centurions!

    • AmazingRainbowKitten

      Dwarven Centurions would work better with the Iron Golems. Wraiths on the other hand would be great as the Blazes.

  • hounddude42

    Faithful !!! HD minecraft

  • thatdamnchicken

    LOL look like they turned and said DAMN CHICKEN!!!!

  • Dean Lonsdale

    duko craft

    • Joseph Kreifels II

      Duku craft is a texture pack…. This is a mashup pack. Its better

      • Dean Lonsdale


        • Dean Lonsdale

          so could it be mw3

  • Lostbytes

    Total rip off……..Can DO ALL THIS FOR FREE!!!! ON THE PC VERSION!

  • Red harlow78


  • bakerboy227

    Yes sphax is teh best

  • moca pops

    sphax as well. every one vote for it. its the texture pack lewis and simon use in most of their games. vote in memory of shadow of isrephel and tekkit.

  • The 1egend 215

    Next should be Call of duty black ops 2 or Saint Row 3 or 4 or Assassins creed 3 or 4

  • The 1egend 215

    What’s Sphax

  • Natalie Kiki

    what about a PvP minecraft called street fighter edtion or UMVC3 edtion

  • Carter

    They should make a Real Life and Halo Mash-Up Packs

  • Amucap

    Hello? GIVE US SPHAX

  • JustSomeGuy

    they had to do a game related texture pack they could not do sphax or doku craft

  • H3AVY TR00P3R

    next one should be either dead space, halo, borderlands, or skyrim/elder scrolls

  • The Professor

    you could make the mobs look like reaper types

  • Troll

    Star Wars or Halo. Even though I’m not sure if the star wars one would work out

  • Sonnie

    this minecraft xbox 360 edition’s dream and the people how play it so thanks for releasing the trailer and screen-shots and telling us all about it and write now I’m so HAPPY!!!! I can not wait un till they release it :-]

  • edgar leviatan


  • Lucas

    Sphax, Soartex fanver, HD Default Texture pack! Please

  • Kamel Bachtoubdji

    it costs how much?

  • Maximiliano Quintana Quezada

    Like si vienes de Gona89

  • collin mcphail

    gears of war mash-up pack plz

  • Tony Zaki Tran

    Dude this is going to be so great!!!!! i find it funny how in the comments people are saying there should be a halo mash up. I agree however i think using the texture pack to make the Pillar of Autumn would be a lot of fun! But seriously, you gotta give them props because they are actually releasing things rather than not releasing it at all. I’ve coded in C++ and C# and its quite complicated so i can understand the pain and frustrations of the companies. I have plans on taking on java and python so i can assist in some of these projects.

  • Mind rape

    They should make a minecraft mash up pack of a minecraft mash up pack (mind rape ) (.)(.)<——- boobs or b(.)(.)bs

  • Eryk Legan

    I’m still trying to figure out why the skin packs have all been paid DLC. Many of the skins used were pulled and credited to the skin database for the computer, meaning all the ‘work’ done to bring them over was essentially copy+paste. I’ve paid for two, and I’m not saying that the devs don’t deserve money, just that such basic things which are a mainstay of the game itself shouldn’t be PAID dlc. Like how EA sold the horror to DeadSpace 3 separately, it’s just wrong…

  • lance s

    3 hours yay

  • big bobs

    don’t let anybody crying out for cbs you can also wait for this to come out on Wednesday if it’s going to happen on your same broadcast if anybody has twc tv 360 app and don’t expect let it to happen to you if you’re still crying about it disco cry at home big Bob’s outlet cares because we don’t want to see a crying baby

  • Jordan

    So many mash up packs I want. Star Wars, Halo, Sphax, assassins creed, Dokucraft. So many I want.

    • MeltedCow

      Star wars………………

  • Beveridge001

    If you like minecraft hunger games. Throw me a message my GT is “beveridge001″ got a lot to play on, some need to be tested and some built. How’s that for a change of conversation!!

  • Gavin

    Mass Effect though. I like the game and all but I don’t want to play Minecraft with a Mass Effect texture pack. Pointless. What’s it even for.

  • rainbowdash

    there nedds to be a my little pony mash up pack

  • Rath Dragon

    Wow just when I thought Minecraft couldn’t get better they mix two of my favorite games, awesome!

  • LAG with 4j studios minecraft

    I hate the childish trailer but it look like a good texture pack.

  • dylan

    Nice.job 4jstudios

  • brandon

    man i hope they make a skyrim mashup pack

  • Eldrich Gargoyle

    Next mash-up should be Dead Space, Bioshock, Half-life, or Halo. <3

  • Emiz

    i’m trying to get this add on and xbox is down anyone else having problems?

  • Maarten Thijs

    why is the sword not an omnitool??!!

  • Mr BunnyButt

    The pack is pretty awesome. The only thing I could ask for is Mob textures.
    The Hostile Mobs could all be different kinds Reapers. Ex:
    Zombie = Husk
    Skeleton = Marauder
    Spider = Ravager
    Enderman = Banshee
    Zombie Pigman = Cannibal
    Spider Jockey = Brute
    and etc.
    Villagers could be a mix of different races.
    Iron Golems could be Krogan Warlords and so on and so forth.
    This would add a whole new experience to the pack. I think fighting Reapers while wearing Mass Effect armor would be more fun than fighting normal mobs.

  • Name

    This is sickening.

    If they’re going to charge for Minecrat content, at least make it a proper mod, and not paying $4 for a texture pack.

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