Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition – In a Nutshell!

ki_ Hello KI fans!

There was a lot of excitement over our announcement of the Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition and we wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the most commonly asked questions from the community. We’ll continue to update you here at PlayXBLA.com with the latest details so keep the questions coming!



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Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition – In a Nutshell!

Killer Instinct is a game loved by many. Its last release was over 18 years ago (in many countries, it would have reached drinking age by now). At that time, games were only delivered as physical products – you walked/drove/roller-skated to the retailer, waited in line all night, and brought home a shiny box with a cartridge.

Times have changed, welcome to the future. Killer Instinct will be brought to you as a digital download with new content, features and updates delivered on-the-fly. KI showcases one of the most advanced multiplayer engines on any fighting game, silky smooth gameplay and beloved old school characters sitting next to all-new ones. But you still wanted more. You wanted that shiny box.

We heard you. Along comes the Killer Instinct: Pin Ultimate Edition.

This new offering provides a fun, rewarding, physical connection to your digital experience. You get the Ultra Edition of the game (see chart below for details) and a premium tri-fold case which doubles as a display for collectible pins, all exquisitely designed by our friends at Penny Arcade.

Why Pins?

Pick up a Pinny Arcade pin and you will understand why. They are premium collectibles that make game art shine (literally!) and it is one of the coolest ways for you to take the Killer Instinct universe with you. You can display your pins on your Pin Ultimate Edition case or stick them on a lanyard, a backpack or even a hat.

The Pin Ultimate Edition offers customers multiple ways to complete their collection. Some people will enjoy getting the pins at real-life events (like PAX East), some will enjoy the challenges associated with in-game and community events, while others will trade with their ‘Pin Pals’.












How do I complete my pin collection?

The Pin Ultimate Edition includes two pins for your collection right out of the box – the Jago character pin and the KI Logo pin.

The rest of your pin collection is divided into ‘Character’ and ‘Engagement’ pins. Here’s how they work:

Character pins:

> A new character pin will be released each month for a total of 8 at the end of the season

> Character pins are available for purchase at the Penny Arcade online store for $14.99*

Engagement pins:

> A new engagement activity (with corresponding pin) will be released each month for a total of 8 at the end of the season

> Engagement activities will be a combination of in-game and community challenges and in-person events (e.g. PAX East)

> Complete a monthly challenge and we’ll cover the cost of your pin (you cover shipping/handling), or pick one up at any of the in-person events.

> If you missed participating in any of the monthly challenges, no worries, these will also be available for purchase at the Penny Arcade online store for $14.99*

(*) suggested retail price, does not include shipping and handling, subject to change

All pins will be limited in quantities, so make sure you grab them while they last.

What are all the different versions of KI and what do I get in each one? 


Pre-Order your Pin Ultimate Edition HERE!

  • B

    Any word on how many of each pin will be made?

    Also, will the Jago and KI logo pin be available for purchase through the store, or only through the pin ultimate edition?

  • @HonestHippo

    We can’t say how many units (we’d get in trouble if we did) but it’s within the same ballpark as other limited edition pins.

    The Jago and KI Logo pins are only coming in the Pin Ultimate Edition ;-)

  • Mitchell Phease

    Just wondering. How would I go about getting the Ultimate Edition in a place like New Zealand? Will I have to buy from the US and get it shipped or what? Would love to get my hands on this.

  • Ricardo Rico

    I wish there will be Ultra + Soundtrack Edition

  • Redfield85

    If I purchase the game and won’t be getting an Xbox One until sometime next year, would I miss out on earning pins? I guess it just depends on what is left in stock?

    • @HonestHippo

      You would miss out on some of them. We are making sure that even people that won’t get to play the game now can still earn some pins if they complete certain out-of-game and community activities.

      If you want to ensure that your collection will be complete, you can buy the engagement pins that are tied to in-game challenges.

      • Redfield85

        Either way, I ordered myself and a friend a copy. As long as I get an Orchid pin at some point to go along with my KI Logo pin, I am a happy camper. Of course, I say that until I see the other character pins and wind up with all of them. :-D

        Thanks for the reply.

  • Luisito

    There is no way in hell I am paying more than 20$ for 8 characters. Who cares about arcade KI if there’s no online. Everyone is already emulating it. And pins? Really? lol.

    Not hating, I want to support this game and I will buy it but 40$ extra for an old MAME game + some ugly pins? No thanks. For 60$ it should come with an art book, a Jago/Orchid figurine and a t-shirt or something.

    • @HonestHippo

      It’s not only KI Classic that you get on top of the Combo Breaker Pack ($20), there are also all the character costumes and accessory packs. And believe me, the emulated experience is not going to tie to the game as well as the KI Classic offering :-)

      We <3 all our customers, hence the variety of different offerings for different degrees of fandom.

  • PMC

    What about Killer Cuts Volume 2.
    For me the music of killer instinct made it special and, it being a English fighting game (not anymore)

  • EnterNameHere

    I’m a bit confused here. It reads like the Engagement Pins are free so long as you completed the activity in the current month, otherwise you buy them for $15? Is that right?

    • @HonestHippo

      We pay for the pin if you complete the challenge (you pony up with shipping+handling). If you missed that challenge/activity, you can buy it later for $15 and still complete your collection.

  • PA Fan

    Do you have to buy the Pin Ultimate Edition to earn the engagement pins? Is there any way to earn more than one of any given engagement pin, or are they limited in some way?

  • fire lion

    I dont think I can buy a game where Chief thunder’s hair doesnt light up when he does his headbutt

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