Key Additions For The Next Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Update Revealed!

Title Update 7 will mainly have the features from the Java version 1.0.1, but without “The End”, which will come in the 8th Title Update.







The key additions are:

> Animal Breeding

> Potion Brewing

> Experience Points

> Enchantment Table

> Mushroom Biome

> Nether Fortress

> New Tutorial World

> Villagers

> Mooshrooms

> Blaze

> Snow Golems

> Magma Cubes

> Baby Animals

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


  • Claire aka JeepChick

    So excited! My daughter is fingers crossed for ocelots soon. :)

    • Anonymous

      Me, too. I plan on having tons of cats around all my buildings to keep the Creepers away.

    • Gary200

      Ocelots didn’t come until after 1.0.1 so we have to wait until 1.2.3 for them.

      • Christopher Bash

        no its on minecraft wiki for the xbox upcoming features. Ocelots will be included such as the iron golem, snow golem. This is the link

        • kahann

          that is a list of upcoming, the list can be broken into parts for each update, just because they say its coming doesnt mean its next in line

          • Christopher Bash II

            yeah the 1.0.1

        • Ben Henderson

          Minecraft Wiki is a unofficial source, Anyone can edit iit, even you if you wanted to, dont trust what they say!

          • Christopher Bash II

            it matches the pc version. so what you think. 4j said they dont have the end but everything else

        • Eric Skeans

          the minecraft wiki is fan made. dont trust anything on it. if 4J doesnt tweet it or confirm it themselves then it is not true.

  • Kevin K.

    Just added it to the Minecraft Xbox Facebook Page

  • DS09

    So, this means that the update should be here much faster then!? :D

  • ryan

    So will there be emeralds now that there is vllagers ? I really want spawn eggs for different animals and mobs.

    • Shakuan

      No because emeralds came out in 1.3.1 so we are long ways away

      • Ray Peters

        we dont exactly know what could be added there’s always a chance they might bring trading forward but for those who reading my comment dont get your hopes up im just saying we get a small view of what they’re planning to add who knows what its actually gonna contain when released. (just a side note) i know trading came in a later update but it can be brought forward to give villagers an actual purpose

  • Dean

    NO END???????

    • AwesomeDwarf9


    • Luigical


  • Leviticus78

    Awwwww Yeaaaaah!

  • ennio

    Nice! I can’t wayt!

  • Geir

    Wow 4J Studios are doing a HELLUVA job! I always thought MC XBOX would be stuck in 1.7. (I know 1.8 is out im just pointing it out)
    And I wonder if the max XP enchantment level will be 50 or 30?

    • Gary200

      It will have the new Enchantment system (max 30 not 50) and xp from mining, smelting and breeding.

    • Andy

      30. With exp from mining and cooking/smelting according to their twitter.

    • Gary200

      New Enchantment system (max 30 not 50).

    • msp2896

      They said 30 :)

    • Luigical

      I Think it will be 30

  • barohez

    can we have mosrooms biome in a load world???

  • demonwolf365

    What about spawn eggs :)

    • Gary200

      Spawn eggs didn’t come until after 1.0.1 unless they bring that forward which its not listed as is.

      • Luigical

        I want them!

  • Adam

    No spawn eggs?!?!?!

    • Luigical


  • Winky face

    You say enchantment table and experience points but no actual enchantments! Please tell me I’m wrong!

    • Louie

      Wouldn’t make sense if they put an enchantment table and experience points if you can’t enchant stuff..

  • kid sleepy

    do we need to start over the world again for some of the new editions

    • Thetakedown764

      Yes. But it you havent explored your whole world yet then after the update comes out there is a possible chance the newly loaded chunks will go though the 1.0.1 world generation and possibly the new generated stuff should be there.

      • A Person


        • Consti2tion

          Actually Since we have Creative mode you TECHNICALLY don’t NEED to restart. The only time you need to make a new world is when New blocks or Biomes are added and since the Mushroom Biome is so ridiculously rare as it is. Don’t bother.
          Though I would very much appreciate it if they gave us the god damn Mob Eggs in Creative mode -_-

          Also since you made your world ‘ Super Flat’ there are no biomes anyway.

          • Fret7

            Why since the xbox edition is limited space, they are probably going to make a mushroom bimoe generate once every seed, so it would be easy to find, if they do that

          • Conderoi

            I could imagine they might slightly increase the world size as they did with 1.8 when Swamp Biomes were added

          • Taylor

            Not true because in a few maps i made there were no snow biomes or desert biomes but they may be a bit more common but not in every seed

          • AwesomeDwarf9

            or they could just forget about the mushroom biome and add jungles.. the pocket addition has melons b4 they have the hunger bar

        • THErealUNDEAD1

          well what did u expect? this happens every update.

        • Mojang

          You only need to make a new world for the structures, like the nether fortresses and mushroom biome. The rest should just add themselves. So on superflat you don’t need to worry.

          • HitMarkGod

            The only new structure is the Nether Fortress, so if you havent been to the nether yet you can still get a nether fortress :)

          • MinecraftGaming

            So Does This Mean We Wont Have To Restart For The Villager’s ?

        • fuc

          Really? superflat world and creative, you’re not a real player…
          I made a real world in survival, and now I WILL HAVE TO MAKE A NEW WORLD.
          shut up

        • spacehamster100

          what you makin’ a fuss about? there is no point of startin’ a new world if it’s super-flat.
          it’s just BEDROCK-DIRT-DIRT-GRASS

      • x E T A H x

        your whole world is generated from the point you click “create world” you HAVE to start a new world if you want blaze, nether fortress , or mushroom biome, villagers, nether wart, and magma cubes

        • bjvjhbkhy

          yh but they are mobs they spawn in and spawn out like skelatons and creepers

        • DahPlasmaEffect

          I don’t believe you actually have to start a new world to get Blaze, Villagers and Magma Cubes because they spawn themselves. We didn’t have to make new worlds to get Endermen in them so I don’t see why Blaze, Villagers and Magma Cubes are any different in my opinion.

    • Peter Schuman

      If you want Nether fortresses you need to create a new world. even if you didn’t create a portal. Because the Nether is already generated when you create a world

      • Guy Frick

        Is this true? I deliberately ignored the nether waiting for fortresses!

        • ghfgh

          I believe he is right. From what I’ve experienced, my nether generates long before I make my portal.

        • Peter Schuman

          search for @rreavy on twitter, he is a developer at 4jstudios working on minecraft he said it so i think it’s true :)

        • x E T A H x

          no that is false, nether is generated once you enter a nether portal for the first time

    • Conderoi

      Only for Mushroom Biomes and Nether Fortresses/Blazes if you have already been in the nether in your current world

    • ummm

      yea i think so some of the features need to be generated that means the new biomes the nether fortress so on

    • Jess73


    • Minecraft 2347


    • Franklin Weeks

      Yes only for editions that spawn in the world generation such as the mushroom biome and nether fortress it will be like this for all the updates as far as i know

  • Tyler B.

    Infdev please??

    • The Pro

      There not gonna add that because the xbox is already having problems loading worlds. :(


    Will there be iron golems?? Please tell me their will be iron golems I’m looking for ward for those dudes

  • Weplaygood

    No Iron Golems…oh well :(

  • BobKilla

    will the enchanting being the good 1.3 enchanting or the broken 1.2.5 enchanting?

    • Gary200

      They said on twitter that its the new Enchantment system.

      • Luigical


  • omgpwnage

    No Iron Golems!! Oh well :(

  • York

    Do we get to use the ender pearls?

  • your_pregnant_walrus

    does the addition of villagers mean that there will be trading or will just the villager npc’s be added

    • T_Money

      Probably just the npcs. Emeralds weren’t listed, so they probably won’t have trading.

  • Your average gamer

    No spawn eggs :(

  • Reidco CEO

    Iron golems and the end and some other good things will be in the next Title Update, please be patient and congratulate 4J for their amazing work and effort!

  • dangle

    Functional ender pearls

  • dangle

    Functional ender pearls?

    • Christopher Bash II

      I sent a tweet to 4J studio’s, I said, will you be able to throw them in creative mode. on pc’s creative mode you cant. So they replied back saying @BashChristopher Yes, you can throw them in Creative Mode

  • tsmx link

    Awwwwww i thought theres an —> ”END” to this Minecraft post…

  • 1223

    wow,this update is pretty pointless.I thought they were going to 1.2.3.

    • Gary200

      They wanted to give us an in between update so we won’t have to wait as long. Now we get an update soon and the 1.2.3 in Feb or March instead of waiting until Feb for everything.

      • 1223

        ok.I thought they were going to have to add a bugfix between 1.01 and 1.2.3 instead of going straight to 1.2.3

    • Christopher Bash II

      they said they might add a update in between so its called 1.0.1, just to reduce the time to wait for the big update

  • Damien Jaracuaro

    Guys , They Said “Stay tuned for more details coming soon!” Theyre still gunna add things to the list .. Calm Your Tits.

  • James Quinlan

    i was hoping for jungles for vine climbing

  • @smiggy115

    When can we be expecting the update to come out

  • MineCreed

    So much sweet stuff coming out in this title update. I can not wait. It’s going to completely make it feel like a new game again. That is what I love about all the big updates. It always feels so like new again. Minecraft has the great replay value ever.

  • kid not zeleepy

    awsome cant wait

  • nimbus

    great sweet

  • Sebastian Wood

    Will jungles be in this update because I love that biome and I really want a cat task force

    • AwesomeDwarf9

      IK right but on twitter 4j studios said that the jungle biomes will be added in a later update.. but they are going to add the mooshroom biome. and thats pointless because they have nothing special and they are no fun. If they focused on the jungle biome and added the mooshroom biome later I would be alot happier! So YAY im going to go buy the cmputer version now and maybe play the xbox version later… about a year… ill be happier tomarrow

  • Moises


  • Dylan Salazar

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ive been waiting to breed animals

  • jon cain

    are they thinking about increasing the map size… cause the maps are a bit small for having all these biomes in a small map size.

    • Ben Henderson

      No, 4J Studios said at Minecon that due to the unknowing of what GB of memory the console has they wouldnt wanna prevent people from playing if they have no memory.

      • Christopher Bash II

        i think they should give a downloadable update for the map size increase

        • Steve Melton

          It’s a physical limitation of the hardware. They’ve stated that until the features of the core game are in they won’t look at world size, and that even then they’re not sure simply for the limitations of the 360.

          • Christopher Bash II

            im just saying, well i know there bringing spawn eggss in creative

        • AwesomeDwarf9

          Yeah ya!

      • AwesomeDwarf9

        But thats kind of the players fault.. I spent $120 to get a 250 gb hard drive for my xbox and the people that dont have one are making the things that the people that do have one not possible to get. Look at call of duty if you play it: they release constant updates but I highly doubt that they care how much space we have on our internal or external hard drives.. They could at least increase them by a little bit and that would make me happy… now I think iv typed enough

    • x E T A H x

      that would require them making a disk

    • Luigical

      Good idea

  • SillyMooseGoose

    I know this is too early but I wonder when it is relesed

  • Poop

    When it coming

    • Christopher Bash II

      i think 4j Studios want to give us the update for christmas. i hope its earlier than that

  • Dylan O’Connor

    notice how it says key things so yeah

  • Un-Named Guy

    i was waiting for this day ever since the last update, but 1 thing still bugs me………what r we gunna do about the enderpearl??

  • fable hero7

    What about the iron golems

  • Wyatt Darnell

    What about texture packs?

    • Christopher Bash II

      its in a later update.

      • Ray Peters

        it could be added in the upcoming one just saying 4j have been keeping some-things secret

  • Christopher Bash

    heres a link for everything in the 1.0.1 update for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition:

  • Christopher Bash

    everything you want to know about the update is here in the link:

  • D3gabriD3

    is it coming in December or next month

    • Christopher Bash II

      possibly this month, i hope so

  • Christopher Bash II

    spawn eggs, iron golems, snow golems are included in the 1.0.1 update

    • Sorry.

      No, they aren’t.

    • Ray Peters

      spawn eggs are in 1.2.3 or around the time that update came out. golems i dont know so much about so someone else would be better off talking about the golems

  • Christopher Bash II
  • Christopher Bash II

    Follow 4J studios here:

    • Christopher Bash II

      they only know when its going to be done

  • Jerry berry

    I’m a fast builder in minecraft so it might take me 30 mins to build a tower, hour to build a mansion, and 45 mins to build a village

  • unpeupleacquis

    What about spawn eggs in Creative for animals and villagers?

  • Chewbacca

    Will we have iron golems in this update as well?

    • Christopher Bash II


      • Too Bad, So Sad.

        No, we won’t.

        • Christopher Bash II

          i didnt know it then lol

  • Clayton McCaffery

    I want spawn eggs ! But other then that thanks alot for the update 4J studieos

  • xxzombiehunterxx

    hey at least we get snow mobs throwing freaking snowballs at hostil mobs be happy for that and btw no ocelots i was gonna try and breed a cat and a dog

  • xxzombiehunterxx

    and i collected all the ender pearls you needed for nothings

    • Ben Henderson

      Dont be so ungrateful, 4J are trying there best to get the update to us ASAP. Which would you rather? Wait till February for a big update? Or get most of the February update earlier? I know what I would prefer…..

      • Ray Peters

        depending on how patient a person is, youll probably find some people would like to have a big February update.

  • Justin80

    This is Just like 1.8 nobody is patient!

  • SHinyhunter

    Nothing about map size yet again.

  • xxzombiehunterxx

    how am i gonna make villagers my slaves i mean paid workers now :(

  • Davis Mueller

    omg i love it…just saying ^_^

  • Davis Mueller

    hey serious question, will there be anymore skin packs? and if so when

  • Ben Henderson

    Guys, Duhhh… These are only the key editions, more will be coming.

  • juju

    Will we be able to pick up mob spawners??????

  • Jesus

    Are we going to have to wait 6 months for this to come out like the last update

  • AppleJockey/@applejok

    @!$& it! All that waiting for the End and you tell me it’s not coming till the next update after the next! UGH! You made some pretty stupid lies but why the end! I’m not playing Minecraft again! Probably in 2014 though! Your guys’ game went from best selling to worst game of the year! God! This is why I haven’t played MC for about 2 & 1/2 months!

    • Kefka

      4j studios said that they would release a smaller update between 1.8 and 1.2, and this is that update. They are giving us something while we are waiting for the BIG update (with the end), which is very generous if you ask me. Also, just because 4j aren’t updating the game as fast you like doesn’t suddenly make it the worst game of the year. You should be happy that they even update it in the first place.

      • Christopher Bash II

        hell PC has 1.4.5 and somehow 4J studios has to catch up with them on updates that will take FOREVER!!

  • Marius

    When come this update

  • Christopher Bash II

    everyone wants to be a smart a** and correct me, they think they know everything. LOOK IT UP as i did

    • Christopher Bash II

      are they gonna add the enchantment table. No sh** sherlock

      • Christopher Bash II

        you know everything in the 1.0.1 on the pc, there putting that stuff on the next xbox update. So go online and find the pc version and you’ll see whats on the next update. its not hard. you think minecraft wiki is wrong. pc version has all the details

        • Ray Peters

          yes true but 4j can leave anything out or add anything from later updates all according on how they see fit, im not saying your wrong but im not saying your right either.

  • jimmy

    when are baby animals released

    • You’re a Dumbass

      What do you think breeding implies…?

  • jimmy

    dont delete me comment

  • alecblake26

    Any body have an idea in a release date

    • x E T A H x

      expect somewhere between jan and march

  • Christopher Bash II

    i bet you i wont be wrong about the mc wiki for 1.0.1

  • deathab0ve1

    will there be ender chests i love them and they can be helpful

  • charlie mcdonald

    I really ot care about tarting a new map just want the update tbh

  • Mridul Jammalamadaka

    Is there going to be jungle biome

  • MineCraftGhost

    no end i have been waiting for two updates now:(

  • Lilruss

    What about the jungle biome?

  • Christopher Bash II

    what i tell you the were announced by 4j studios

  • You’re All Herps And Derps

    Really guys? Already complaining? This is a first look! There is more to come. Stop complaining about what you want and thank 4J for their hard work. Honestly, you’re all so immature. This is a big update. Expect it to take a while. If it does, you expected it. If it doesn’t then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Thank you 4J for porting this wonderful game! I have enjoyed it immensely!

    • AwesomeDwarf9

      O wait i scrolled down a litter more and kept reading but never mind.. jungles will be sooner than a year

    • AwesomeDwarf9

      Herps and Derps is right

  • Lilruss

    When will this come out

  • tommy

    when will the update be then

  • Richard Adam Lummus

    no iron golems?

  • xXD4RKxxHOPZXx

    whens this coming out

  • xXD4RKxxHOPZXx

    add me on xbox my GT is xXD4RKxxHOPZXx we could play together

  • xXD4RKxxHOPZXx

    add me my GT is xXD4RKxxHOPZXx

  • snake

    When is it coming out

    • bob

      they said no eta yet on their twitter

  • R.C.C channel

    what about the infinite terrain?

    • Ray Peters

      likely never as they said at minecon they are worried about players who dont have enough memory space to store such large worlds and also how the xbox will cope with them both online and offline

  • banjo

    so when is this going to come out

  • TheJ0ker47

    Will we be getting coloured woods in this update?? I really want to mix up my builds I’m getting so bored with the same coloured wood

    • ????

      probably not,colored woods were added in the 1.2.3 update

  • Mario Duran

    Recently, the sprinting bug has come back. As in I can’t sprint/sprint fly for more than half a second, even with a full hunger bar. Any help for this? Will it be revisited in this update?

  • Roberto Blanco

    Noooooo, I have to delete my world :(

  • Wilson Carvalho

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy! cant wait for it :D!

  • suspect

    they need iron golems, spawn eggs,+8 multiplayer

  • creepers explode

    are you gonna add iron golems too?

  • lolenci

    need whiter

    • Ray Peters

      waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy down the line my friend, way down the line.

  • deadman

    will there be mods

    • Ray Peters

      there probably wont be mods or mod like (or exclusive xbox content) until after the the end is added but there is a possibility.

  • deadman

    also will there be spawn eggs

  • Anthony Musquiz

    IRON GOLEMS!! i WANT to go into creative mode and make shit loads of them then spawn a whole bunch of monster if we have spawn eggs

  • Christopher Bash II

    Ender Pearls are functional of throwing even in Creative Mode. PC doesnt have it were you can throw ender pearls in creative mode

  • Hkgujhk

    Will animals follow wheat?

  • cjb

    Is this for xbox to?

  • Emilio Chavez

    hey baby yeah¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Emilio Chavez

    v 1.0.1

  • The Dukenator
  • LennartDK

    when do it comes out ???

  • Taylor

    Is there blaze cuz u need blaze for most potions

  • Chocolate Babys

    when is this update expected to realease

  • Clayton Gabany

    How about emarlds,ender pearls being able to teleport, and the spawner eggs and are we going to be able to trade with the NPC villagers

  • Clayton Gabany

    Oh and jungle biomes and jungle wood and the different kind of wood. I liked using the red wood from the pc version.

  • minecrafter

    Does anyone know if 4j plans on expanding the worlds so we don’t have to restart every update?

  • Rody Csermak

    make the worlds unlimited size if possible please…


    Does anyone know when this is released?

  • Conderoi

    On twitter they said ‘some key additions’ so maybe they might add Spawn Eggs. Hopefully!

  • roninsipilovic

    will you be able to place stairs upside down im waiting to build my castle in my survival world for this feature and also will there be differnt colors of woodbecause i am also waiting for this

  • Halo4playa

    Can’t wait!!

  • AwesomeDwarf9

    the details are taking a long time to come soon ( depressed face that tells you that there is no hope for humanity)

  • Bitch ass

    what a load of ass. In this time they could have done 1.2 easily. This is becoming ridiculous…By the looks of the work flow, 1.3 will be out august 2013!

  • Eduard Sebastian

    cuando saldra la nueva actualizasion

  • Kyle Gee

    So when will this update happen? I also want to know when they will come out with mob spawners in creative mode. I have been working on an adventure map on a superflat world since the 1.8.2 update came out.

  • the wolf

    what about cats and jungles will be here so im guessing its in 1.2.3

  • lonewolf


  • That guy

    Why is everyone saying I’ll have to restart my world?

  • HomeBoyOfficial

    when is it coming out

  • a friend

    the new TU7 update will be released close the the end of January

  • Mr3dsdude3ds

    Where’s the spawn eggs???

  • MinecraftGaming

    Will We Have To Restart To Get Villager’s On Already Loaded Chunk’s ?

    • DahPlasmaEffect

      I don’t believe we do. Villagers are classed as MOB’s so they spawn themselves just like all the others.

  • xsi_rampage_isx

    i want xbox version of minecraft able to fit 25 people at once and be able to log onto a server without main guy having to be on to stay on the world…i would also like it to have a huge ass world so people have room to explore and build wherever they want to. idc if it uses my memory for my hard drive. i have a crap load of drive space anyway.

  • mine crafter

    I hope they expand the worlds so we don’t have to restart.

  • jesus

    bless all my children

  • TheDarkassasin9

    So when do u guys think this will come out because this doesnt have. alot of additions jus like the 1.8

  • Mr. Bloomy

    yeah Pretty much

  • Aaron3426

    will theme packs ever be in the game?

  • Ender Killer

    This argueing is stupid there are some things they choose to and not to add and thats their choice and all we are doing is getting all pissed because there are a couple things they havent announced YET i mean sure i would like jungles and spawn eggs to but we just need to be patient and think they didnt have to bring minecraft to the xbox or the phone as a matter of fact we should be grateful they brought it to xbox in the fisrt place so lets all calm our tits and think about what 4J and Mojang have done for us

  • Taylor

    U dont have to restart your world for the additions like enchanting and potion brewing but u will for the nther fortress and mushroom biome

  • Derek Hamilton

    When will update 7 come out

  • Minecraft 2347

    i love the new update but i have to restart my world because i did a good survival but there will be new stuff and i want them badly and could any one tell me when it’s coming out please.

  • Kian Borg

    i love minecraft

  • Matty Scallan

    will there be spawning eggs

  • d

    when will this update come out??????

    • gamerman120

      when hell freezes over

  • Christopher Bash II
  • qlock99

    xbox is limited space but they could add generating world if they wanted to

  • MrCaboose26

    I really hope they get a bigger map. With new biomes on the way and things like strongholds and villages, such a small map really restricts you from experiencing the full Minecraft…uhm experience.

  • DeathDealer

    i bought the xbox version….. but i wont play it until its close to up to speed with the pc version.and since thats NEVER going to happen. since adding some freaking blocks that are already made is so freaking difficult!!!!! you guys are retarded. i could do it faster, you lazy ass’s. its just blocks with a bit of code to make them do something. groups of people make games WAY more advanced in half the time. the only difference here is you guys get paid more. because you drag out the freaking up date for years!! because every person that download the update(size of the update doesnt matter paychecks the same) you get paid for. your just as corrupt as the government. doing everything you can to squeeze ever last penny out of someone for a F#@king game full of BLOCKS. and the most iNHUMAN thing about it is you guys dont even give a shit about how the public preceves you. It makes me sick to know im from the same genome as the rest of you freaking apes. still so concerned with greed, lust, and power you stop caring about things that you’ve found financial sanctuary in. go ahead and stand on your fans for a paycheck. on day, be it in this life or another you WILL regret it. and you WILL fell the same sorrow in any form that you have inflicted on another.

    • Pwnage765

      I really hope that you are just trying to upset someone. It isn’t that easy, They are trying to translate Java, one of the hardest to work with programming languages (I know), into something completely different. It takes time.

  • Hiimbobby


  • Josh

    Is it almost done I can’t wait for it much longer!

  • mark1023

    I think it will be coming out around Christmas. I’m just guessing.

  • Joe Meredith Eardley

    When is the end added??

  • MAGNUM8008

    Whens the estimsted release

  • eleccross

    When are we going to get mob eggs?

  • SammyBoy

    Please increase the world size. If it requires downloading an extension for people with larger hard drives, im cool with that. The worlds are to small and always 80% ocean, so its kinda hard to find land…

  • Taylor

    Y no iron golems

  • christian

    Hey do we have to make a new world for the new fetures

  • christopher castillo

    they need to put more effort on to this update

  • Darbuka

    When is this comeing out

  • Travis Edmondson

    i don’t care if i start over i love making new worlds


    (i dont know) >-<

  • Luigical

    Is the new Tutorial world anything like the old old one?

  • Luigical

    Will there be spawn eggs? Please! That is the only thing i want (along with breeding)? When will it be out?

  • Luigical

    Any jungles?

  • Aarontheninja12 my Xbox name

    I made a massive midevil castle. With towers markets and catapults and ships and now I got to restart

  • spacehamster100

    what is the point of this update? the strongholds are even more pointless than the empty villages!!!

    • spacehamster100

      .P.S. so with the mushroom biome coming out, we are REALLY gonna need 3 million by 3 million sized worlds like the pc version, since these mushrooms are so RARE, i repeat RARE. for RARE biomes we need SAME SIZE WORLD AS PC maps.

  • Mrreccer

    What will update eight add

  • Mrreccer

    TELL ME NOW!!!

  • night hawk

    when is it.

  • olawi

    cant wait to get this aarghh

  • 4Jstudios(fakebutgold)

    -Enderpearls do now teleport you to the enderpearls impact location


    when is it coming out exactly


    by the way thats my gamer tag

  • Chris Staffieri

    you dont have to restart if you havnt explore more than a 3rd of your map then some of the new stuff will spawn the way the map generates is in a 16×16 chunk which most people see when you are having trouble loading a world and se down to bedrock

  • anthony

    are you guys going to be able to trade with villagers

  • DanMelon

    Do we have to start a new world to get nether fortresses? Please Reply!

  • kevin

    so when is the update coming this year of 2013 ?

  • Charles

    How much gb does it used on pc

  • Minecraft cool

    Villagers just generate with doors you Dont need to create a new world

  • Nik Bitting

    When will it come out

  • C Lowder

    when is the new update for minecraft 360 coming out

  • Mr minecraft

    When is it out

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