Joe Danger: SE — holy cow!

Joe Danger: Special Edition is out and the critical response so far is unanimous — Hello Games’ reimagined Joe Danger PWNS! An incredibly fun stunman thrill ride, the Special Edition comes complete with 100 levels of stunty challenges, plus the ability to drop into the Sandbox and design, build, and play your own tracks. Think you’ve got what it takes to design a killer videogame level? Now you can prove it. This thing is as smooth as all the butter in France.

But seriously, don’t take our word for it! Click Read More and let’s see what the critics have to say.

DESTRUCTOID 100 out of 100
“This utterly delightful game is one everyone owes it to themselves to play…”

GAMING AGE 100 out of 100
“If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing Joe the first time around, then this game is a no brainer as a purchase. If you have already played it, I still say buy it, as the Lab mode is basically another version of the game’s original career mode, but twice as hard.”

IGN.com  95 out of 100
“The game mirrors its hero: classic and old-fashioned, but still boasting the skills to amaze us… It’s a joy ride.”

We could go on but… wouldn’t it be faster for you to just go download the trial and see for yourself? You can go to Xbox.com right now and queue it up so it downloads automagically next time your turn on your Xbox 360.


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