Joe Danger is Stunnnnnting!

The one and only Master of Disaster, Joe Danger is back and he’s out to conquer on XBLA! Click Read More for screen shots and more details on the latest title to hit the Cool Beans Genre!

The podium is calling and Joe needs YOUR help! Don’t worry, Podium is not the name of Joe’s accountant and you helping doesn’t mean screening Joe’s phone calls for him. The podium is where the award for first-place stuntman is handed out and Joe can’t get there if you’re not driving.

So get your thumb joints warmed up because this December they’ll be guiding Mr. Danger over everything from school buses full of screaming kids to pools of ravenous sharks and everything in between, in more than a hundred levels.


The best part is all this stuntman training will not for be nothing once you’ve completed your adventure! You can show off your talents and challenge your fellow stuntman friends to the ultimate obstacle course with the newly added Lab feature! Drop into the sandbox to make your own events and torment the masses with your devious creations. Plus you’ll get to experiment with 30 insane level creations in the Laboratory and even unlock some new buddies, exclusive to Xbox 360!

Anyone who plays this awesome game is sure to begin to think they are stuntmen ( or women) themselves. So we need to make an official reminder: The thing to remember  is that  Joe’s the professional, not you, so don’t think you can go out and play hop – scotch with sharks ok?  Not that I did that…. I saw it on Youtube or something….

P.S. Who needs a Joe Danger wallpaper? You do!