Hybrid Update

Hi guys, we know many of you have been having issues logging onto the Hybrid server this morning.

We’ve identified an issue and are in the process of implementing a solution. We will make the game available as soon as we can and we apologize for the inconvenience!

We’ll update here as soon as we have any additional news. The game is rad and we can’t wait to get this back fully operational so you can check it out. Thanks for your patience!

  • Turtle

    Nothing a little hybrid code contest couldnt help hehe

  • Keith

    This is typical M$ fail. When are you guys gonna stop letting the bean counters ruin every last shred of credibility your brand has?

    • Desert Crawler

      How is this a typical MS fail? When Halo 3 released it had some hiccups the whole first week. However, that is a game everyone and their dog was trying to play and still you could get into games. After that first week it was the best (skill based -helped in part by a large pool of players) matchmaking I have ever played. On the other hand EA has a streak of fails with Battlefield severs on all its first weeks.

      Now, if you are talking about typical MS hardware fail then you are absolutely correct but I’m sure it doesn’t applies here.

      • Keith

        I mean that Hybrid is on MS servers and M$ doesn’t put any money into anything that isn’t Halo or Gears. Nearly every game that is published by MS on xbla has issues that SHOULD NOT have been a problem and wouldn’t be if MS actually cared about their brand instead of just how much they can bilk from dev’s and consumers

  • Webbins

    M$? Srsly, isn’t that a bit old hat now?

    • Keith

      Yes I too am tired of the constant reminder that Microsoft cares almost exclusively about money and not their brand, the ultimate longevity of their console, xbla as a platform, and certainly not about their customer. I for one can’t wait for the next generation of consoles, because maybe then someone else will finally actually try to compete with microsoft and I can stop giving them my money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001513018873 Robert Mertens

    Yeah, i will play the game and nothing….. grml…..:(

  • http://duseldesign.com/ Josh Dusel

    Do you guys seriously see what you are saying? You are complaining about who cheep Microsoft is while you are on a site that GIVES AWAY FREE codes to Microsoft games?

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