Happy Wars Update In Progress!

Hi everyone! We know lots of people have been having trouble with matchmaking being very slow in Happy Wars, and we wanted to give you an update. The Toylogic team has been working around the clock, as have teams in Redmond, to improve the matchmaking times. We’re currently doing internal testing on a game update that the Toylogic team has developed to address the issue. We don’t have a release date to announce today, but as soon as we do we’ll let you know here. We know it’s frustrating to not have an exact release date yet, but we want to be very careful with the update, because the last thing we want to do is inadvertently break anything when we’re trying to fix other things. Gameplay once a match starts is great, and it’s crucial to us that we maintain that!

Thanks again for your patience and thank you for supporting Happy Wars!

  • Anonymous

    Well, let’s keep waiting… I’ve played some rounds, but still didn’t reach level 6 to keep my progress in single player campaign.

  • Anonymous

    A very needed update for a otherwise great game! I can’t stop playing it :)

  • http://twitter.com/yamayamayaamaa «-•·÷·- ¥ámá -·÷·•-»

    Never had much of a problem with the matchmaking. I considered the waiting time a break in between rounds lol… Got all the achievements pretty easily, so I’m happy with how this game turned out.

  • http://twitter.com/ilRadd ilRadd

    Glad to hear it – love the game (especially when playing in a party with friends), but the matchmaking can be frustrating.

  • Trusilck87

    Hope it goes as well as it can the game is great and still worth the wait I’ve loved this games sense the Beta! Simple yet addictive!

  • Connor Chambers

    i freakin love you

  • https://twitter.com/RudolfKingnBear Rodolfo Antonio

    Glad to hear it, I also liked the game I can’t believe I actually played 35 hours (half the time was in the matchmaking for sure, just kidding)

    But for me the matchmaking take too long and then out you without warning (or maybe it was fault of my Internet provider) and in a game you mainly are looking for quick matches is a great problem so when I heard the news of the patch I stop playing (for that and because my Gold ended XD)

    But when the patch is ready (and renew the membership, of course) no doubt I will be back for more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/GSUgambit Raymond King

    this is the best news i’ve heard today. my birthday is tomorrow, so *wink* you all should surprise

  • chase h

    how about adding the ability to not get matches with ppl out of your country that is the reason i dont get in most matches it trys to connect to japan and cant for your game to many plays with diff interwebs for it to work that far away

  • Lon3bonE

    i wish this game a long lifetime, interesting loot, maps and ongoing balancing…keep the add ons rolling

  • thepells95

    I’m actually having problems getting on to it. When I press start it takes 10 minutes then says could not find save data, try in a while. So I wait 3 hours and the same thing happens 5 times! I love this game even at a low level of rank 4 and it’s disappointing I can’t even play it…

  • FueL TearZ

    Great game cant wait for update, only 2 things I find annoying is the hot time glitch and the matchmaking pairing me up with 50s as I was 1 up to 20 lol

  • http://twitter.com/lghtng2 lghtng2

    about time! was about to giveup on this game seriously in one day out of 20 tries to connect to Multiplayer I made it into 2 matches!

  • Haruko

    I haven’t had problems with getting INTO games, my problem is getting dissconnected from almost every game once it starts! Like the game is teasing me or something…..

  • P1

    15 Minutes of searching for players later…
    *Kicks butt as cleric buy healing and resurrecting teammates*
    Got an Item Box! Lv 4!
    *Screen freezes*
    “Connection Aborted. You have lost connection to the other players in the match. returning to matchmaking screen.”

    • BittenByABullet (add me)

      Omg that happened to me on my first game!!! 35 kills 1 death as a cleric! then boooom connecion is gone!

  • http://twitter.com/metalsonic71 metalsonic71

    also leaving a game without getting kicked from lag manipulation would be nice too.

  • http://twitter.com/YourSapperDaddy Robert K Powell

    How can you say ” Gameplay once a match starts is great” when my friends and I are constantly dropped from games?? My experience with the Beta was superior to the current release. I’ve been gaming for thirty plus years, and I have never played such broken garbage!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jtokezreef Justin Jesús

    Take away matchmaking? Im level 15 and get paired up with level 40′s anyway.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kaemmi007 Dirk Kämmerer


  • Hartz

    Awesome I tried playing but I gave up cause the matchmaking but the 4 or 5 games I got into with my friends were great! Keep up the good work-xH34RT5x

  • http://www.facebook.com/kat.barbee Kat Barbee

    have been booted a couple of time while in a match…..not able to play with two people on the same counsel….but love it even with all its connection problems..

  • http://www.facebook.com/karol.szymczuk Karol Szymczuk

    The sad part is it worked better in the Beta…

  • Seriously

    I know it’s a free to play game, but this is ridiculous. If, and I do mean IF, you get into a game, the chances you’ll be able to stay in it to completion are one million to one. What is the deal here? Why would you release this broken piece of garbage? By the time the update comes through, no one will be playing anymore, having quit from frustration.
    Please note that the issue isn’t the waiting time.

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