Happy Wars Friday Update

We wanted to make a quick pre-weekend update on Happy Wars. First, thanks everyone for supporting the game. It’s been awesome to see how into the game everyone is. Second, thanks for your feedback on the latest update to Happy Wars.

One of the big things Toylogic implemented in the update was the ability to tweak things on the server side without waiting for a major update. We are still fine tuning things on the server side; you may have noticed some small changes last night. Overall, our data shows that most people are seeing better results, but we know it’s not perfect yet, and some people have not seen an improvement, which is frustrating, we know. We hope the latest tweaks last night have helped.

We’re working on improving matchmaking speed and in-game lag issues. If you are still experiencing issues either getting into a match, or with lag during a match (characters jumping around, or not taking damage, etc. are symptoms of this) and would like to help us with continued tuning in advance of the next major update, we’d welcome your feedback. We will pass this info on to Toylogic and our engineers so they can work on improving the experience for everyone.

If you want to help, please send an email to playxbla@microsoft.com with the subject line “Happy Wars Tuning” and include as much of the the following info as you can:

-          Your modem type, if known
-          Your router type, if known (you may not have a router if your modem is also a router)
-          If you have a firewall
-          Your internet provider and service type (eg Comcast, DSL, etc.)
-          Your internet speed if known
-          Wired or wifi connection to your Xbox
-           What time this happened, and what part of the world you’re in
-          What happened:

[ ] kicked from lobby
[ ] long lobby wait time during matchmaking
[ ] game aborted after the match started
[ ] characters warping around the battlefield or not taking damage
[ ] kicked from a lobby after a match
[ ] other: please describe

-         How many successful games you had before or after the issue (that is, does this happen every time, one out of five times, etc?)
-         If it is OK for us to contact you if our engineers would like additional information

If you’re still having issues we apologize that the experience isn’t as smooth as it can be yet, and thanks again if you choose to help. Hopefully we’ll see you this weekend in the game!

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