Happy 2nd Birthday Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition!


Come celebrate Minecraft’s Xbox 360 Edition birthday with free content and special deals on other available bundles. Much to the delight of millions of players, the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft was released on May 09, 2012 and has been one of the most popular games on the console ever since. To celebrate this monumental day, we’re pleased to announce the following deals to get everyone in the party mood:

MAY 09th to MAY 18th

-Re-release of the original “Birthday Skin Pack” – FREE

-Release of the brand new “2nd Birthday Skin Pack” (including characters from Halo, Fable, Banjo and Viva Piñata) – FREE

MAY 09th to MAY 11th

- 50% off Skin Packs and Texture Packs (not including any of the Marvel products)

(Happy 2nd Birthday Minecraft on the Xbox 360!)


(Join in on the fun and festivities!)


(Some of you may remember last year’s celebration with the original birthday skin pack.)

  • Loui Barker

    cool is minecraft going on psvita

    • Minecraftman101

      hell yea plz be soon

      • Shadow

        No. Its XBOX360 editions birthday. Sorry

  • http://www.pathofdestruction.us/forums Xtowers


  • GREY

    Halo for Geoff – check,
    Steve in suit for Ray – check,
    Banjo for Michael – check,
    Creeper for Gavin – check,
    Trials and Scotsman for Jack and Ryan? :)

    • Lee

      Maybe Jack and Ryan weren’t invited to the party. :(

    • Georgina

      You have literally just made my day by saying this… :’)

  • Fernando Montemayor

    Is the wither boss a skin?

    • VicenteSK1v


      • Jimmy Savile

        How can u tell since it doesn’t have a hat?

  • Hitler

    The Wither doesn’t have a hat…….#WinkWink

  • alex


  • alex

    umm is this all the skins this pic

  • XI Ki11JoY IX

    I was thinking more of a Tower of pimps skin :D

    • Georgina

      YES!!! My friend, you have made me so happy…. Achievement hunters unite! :D


    Love the skins but will we get the epic cape again?

  • joao


  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Congrats to 4J and MS for making Minecraft awesome for 2 straight years.

  • Pancakewaffles

    I wish I had Microsoft points on my #XBLA account.

    • Hunter

      Dude No need its Free Party ON

      • pancakewaffles

        I mean for the other stuff through the eleventh.

      • Bob

        For how long though

    • Pwnage_HenTgen

      there are no more microsoft points

  • bigdogfails

    the wither boss with and wither sckelton is new mobs probly

    • zZiTZMoDiZz

      Bro, do you even Minecraft PC.

  • epic

    When it out

  • Apple

    Do you have to have gold to get them

    • Pwnage_HenTgen

      no you need xbox live thats all

  • Ellie Jones

    stampy! :3

  • Tim

    how do u use these? i am new to minecraft

  • Pwnage_HenTgen

    is it for sale till may `11 i better get it on sunday cause im mad that my dad took away my xbox

  • FuzionX Shadows

    If there were skins honoring the Achievement Hunter gang

  • creepnomer

    Wow iballisticsquid yesssssssssss in birthday 1 stampy is my skin forever and ever

  • creepnomer


  • cavemanfilms

    Im thw wither wither wither wither wither

  • cavemanfilms

    I play pc and xbox wow

  • cavemanfilms

    Oh that is party stampylongnose yesssssssssssssssssss

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