Halo Mash-Up Pack

Are you excited for the Halo Mash-Up Pack? Because we sure are! So why are you still reading? We’re going to be releasing more info during this week but here’s some details and screenshots that might help answer a lot of the questions that we’ve been getting.

As with our previous Mash-ups, the Minecraft Halo Mash-Up Pack has some exciting features; exclusive Halo-themed texture set, Halo-themed menus & user interface, new-look items inspired by Halo, 40 character skins, and many music tracks from across the Halo series. This epic pack also includes an astonishing pre-made world, recreating some classic Halo locations like Blood Gulch, Sandtrap and Valhalla, among many others…


Let’s look at some screenshots shall we?




  • Liam Hall


  • KTCCrafter

    That’s awsome :))

  • xxcaptmorganxx

    When do we get to enjoy this wonderful eye candy?

  • Justin

    will this be on the ps3? we haven’t gotten any mashup pack yet…

    • Chris Staffieri

      No its an xbox exclusive

    • Gary Hanson

      Thats a silly question. Its a Halo Mash-ups Pack. So no, its Xbox only. lol

    • Dont_revive_me_bro

      No halo is only for xbox not ps3 dum ass

      • MaffooJ

        Asshole, he doesn’t masturbate to Halo like you, he was just asking.

        • Herbert “Daring” Dashwood

          Masturbating to Halo is quite invigorating, to be honest.

          • MRcrazy48

            Very true

          • Pepsie9

            Those grunts tho am i right?

      • Alzaii

        How wrong you are! Halo originally is XBox AND PC! It wouldn’t be on PS3 but it could be made for PC (at least as a mod)

        • Ugh

          Okay, but when a Halo game hasn’t been released for PC in 10 years, and has been on Xbox, we can stop nitpicking.

        • bill

          Lol halo only came 2 pc when a tps came and made it…years later

      • http://www.corbindavenport.com/ Corbin Davenport


    • http://www.mateogodlike.com Mateo Godlike

      I will get it working for PS3.

  • Joel

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joel

    This is cry-worthingly amazing!!!

  • Shade

    Is ps3 getting this too?

    • Gary Hanson

      No, its Xbox only.

    • mbyall143268

      No, doesn’t that suck? :(

      • BILL

        Welll..it is HALO an xbox exclusive…

    • http://www.mateogodlike.com Mateo Godlike

      Ill be getting it for PS3. Video to be on MateoGodlikeGaming as soon as it is released for Xbox.

      • niofalpha

        Do it and you violate 4J ToS, as well as Microsoft, and possibly Sony’s…

        Maybe even a law or two!

  • Venisia Bellã Gonzalez


  • Swordking090

    The wait is killing me lol.

  • Simmy Mullins

    Great Absolutely Awesome!!!

  • Epic Gamer

    I have been waiting soooooooooo Long For This Mash-up pack!!!!!!!

  • Nace Vilchek


  • MineCraft 4 Ever

    team deathmatch on minecraft 4 vs 4 anyone join when it comes
    my gamertag: MineCrafterDK

    • Minecraft/XboxOne Games Add Me

      I’m Down for it LOL I’ve been saying that a Halo Mash-up pack needed to come out since the first Pack was released. and now they’ve finally did it

  • The Captain

    Cry worth? More like cringe worthy everyone knows halo 4 sucked in comparison to REACH

    • Revan

      You do know this is based on ALL halo games not just halo 4 right?

  • Minecraftxbox

    Playstation is gay xbox is boss

  • Michael Garcia

    I have just one word to discribe how cool this is. Awesome!

  • quinten mccollum


  • http://minecraft.net/classic KoldHarted

    when is the release?

  • Calvin

    Yo 4j when are you gonna put in minecraft mods in minecraft xbox 360 edition cause if you do make us to download it free so we can use it. Also don’t forget to add in horses, wither boss, and minecraft mods on pc to minecraft xbox 360 edition. Oh yeah don’t forget to ad in witches and tv, and more stuff to add.

  • shocky98

    when will we get this mash up pack please reply :) x

  • Spartan A981

    I hope this is a HD(32×32) Mash-up pack. It would be a shame to take such a beautiful game a 16×16 -.- kind of like they did with the skyrim mash-up. I was very sad about that. Don’t let me down 4J! I mean it LOOKS 32×32 but my screen is small so can’t really see.

  • http://twitter.com/incphi incphi

    cube casting a circular shadow… has minecraft always been like that and i’ve somehow never noticed ’til now?

  • Mwevz

    They should have made this first :D

  • HY9R

    This is amazing for me Iove both minecraft and the halo games

  • Tristan


  • Patrick

    Looking good


    I Want This

  • Alex Bevins

    I like the mammoth at the top.

  • http://modslightagesplit.weebly.com/ Alex

    What is this? Is it a resource pack? Map? What station is it for? PC? Xbox? PlayStation?

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