Grab Your FREE Halloween Themed Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Today!


No trick: this is definitely a treat. A brand new Halloween-themed texture pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 only? And it’s free!? Sounds tasty!

Only available between today, October 25th, until November the 3rd, this will be one to keep! 

Grab your themed texture pack HERE!




  • http://www.pathofdestruction.us/forums Xtowers

    Oh my god. Yes please.

  • Crono

    I still want the Halloween Skin Pack from last year =(

    • Manny Jackson

      When 4J says that something is going to disappear, it’s best you believe them, because so far, they’ve kept their word.

      • InReChee

        Free things that disappear normally have a redeem code to pull them back up. Problem is getting the code.

        • Manny Jackson

          This is news to me, although I know it’s still on the servers to be able to be redownloaded for those that got it in time when it was available.

          • InReChee

            So need 4j to cough up the code or find someone that has it and have them pick the file apart

          • Manny Jackson

            Good luck to you with that, because I wouldn’t even try doing that. Microsoft would probably see that as modding and ban your account.

      • Crono

        I didn’t have Minecraft for the 360 until I finally won a Weekend Achievement Challenge towards the end of its run. So it was my fault for not paying attention when the Halloween Skin Pack was offered because the game had not been offered on discount (at the time, neither the digital nor physical copy had been discounted) and I didn’t want to buy addons to games I do not have.
        I miss the Weekend Achievement Challenge, I tried to ask for the skin packs when I did win. Alas, I have no hope in ever experiencing the content.

        • Manny Jackson

          Ah, makes sense then in that case. Also, I don’t think Minecraft will go on a discount still – they didn’t even include it in last year’s Xmas Sale either.

  • Brandon Lee

    cuando saldra para mexico por que no ha salido aqui

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