Get The Skinny On Steve’s New Look! – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 1.7.3 Title Update Details!

Gimme some skin, Steve!!! Ok…bad joke… How about I make up for it by easing the sting of my terrible puns with some rad Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition update news?! The highly anticipated release of the  1.7.3 Title Update will be full of amazing new features. One of those is the addition of custom skins for Steve! First up, this means you will now be able to choose among the 8 Steve skins that are in the game by default. We’re also going to be releasing the first Skin Pack DLC around the same time. This will give peeps who purchase the pack more than 40 additional cool skins to choose from! If you want to try before you buy that’s cool too, there will be a trial version of this Skin Pack, enabling you to use some skins for free and letting you see all the other skins available. But what skins are in the pack? They’re not Steves. There are a bunch of cool original skins, but also some based on other games’ characters too! Click Read More to find out all the details and to check out the screenshots!


Some of the skin themes that will be available in the new update:
–> Creeper Man
–> ‘Splosion Man
–> Trials Man
–> Covenant Grunt
–> King


Q: Will the same two people in a game be able to have the same skins? For example what if I join my friend’s world as Tennis Steve and he has Tennis Steve on too?

A: Yes, we won’t change your skin choice just because someone else has the same one.

Q: Are there even more skins coming in the future?

A: Yes, but we’re not saying which at this time. We’re not even telling you all 40 skins in this pack at this time!

Q: Am I now forgiven for my terrible joke?

A: Of course, all of my jokes are amazing and awesome, my Mom just said so.


Post which skin is your favorite in the comments section below or in the forums!

1.7.3_Shot Pack1_Shot1 Pack1_Shot2 Pack1_Shot3 Pack1_Shot4 Pack1_Shot5 Skinpackshots


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