Free Pinball FX2 Table! Whaaa…?!

Awesome news! A free Add-On for a Free XBLA Game!  Click Read More to see which game I’m talking about! Oh and don’t look at the screen shot on the left….

I saw that! You cheated and looked!

Oh well, I’m too excited to talk about the newly announced free Pinball FX table to care about you being a cheaty Mc-cheaterson right now. Moving on…

For one week only, between the dates of October 26 and November 2 you will be able to download the newest Pinball FX2 table; Paranormal, free! Those of you who haven’t tried Pinball FX2 or don’t have it yet, have no worries because THAT’S FREE TOO!

Let us do a quick recap shall we?

Free add-on. Free game. Neat-O.