First Look at Killer Instinct’s Spinal! Check Out The Screenshots!


We know you’re super excited to see more about the next character entering the Killer Instinct tournament, Spinal, so today we’re showing off a few screenshots! He’ll be making his way into Killer Instinct soon, so be sure to check back for more details as we get closer to the release of Spinal! 



  • Frodo

    This is the big awesome Spinal stuff you have today? You’re kidding right?

  • Alvin Hill


  • Fabio Previatti

    a freaking screenshot?
    what joke, after you guys refused to show a video of spinal today and got lot of people that have been following the game very disapointed.
    way to lose credibility.

    • Jb

      Jeez, cry a river of self-entitled tears.

    • Leviathan

      Yes, screenshots of the character & stage. How are they refusing to show a video if they never said they would in the first place? Maybe if it was February, then they would lose credibility by not meeting the deadline release; but it’s still January.

  • GamerLCD

    I guess screenshots are better than nothing and they also give a tiny bit more insight on his move set.

  • Seth

    Thank you for the screenshots! I know you guys are working hard to make Spinal an amazing character.

  • Cedric Crawford

    I got a feeling im not going to like going up against that shield

  • Kevin James Arnesen

    Looks good, but seeing him in motion with his theme song playing… that’s what we need.

  • Psykotronn

    When can I get him ???When I ask tell me now!!!!!!

  • Darklurkr23

    Just…. Ooooo guys plz hurry up with that trailer at least. I mean HES DONE. He’s DONE. Release a trailer!

  • TroliusMaximus

    Too bad no one has an X1 and this game will fade into obscurity until (if) it gets a PC release.

    • Neutron15

      hah, dont be ridiculous, if no one had an xbox one then why are there 3 million people who bought an xbox one

      • TroliusMaximus

        3 million only accounts those keeping up the Joneses and remorse shoppers. With Steam machines finally posing a real challenge in the ‘console’ arena, the “next gen” crapware will do well to move even a fraction of the units its predecessors’ did.

        • pthodin

          You’re an idiot

          • TroliusMaximus

            You’re an untapped genius.

          • hayanaonaa

            guys don’t feed this little troll.

          • TroliusMaximus

            Originality imbues every fibre of your commenting.

          • hayanaonaa

            thank you kind sir :)

          • TroliusMaximus

            Try mission position, next!

    • Jornny Ramone

      I have an Xbox One. Yet to pick this up, but it WILL happen. A little less fluid than Street Fighter, but more fluid than Mortal Kombat, so it hits a good spot, in my opinion!

      • TroliusMaximus

        I “WILL” fulfil my new year’s resolution and a corpse is more “fluid” than MK.

    • Jeremy Anderson

      I have an Xbox One. So do my two housemates. So do 4 of my friends. And it was kinda’ the number one selling console in December’s NPD, with the highest attach rate for games… so I think a few people are playing KI. I know I am.

      • TroliusMaximus

        Much like how your choice of life partner is limited to the scope of your own little, insulated clique of associates, so is your understanding of sales numbers and what is required to turn a profit on loss leader console hardware.

        All your friends could by a hundred “next gen” consoles each and it still wouldn’t be a blimp on the Sorny / M$ shareholders’ radar.

    • coip

      Too bad you don’t have an Xbox One because if we had met online in a ranked match of KI, I would’ve ultra comboed you for the win, do doubt ;)
      Joking aside, this is the best fighting game since Soul Calibur on Dreamcast in ’99. It’s superb. Anyone who likes fighting games would not regret buying an Xbox One just for this game. Love it.

      • TroliusMaximus

        The format needs more than a solitary game for it to warrant a purchase for me.

        • coip

          Yeah, it was really silly for Microsoft to launch a new console and then only allow one game to be released for it. I don’t know how that will sustain system sales and bring in any revenue over the next ten years, especially since they’re giving the game away for free.

          • TroliusMaximus

            If what’s on the “next gen” hardware ATM is considered a software library robust enough for you, then you’re hardly the word on what constitutes quality. You probably play Call of Dimwits and Killzone and call them caviare.

          • coip

            The Xbox One already has an incredible games lineup, soon to be even better.

            OUT NOW:
            Killer Instinct (best fighting game since 1999)
            Dead Rising 3 (best sandbox game of 2013)
            Peggle 2 (best action puzzle game, ever)
            Ryse (best hack-n-slash game of 2013)
            Forza 5 (best racing game of 2013)
            Assassin’s Creed IV (best adventure game of 2013)
            NBA 2K14 (best basketball game of 2013)
            FIFA 14 (best soccer game of 2013)
            Madden 25 (best football game of 2013)
            Crimson Dragon (best rail shooter of 2013)
            Call of Duty Ghosts / Battlefield 4 (solid FPS games)

            COMING SOON:
            Tomb Raider (coming in 2 weeks)
            Thief (coming in February)
            Rayman Legends (coming in February)
            Titanfall (coming in March)
            Metal Gear Solid V (coming in March)

            So within 4 months from launch the system already will have 17 really great games, and many more coming this year: Project Spark, Quantum Break, Watchdogs, Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, Halo 5, etc.

            So stop being such a combative ignoramus. The Xbox One has fantastic games.

          • TroliusMaximus

            - Some think MvC and Naruto are the “best”, too
            - Same DR, different coat of paint
            - What?
            - QTE’s for the disabled
            - Junk food car franchise generica #8549085490
            - Games playable by retarded monkeys sans functioning limbs
            - Junk food sports franchise #498948375348
            - On the cusp of becoming the footballing equivalent of above turd
            - You cannot be serious! -MacEnroe
            - “rail shooter”… lol
            - lololololololol… fück off, child >_>

            Nothing here even remotely worth playing (compare: pirating), let alone buying all new hardware for.

            Verdict: raise your standards / 10 -or- get back to me when your testicles descend into your scrotal sack.

    • Bennijin

      Fighting games on PCs not being obscure haha good one.

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    I can’t wait release!!


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