Fez and Spelunky Rock the IGF!! Plus one more…

The IGF (Independent Game Festival) announced its finalists today, and we’re super excited to say that two games Microsoft Studios is publishing, Fez and Spelunky, each got multiple finalist nominations!! Woot! You can see the full nominee list here, but for those of you with TL; DR disorder, both games are finalists for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, and for Technical Excellence, with Spelunky getting an addition nod in the Excellence in Design selection. Click Read More for, uh… more secret details.

It’s cool to see two of our games getting the nod, but there will be a THIRD Microsoft Studios XBLA game in the mix as well. As part of our sponsorship of the Independent Games Festival (who says we don’t give back to the community!), we’ll be publishing another game that was entered into the IGF competition.  We looked at the full submission list, not just the finalists, and worked with a jury at the IGF to narrow down a list, and the winner of the XBLA IGF prize will be announced on-stage at the Developers Choice Awards on March 7th. Or maybe we’ll leak it here first, hard to say…

By the way, check out the whole list of finalists, there are some astounding games there. Our personal favorite (of the ones we’re not publishing that is) is definitely Johan Sebastian Joust, by one of the creators behind B.U.T.T.O.N. It’s just insane. Bing it, you’ll see what we mean! And if you go to GDC, you must play this game!




  • http://twitter.com/Terrificy Jake

    Oh boy, I remember playig Johann Sebastian Joust back in the day, at the “Indie Games on a Boat” (or what was that thing called again?) party in Copenhagen. Heaps upon heaps of fun!

    Fez and Spelunky seem nice too, but I can’t say I’ve tried those two first-hand yet, unfortunately!

    • Anonymous

      I was at that party! Last May after Nordic Game! Such an amazing experience.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t played either, but I believe these nominations are well deserved. Been following both games for a long time now and I’m extremely hyped for these to hit XBLA.

    • Anonymous

      I might be biased, but both games are totally killer.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love Independent game developers. Some amazing stuff out there. I used to rock the free Spelunky game for windows. The one for XBLA looks great. Fez is looking great as well. I LOVE sidescrollers. I grew up with an NES controller in hand so they are in my blood…. Pixels in the blood stream are pretty painful.

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